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  1. Good morning, fellow triple P bloggers. A reminder this morning that Spring is on the way; lightning, thunder and hail about 6:00 a.m. Freezing rain/sleet/snow possible this afternoon according to the soothsayers. Gotta love being in South Central Kansas.

    • Good morning!

      So that was hail I heard hitting the windows in the early morning hours?

      We can take solace in knowing winter weather doesn’t last long this time of year. In January it can stay freezing cold for days and weeks on end without a break, but we’re past that.

      Yesterday I opened lots of windows and turned the furnace off. Now it’s today…

    • Probably need more funding, huh? [eye roll]

      I see more and more of this ‘little man’ syndrome, ‘I’ve got a gun’ attitude, and it extends from the military to law enforcement.

      Certainly not the way to win friends, influence people or even gain respect.

      • Re: ‘little man’ syndrome, etc. Frankly, that’s what happens, imho, when one has an ‘all volunteer’ force, populated by lifers. There was much wrong with the draft, but it ensured a turnover among the troops on a regular basis, bringing a different cohort.

        I’m not at all comfortable with where the makeup of the military is going, for lack of a better way to articulate. Too much narrow-mindedness, the bulk of the recruits coming from a similar demographic it seems to me. Quite a change from 38 years ago, when I was in the USAF (although there were similar types of persons serving, they were a distinct minority). Don’t know if this is making any sense to anyone, but at least I’ll feel better for the venting.

      • They’re bullies.

        Griffin and I have talked of this and he says much of what you say. He served around the same time as you too so has watched the changes.

        I read an NPR article titled, “New Report: Higher Hate Group Count Than Ever.” Although not addressing the subject of military directly it does speak to active extremist groups which describe the military more closely today than ever before. It’s an interesting piece although worrisome too.

        Here’s the link —

    • tee hee

      We can repeat their talking points more clearly than they can! If they actually ever accomplish something they’ll need to retrain their troops. They know how to give bumper sticker explanations of the challenges but haven’t ever had to speak of solutions or details.

    • wicked

      I think I see a couple of my grandkids in there…

  2. From that NPR article I linked above:

    “Experts say the most negative energy seems to be coming from people who think the federal government is conspiring to take away their freedom.”

    Yet, these same people are fine with collective bargaining rights being taken away, they’ll support the many ways our civil rights are being attacked and use some lame excuses about keeping us safe. It makes no sense! Same people are fine if uteri are government controlled. They scream hate filled rhetoric about the government overstepping and support same. Someone rational explain that to me.

  3. Speaking of government-controlled uteri, and government regulations in general, here is the man who is quickly becoming my absolute favorite Congress Critter —

    • According to wiki, Representative Andrew Weiner and Jon Stewart were roommates for a time. Can you even imagine the conversations those two men had? I would have loved to have been the fly on the ceiling. 😉

      And, his wife, Huma M. Abedin, is an aide to United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

      • indypendent

        Not to nit-pick here but I thought his first name was Anthony?

        I would not care if his first name was Bubba – I like this Weiner guy !!!

      • wicked

        I bet he had to put up with a lot of crap with that last name. That may be what made him able to say what he believes.

      • You’re right, it is Anthony! And, yes, Bubba wouldn’t change how he makes such good sense!

      • indypendent

        I’m sure a kid growing up with the name of Weiner took alot of razzing (do they still use the word ‘razzing’?)

        You know what they say – whatever does not kill you makes you stronger

    • wicked

      Way back when last week. I LOVE IT!

      Get your government hands out of my body and my personal life.

    • Didn’t you giggle a bit when he told the congress critters he serves with who also happen to be doctors to stick to their congress shtick and made it clear he didn’t want any one of the three of them in the operating room with his doctor?

  4. indypendent

    What’s a day without a little Newt in it? Seems this ex House Speaker became quite agitated when asked about his own affair……

    Read the part where Newt is so condescending to the person asking the question – especially the part – I hope you feel better about yourself.

