Show Gov. Walker he’s an April Fool

Here’s my modest proposal for April 1st, April Fool’s Day:

we make a fool out of Scott Walker and his rich paymasters by buying nothing for 24 hours.

Let’s see how unimportant the middle class really is when we don’t buy groceries, go out to eat, buy gasoline, hire a gardener, or pop a coke out of a vending machine.

Granted, a few non-rich folks will also be impacted, like the wait-staff who don’t get a tip that day.

But this is class war, and in a war, there’s collateral damage.

What do you think?


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8 responses to “Show Gov. Walker he’s an April Fool

  1. Will we just buy extra the day before or day after? I’m serious. I always wonder this when I see these type days announced.

  2. wicked

    Doing that requires planning ahead. And even then there’s always something I missed, like toilet paper and aspirin.

    People who work at the stores will still be there and be paid. Then there’s what fnord said. We’re still buying the products, just before or after. While I support all the people protesting in Wisconsin and elsewhere, from what I’m reading, Walker will do as he pleases. Much the same as Brownback.

  3. CapnAmerica

    Correct. The bottom line of the companies won’t be affected for the month or the quarter.

    But it would prove that what the middle class gives–massive consumption and profits–can be taken away if corporations don’t compromise.

    I don’t think it’s a great idea. But I think it’s possible and would send a lot more pain their way than rallies and speeches (which are good, but ineffective with no follow up).

  4. wicked

    Proving massive consumption and profits can be taken away will happen when no one but the rich are working and have money to purchase things. But even that will have to be global.

    To be honest, I’ve never seen a boycott that was all that successful.

    Yes, I’m a wimp.

  5. Whether this did happen as reported or not, I sure like the idea!


    WI Governor Scott Walker Shunned; Asked to Leave Restaurant

    When people break the rules badly enough in Amish culture, the community turns their backs to them. It is called shunning.

    The other day, a blogger reports, Wisconsin fascist governor Scott Walker went to a restaurant and the people in the restaurant raised such a ruckus, yelling at him, that the restaurant’s management asked him to leave. I’d liken that to shunning.

    • wicked

      I’m betting the restaurant owner was apologetic and asked him very nicely to leave. But kudos to the customers!!!

      A real shun would be the other customers turning their chairs around with their backs to him, and the wait staff not waiting on him. I have a friend who writes Amish romance (she’s Catholic :0), and she shares her research with us. ;

      Yes, I know, I’m being a pain today.

    • wicked

      Okay, things work better after reading the full article. Makes sense now.

  6. indypendent

    But shunning Walker and his conservative type does no good. In some sense of their logic – they think that since they have made a bunch of people so mad, then they must be doing something right.

    I swear – these Christian Conservatives are the way. No matter what you say to them when they are thumping their Bible, they will only take any response from you as they are doing God’s will.

    I suspect God has nothing to do with their thumping – but these folks’ arrogance and ignorance knows no bounds.