Healthcare mandate was Orrin Hatch’s idea!

Yes, Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, co-sponsored a Republican-backed bill in 1993 that introduced the individual mandate.  The same requirement for everyone to buy insurance that has them screaming today was their own idea in 1993.  They were ‘fer it before they were agin it.’  Two other current senators also co-sponsored the plan: Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind.  Read it here.

So, who bought these Senators in the time since?  How much did they cost?  Is this another perfect example of playing politics?


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  1. indypendent

    Republicans have been promsing health care for years and many parts in the health care reform bill actually came from the Republicans.

    But isn’t it telling now that these same Republicans are mad because how dare a Democrat, let alone the first black president, be the one to actually deliver on the promise of health care reform?

    I think Republicans have used many issues as wedge issues to keep their flock of sheep always voting for every R behind the name on the ballot. Health care reform is just like abortion. Didn’t you ever wonder why not one single Republican did anything to reverse Roe v Wade when they total control from 2000 to 2006? But now we see these same folks trying to redefine rape as a way to get around the abortion issue?

    Republicans are very good at keeping the pot stirred – it brings in alot of guaranteed votes. But when it comes to governing – as we have seen all too often – Republicans suck the big one.

    • I understand, but those who vote for the little ‘R’ don’t, or maybe can’t. Maybe they really are unable to think for themselves.

      This is another fact that should be widely spread in order to dispel the lies that are told, because those who decide elections aren’t Republicans, they’re Independents and they are capable of thinking for themselves.

      • indypendent

        The independents and moderates are always the ones that decide the general election.

        But that fact won’t occur to the Republicans until after their primary campaign and they nominate the winner. Let’s just hope they nominate Sarah Palin or one of the other ‘real’ Republicans who have called every moderate Republican a RINO.

        I know a lot of moderate Republicans who voted for Obama because Sarah Palin was on the ballot as VP in 2008. They just could not bring themselves to vote for her knowing how she sounded in the debates and the coverage of all those rallies where she was stirring the pot by name calling and demonizing others who disagreed with her.

        I do trust the independent and moderates to get it right. But I would like to see a choice between two qualified candidates and then afterwards, both parties to work together to solve our problems.

        But I have not seen that happen for a long, long time.

  2. FYI: The words “Read it here” in the thread header are a live link, I don’t know why they aren’t highlighted, but don’t miss the link as it has some excellent info.

  3. indypendent

    With all the huffing and bluffing from Republicans about wanting to get rid of Medicare – I suspect the private health insurance companies do not want the federal government to get out of the health insurance business.

    If Medicare is abolished, then where will all the seniors get their health care? If they go to buy the coverage, which one of the health insurance companies are going to run to get to their front door to sell them insurance?

    This is a very high risk group with a lot of pre-existing conditions. No private health care insurance company would want to take that loss to their bottom line.

    So, I suspect Medicare will be around for many years to come – unless the private health insurance companies can find another patsy at the party to take all the risks and lose money.

    • With only the old people left as the GOP base, do you really think they’re going to cut Medicare?

      • indypendent

        Well, I only go by what I hear at the Tea Parties and they all scream about getting the government out of health care… I assumed they meant Medicare.

        Do you think these folks might not know Medicare is a government health care program???

      • As a matter of fact, they don’t. I’ll see if I can find the study that proves it.

      • Here is the long list and the percentages of the program beneficiaries who report they haven’t used a government program.

      • indypendent

        Thanks for the link. The last line of the article about says it all – the seniors are the group that gets the lion’s share of the government benefits.

        Our younger people need to get angry and they need to learn to organize in order for their political muscle to be flexed.

        If they did this only one time – so many Depends would be soaked and/or dirtied that it would take more than their rancid tea to calm them down.

  4. Oh and if anyone should wonder whether female reproductive health is on anyone’s agenda, Huckabee says a government takeover of uteruses is his number one priority!


    Huckabee Puts Abortion Front And Center In 2012 GOP Presidential Primary

    • indypendent

      This should help explain why Huckabee is putting abortion front and center…

      Huckabee is the male counterpart to Sarah Palin – and they poll quite well with the birthers ….

      Chris Matthews was talking about this tonight. The total 72% of Republicans who believe Obama was not born in ths US or are not sure…….don’t seem to prefer Romney or any other mainstream GOP candidate.

      They seem to prefer to go with the ‘real’ Republicans who know only what they want to believe. By the way – the people within the birther group also happen to believe Obama is a Muslim. Go figure.

      • indypendent

        If they keep repeating the lie that Obama is Muslim, do you think that has any bearing on this Muslim Brotherhood taking over Egypt and the Middle East with that their caliphat that Glenn Beck keeps yapping about?

        Might just be their strategy……

      • Could be. If so it will be a failed strategy.

        So far I haven’t seen anyone who could pass all their tests of ‘conservative enough’ in order to be nominated and is electable. All their crowing about 2012 is laughable.

      • indypendent

        It’s been pointed out several times that Ronald Reagan could not pass their litmus test – and he is their Golden God they all profess to worship.

        Between you and me – I think the only thing these folks worship is the Gold.

        I suspect that is why all those political entertainer types sell those gold bars on their shows. Nothing like a built-in audience – huh?

  5. indypendent

    Looks like Mike Huckabee might be a no-show at the 2012 presidential primary race. And he is building a $2.8 million home in Florida.

    Well, I suspect the Arkansas police are happy to hear this news. Then they won’t have the chance to pull Mike’s lovely wife over for another ticket. If I remember correct, Mrs. Huckabee was quite irate and made a scene.

    • indypendent

      Didn’t Mike’s lovely wife’s little affair with the police had something to do with an accident and some witnesses said she was talking on the cell phone?

      I remember we had discussed this on the blog that day.

      On second thought – she might just fit in with the drivers down in Florida.

  6. indypendent

    I think the Republicans’ strategy is nothing more than yelling at the top of their voices the same old smack they’ve been yelling for the past 2+ years.

    But as someone pointed out today on Chris Matthews’ show – Obama’s approval rating is above 50% and that is with 10% unemployment. Imagine what the approval rating would be when he gets that unemployment down to 8%.

    And now we know why the Republicans do not want to create jobs (even though they promised they would). If the unemployment rate goes down – Obama gets the credit.

    And they lose – AGAIN!!!

    • indypendent

      This person talking, Joe Scarborough, was also saying that he was hearing mainstream Republicans immediately after the 2010 elections talking about how Obama would be hard to beat.

      And this factor is probably why no mainstream Republican presidential candidates have dared to come out and declare their intention. But we will always have the ‘real’ Tea Party Republicans clown circus clamoring for the media spotlight.

      It will be interesting to see what happens by summer time.

    • “I think the Republicans’ strategy is nothing more than yelling at the top of their voices the same old smack they’ve been yelling for the past 2+ years.”

      I think it’s been a bunch of years past two! But other than that, you’re absolutely correct! Why do they need to do more? Their constituents are pleased with this stupid strategy.

    • The only way the GOP can beat President Obama is to ruin America and they seem willing to try that strategy.