    Doesn’t that just sound like a smug, arrogant little Religious Rightie???

    • Is there any person who bears the little “R” and is reasonable? It’s easy to find examples of the nutjobs as they’re prevalent, but where is the reasonable member of the GOP?

      • indypendent

        I do think there are some sane moderate Republicans left.

        But you will notice, they are all seeming to choose to sit out the 2012 presidential campaign. I suspect there is a good reason for this happening.

        Any really serious moderate Republican does not want to get caught up in the Krazy Kissin Kousin Kamp of the far-right fringe Republicans.

        Any smart politician knows the pendelum is starting to swing away from the far right – and they just don’t want to get hit in their head while it is swinging back towards their way – the same side of the littel R land.

      • indypendent

        same = sane

      • I saw in this morning’s local paper there won’t be a Kansas primary. So Kansas residents won’t get to help choose the nominee. That’s too bad! So many Kansans are so far right, so far removed from reality I think they could help nominate a Palin, a Bachmann, somebody from the looniest of the loonies.

    • Uh huh, Gingrich believes in a forgiving God when it pertains to his life, “which, on occasion, has had problems,” but sets himself up as judge and jury of people of the LGBT community and all women who may find themselves pregnant. He sticks his nose in all those lives and wants to have people keep their noses out of his life. Uh huh.

      • indypendent

        Those who like to sit in glass houses and judge ohers reall hate it when those stones hit their own glass panes and a few manages to crash through.

  5. I note that Wisconsin Gov. Walker is still holding things up out of his inability to compromise. Heil, Walker!

    • indypendent

      I’ve nick-named him Wisconsin Walker. The first time I saw this guy’s picture, I was reminded of my college days in that Fundamental Baptist college.

      And then wasn’t I surprised to read Walker’s father is a Baptist preacher.

      Another side note – just take a good view of all these so-called Social Conservative Republican males – don’t they all look like something from the same Stepford Wife cookie mold?

      Seriously, I just want to muss up their hair and say ….boo…

      • There’s a YouTube of the phone call between Walker and the guy who identified himself as David Koch called “Koch Whore: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker.” One of the comments to the YouTube says, “…Scott Walker looks like the offspring of Tim Pawlenty and Pee-Wee Herman.” I think that comment is correct!

      • indypendent

        Well……Pee Wee Herman got into trouble a few years ago for ……well, we all know what..

        The picture of an offspirng taking after that side of the couple might just be a true picture of what we have seen from other prominent Republican males…


  6. indypendent

    speaking of that prank phone call……the talking point Republicans’ line of defense for Walker is that he was not talking to the ‘real’ David Koch.

    Excuse me, but judging by the conversation, Walker clearly believed he was talking to David Koch so he let his guard down with one of the good ol’ boys and showed his true colors and his true agenda.

    Just because he was arrogant and ignorant enough to think David Koch was actually calling him, does that make his message to Koch any less real?

    Using this Republicans’ logic would be same if a woman claiming to be a prostitute comes to your door and you partake of her ‘wisdom’ (wink-wink, you betcha) then that does not count if it turns out she is not a real prostitute?

    Oh, so that’s how they get around all those family values trapping????

    Really LMAO

  7. indypendent

    With all this talk about the federal government shutdown – I almost wish the Republicans would go ahead and shut us down.

    One of the first ones to get hurt will be the Social Security folks – of which quite a few of them are Tea Party mad hatters.

    I wonder how long it will take before they get a billionaire sponsor to bus them into Washington DC to protest the shutdown caused by their side.

    • indypendent

      Do you think when the federal government shuts down and TP’ers do not get their SS checks that is when the teapot finally gets tipped over and gets poured out?

      thinkof the tune “I’m a little teapot, short and stout'”…..

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        I like your thinking, indy, but (there’s always a “but”) as the greatest majority of Social Security beneficiaries receive their benefits by direct deposit, there will likely be few problems. This per interview with a Social Security Administration functionary on NPR a few days ago.

      • I think I heard / read that all government benefits must be directly deposited at some point in the near future. For some that will be a ‘deposit’ to a debit-like card and for others to a bank account, but nothing mailed.

      • indypendent

        Alot of employers are going that route also – either direct deposit or using one of those debit cards.

        Since I’ve never been without a checking account, I do not know what that world would be like. I enjoy the convenience of simply checking my bank account to make sure the money got there -and I’m a happy camper.

    • Social Security is a government program!!???


  8. wicked

    I was over on FB late last night and again this morning conversing with a man who is ready to shut down every last union in America. He hasn’t said this, but it’s woven in to his rhetoric that’s straight from the TPers.

    The really funny thing is, he’s doing this on the page of a teacher…a teacher he apparently knows. And there are a bunch of women responding to him, besides me. You know what they say: Hell hath no fury like woman scorned. (paraphrased)

    • indypendent

      Just let the Republicans keep on going the way they are now with wanting to bust the teachers unions (which I assume are majority females?), the abortion issue and then that issue of redefining rape.

      What’s next for these Tea Party Republican – revoke the womens’ to vote?

      Hey, these folks do claim to want to go back to the Constitution days.

      Oh, those glorious olden days where only white wealthy landowners had the vote, slaves were so important economically that they counted as 3/5 of a person but women – well, they were just there as slaves but did not count for anything. (unless and until some man wanted his jollies or wanted his underwear washed).

      I’m sorry, but is this really what the modern women of today want for themselves and their daughters?

  9. Remember earlier this week when 6176 commented about relationships between dictators and their armies and the effect that would have on how long they might hold on during efforts to overthrow them?

    Weeeelllllllll —

    Madison Police Chief Angered Over Governor’s Comments
    Wray Wants Explanation Of Walker’s Consideration Of Planting Protesters

    • indypendent

      Well, I think Wisconin Walker really stepped into yesterday and the arrogance is so plentiful, he and his supporters do not even see the backlash that is coming.

      I heard some MSNBC analyst make the statement in the past week that Americans do not like something or someone if they think it is not a fair deal.

      With Wisconsin Walker stating plainly and bluntly – he and his people were discussing the issue of bringing him trouble makers to a peaceful protest – that makes it sound like he and his people are not above conning their way into total dictatorship.

      But as I commented on the OL today, Walker obviously believed he was talking to David Koch – so maybe Walker thought Koch was going to offer to bus in a bunch of outside agitators.

      That tactic worked in the town hall meetings disruptions – didn’t it?

  10. fragotwofortwo

    US economics: One big Ponzi scheme

    Thank you, Bernie, for breaking your silence – even if you are still clinging to that cover-up mode you adopted since you took the entirety of the blame for your crimes.

    What is clear is that ripping off the rich is punished far more severely than ripping off the poor. The lengthy sentence you were given spared countless other greedsters and goniffs from facing the music – what music there is.

    In an interview – with a reporter from The New York Times who is writing a book to cash in on a man who has already cashed out – we learn, in the vaguest terms, that Mr M believes the banks he did his crooked business with “should have known” his figures did not figure. Keeping with the deceit that has served him well over the years, he names no names.

    That said, how right he may be. There were many who should have known and done something about it. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulators for one. Perhaps The New York Times for another. Remember, it was Madoff’s confession to his sons that started him on his way to his new 12′ x 12′ home from home – in a federal correctional institute, where he may dream of his seized penthouse, homes and yachts – rather than any press expose………………..

    • Canadians love it! We’re making their economy even more stable! Although they pay $5plus per gallon of gasoline and have for many years. They know it supports government programs and they’re smart enough to know they benefit from those government programs.

      • indypendent

        But if we had listened to Jimmy Carter about alternative energy – we would be better off.

        But , oh no, we had the St. Ronnie Reagan and his playing patty-cake with the very people that hold us over their oil barrels.

        Wasn’t Ronnie the genius that ordered the solar panels taken off the White House roof?

        But of course, this same genius tried to get ketchup classified as a vegetable for school lunches.

        Go figure…..

  11. Something I take away from the Wisconsin situation is that when the old farts who comprise the majority of the GOP are gone the youth take over and they aren’t agreeing with any of the GOP issues.

  12. The cost of keeping the government’s lights off

    As the standoff in Congress continues over where and what to cut from federal spending for the rest of this fiscal year, the prospects for a government shutdown loom larger.

    But the haggling over the budget could have a very expensive consequence: A shutdown costs the government money.

    A lot of it.

    The Office of Management and Budget estimated early in 1996 that the first of two government shutdowns – for six days in November 1995 – cost taxpayers an estimated $100 million per day. The final price tag for that closing and the record three-week shutdown later that year – including back pay to workers who did not go to work over that time: Over $1.25 billion.

    Other shutdowns have been costly too. According to the Government Accountability Office, a funding gap of just three days in 1991 rang up a $607 million bill, including $363 million in lost revenue and fees.

    continue —

    • indypendent

      One main theme I keep hearing about this time around for the possibility of government shutdown is this – John Boehner does not have conrol of his side of the aisle like Newtie did.

      Boehner’s leadership is very much in question – and as we have all seen, he’s made alot of promies like creating jobs, making the House dealing transparent and Constitutionally justified – but where are the jobs – the transparency and have all their proposals been justified by the Constitution?

      Just a big bag of wind – kinda reminds me of the little cowboy president – big hat, no cattle.

      • indypendent

        I wonder if this is what Republicans meant when they campaigned that they learned their lesson in 2008 and are now working for We the People?

        Nah, I still think it is all just a big bag of wind…

  13. Republicans vote to eliminate net neutrality

    Dear Friend,

    By now you may have heard the news: Republicans in the House of Representatives voted last week to block the FCC from enforcing its new net neutrality regulations.

    As I’ve said before, these regulations weren’t nearly good enough to ensure that the Internet remains free and open. But they were a step in the right direction. And by voting to eliminate them, House Republicans declared their willingness to let big corporations control the Internet.

    We know what this could mean for American consumers — less diversity of viewpoints, less access to independent content through services like Netflix, and higher prices for Internet service.

    The good news is that the Senate still has a chance to stop this special interest power play. I’m working as hard as I can to build support for net neutrality in the Senate — but I’m not the only one talking to my colleagues. These corporations have lobbyists of their own, lots of them, and they’re descending upon Capitol Hill en masse.

    The only way we’re going to save net neutrality is if ordinary Americans make their voices heard.

    Thanks — and stay tuned.

    Al Franken signature


  14. wicked

    In case anyone didn’t hear, Boeing got the tanker deal.

    • hmmmm, several thousand new jobs. How many of the 7,500 projected will be union jobs? Wonder what the idiots Republicans are going to say? How will they celebrate what should be good news when it comes with ‘union’ included?

      • indypendent

        I suspect these elephants will say that it is a private union – so, for now, they will keep their mouths shut.

        But I wonder – does Boeing have to recall the laid off union workers? Or are they free to hire anyone they want – since alot of their employees were let go when Spirit bought a part of them.

      • Oh, private union jobs vs public union jobs. In other words, let’s do away with education because it does our cause absolutely no good! We can’t make our fear as believable, we get asked questions and have need for explanations that don’t fit on bumper stickers.

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        No, indy, they don’t. Boeing is free to hire whomever it wants.

    • indypendent

      I wonder if Airbus is cussing out John McCain? After all, McCain was flying around on an Airbus jet for his presidential campaign – wasn’t he?

  15. I’ll give Gov. Walker this — he re-energized democrats. Feeling kinda low and disinterested after last fall’s elections, they aren’t feeling low any longer! As if the Republicans needed more problems than a total dearth of viable candidates for the 2012 presidential election, now they have pumped up democrats. 😉

    • wicked

      I’m always happy to help. 🙂

    • indypendent

      I heard someone say that Wisconsin Walker has started the Waterloo for these Social Conservative Republicans.

      One by one, the Republican governors with any inclination of seeking the White House in the near future are trying to distance themselves from Wisconsin Walker.

      • indypendent

        Here is article about New Jersey Republican Govenor Christie stating his beliefs that collective bargaining is ok……..(do you think he has seen the writing on the Wisconsin wall and if he wants to run for president, he has to at least sound like he is for the working people)?

        But n0tice the last paragraph in this article. Christie’s budget assumes savings from privatizing alot of govenrment jobs……

        Hmmmm……do you think that is the plan for all these Republican governors – privatizing all those government jobs and handing the contracts out to their favored buddies???

  16. indypendent

    Talk about something you said years ago coming back to bite you in the ass…..

    Seems House Speaker Boehner spent his time time on the golf course away from Washington DC while the run-up to the government shutdown is going on.

    The funny ass-biting part is – Boehner criticized Bill Clinton for leaving town and playing golf while the impending government shutdown was going on….

    When will Republicans learn that their words and actions are being archived and can (and will be) used against them???

  17. indypendent

    I heard on the Channel 12 local news that this Boeing tanker deal will have the majority of the jobs going to Washington. Does anyone know how many Wichita jobs will be kept?

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      No, I don’t. IIRC, the tanker contract was always a much larger deal for Everett relative to Wichita.

    • I read 7,500, but think that figure included jobs in the community that would be added to support the extra Boeing workers — another maid at a motel, checker at the grocery, bank teller…

      “Boeing Wichita will become a finishing center to convert the jets into tankers. Spirit AeroSystems builds the forward section for the 767.

      Boeing has said that a win for its tanker proposal will support 50,000 U.S. jobs at Boeing and its suppliers, including 7,500 in Kansas.

      The 7,500 figure includes existing and new jobs at Boeing and its suppliers, and other jobs created in the community, spokesman Bill Barksdale said last year.”

      Read more:

      • Now that I reread that bit from the newspaper it seems the number also includes “existing” jobs.

      • wicked

        I have a friend whose business includes machining things for planes. Boeing honored him several years ago and had him flown to Seattle for a ceremony, of sorts. I’m sure this will help his small business. He is, however, Christian conservative. I would never talk politics or religion with him. Although once upon a time, I asked him if he was going to walk on water for us…

      • I smile. The beauty of PPPs is that we can talk politics and religion.

  18. There’s no question this will help Wichita, and in turn, Kansas. People working, hopefully hiring, paying taxes, spending money…

    • indypendent

      Very true. Don’t you love the way Jerry Moran was taking all the credit for the deal – and of course he was helped by his Republican colleagues.

      Yeah, sure, then they turned around and touted John McCain as the next president while riding around on an Airbus jet.

    • lastlightbreaking

      Looks like cutting money for public education worked. Who knew Brownback was a financial wizard?

      • wicked

        I have a question. (My offspring preface each question by announcing they have one, so I just did, too.)

        Before the governor changeover, there was a 1 cent increase in sales tax to help fund the schools. At least that was what was at the top of the list of funding for it. I don’t mind paying that extra cent. I’m happy to help pay to have our youngest generation educated. Education is very important to me.

        If that additional sales tax was for education, why is education funding now being cut? Has Brownback addressed this question? Should I write him a letter? Can he read? Will he take the time? Or is he too busy flogging himself for his sins? I hope God is watching this man harm the favorites of Jesus by not helping them get the education they deserve.

  19. lastlightbreaking

    Nothing that I’ve written
    Should cause you consternation;
    Please tell me why my comments
    Are “Awaiting Moderation?”

    • I’ve approved three different times, and once is all it takes (usually). I’ll check to see if I can figure out why because I’m totally baffled. Are you using exactly the same configuration of nic and email addy? I’ll get back to you as soon as I’ve investigated.

      • Same nic and IP each time, but three different email addys. Unless you have a fourth email addy you should be good to go! Sorry! We welcome you and whatever you write!

  20. Zippy

    P.S. This weekend I have a lot of catching up to do.