Monday, 2/14/11, Public Square

May you have love and laughter.  They go hand in hand and each helps ensure the other.


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  1. prairie pond

    I (heart) you guys!

  2. Sam_Bone,

    Your comment located in the “Pending” file won’t be approved. It is nothing more than an attack meant to provoke everyone here. I don’t even think it necessary to consult any other bloggers as it is so blatant. Besides, I personally wouldn’t enjoy blogging with you. Go away — you aren’t welcome here. Run back to WEBlog and tell them all how we are ____________.

    You see, we don’t have to post there to have our comments read — you all come here so we can say what we choose and be sure it will be read.

    You insulted me the first time I ever posted on a blog. You were deployed at the time, my comment was kind and expressed concern for you. After you came back with your insult, your Dad emailed me (remember back when you could mouse over and get email addys) to apologize for you and explain all the pressure you were under… You must still be under that same pressure, or maybe you’re a special needs child, as your behavior toward me never improved.

    This is like public school vs. private school. We’re private and we aren’t required to take all comers! We don’t even plan special needs classes!

  3. It’s going to be a great week! I looked at the weather forecast and it says great on each day. We deserve it too — look at what we went through recently! 😉

  4. UGLY NEWS: The Chamber of Commerce hired firms to investigate the families and children of their political opponents.


    • 6176746f6c6c65

      My question: why is this a “shocker”? Maybe I’m too cynical, or, in the words of a retired secretary, too experienced, but I’ve always (since the coming of adulthood) thought this was the way of the political world. Think: J. Edgar Hoover; LBJ; RMN, Watergate, etc.

    • Twitter, Facebook, 24-hour news channels, etc. aren’t good for politics as usual, are they?

      They show the underbelly even to people like me who haven’t paid careful attention.

      • indypendent

        But on the other hand – without Facebook and Twitter, the Egyptian peaceful protest would have probably have not happened.

        The technology is not bad – it is the users of that technology that determines the final outcome.

        I am always reminded of what my data processing teacher taught me years ago – garbage in, garbage out.

      • You are so right about that, Indy!

  5. btw, I changed the ‘reply’ feature back to three levels. If anyone would like it changed back or set differently, let me know!

  6. Freebird1971

    I would like you all to remember a friend of mine. Yesterday she lost her 3 year old son to bronchitis,the boy was her life and as you can imagine she is devastated. For those of you who pray I ask you to remember her and her family at this time.

    • You got prayers! I’m sorry for the hurt your friend and everyone who knows her feels. Such a sad loss.

      I can’t imagine. Honestly, who could imagine losing your own child… My second child was ‘croupy,’ so every cold affected her breathing. Did any of you ever hear that telltale sound of croup? The doctor explained that her ‘tubing’ (airways, etc.) was small and after around the age of five or six it wouldn’t present problems. I well remember a brutally cold night when I called the doctor and he said in a stern voice: Take her outside in the cold air NOW! Put someone else on the phone so we can talk about the next step. NOW take her outside because I can treat pneumonia but I can’t treat what not being able to breathe causes. That cold night air has the effect of a vaporizer and eased her breathing (this was after medicine had learned that cold air was better than hot).

      • Too familiar with the sound of croup. The younger was afflicted in her early years. The first time it arose, my wife (who had had no exposure to this) was very concerned. I, having heard this with siblings, wasn’t all that worried, but we darn near came to blows as I was bundling her (the younger) up to take her outside into the cold air. Well, we ended up at the ER (against my wishes) just so my wife could hear from a sleepy resident that it was croup, etc.

    • indypendent

      So sorry to hear of your friend’s devastating loss.

      It is at times like this that everyone should remember we are all just trying to make it through this world. And as we journey on our own path, we need to look around us and help others on their journey. And we should hug our own loved ones a little tighter and thank God we have so many blessings.

    • wicked

      You have my prayers for your friend and her family. Such a sad time.

  7. February 11, 2011, 10:38 am
    Keep Your Government Hands Off My Government Programs!

    In a smart column today, Bruce Bartlett looks at why it will be so hard for politicians to cut government spending: because so many Americans who say they support cutting government programs don’t realize just how much they benefit from them.

    Remember, for example, when a town hall attendee famously told his congressman to “keep your government hands off my Medicare”? Apparently that bewilderingly blinkered sentiment is hardly unique.

    Mr. Bartlett produces the following chart, from a recent paper by the Cornell political scientist Suzanne Mettler, showing how many recipients of government benefits somehow don’t believe they’ve received any benefits:

    Continue reading and see chart —

  8. WSClark

    A special Valentine to my secret “grrl friend.” She lives far, far away in the Land of Wingnuttia, tilling the land and doing her best to fight off the indigenous Nutz with help from her Houdini Dog. She is sweet, kind and possesses a finely-honed sharp tongue.

    Our relationship is strictly platonic, but I couldn’t love her more!

    Happy Valentines Day, Babe!

    • prairie pond

      I love you too, Dude. You’ve captured my life very well.

      And don’t forget, we share something else. A not so secret longing for Halle Berry… HA!

  9. indypendent

    I am not a Reagan fan but he was right in what has become known as his Nashua moment.

    I see fnord had her Nashua moment this morning. And if it is good enough for Ronald Reagan – then it is good for my friend fnord.

  10. WSClark

    Well, over here at Pop Blog, I really don’t think my posts will be removed, of course, unless Fnord decides to yank them. We do have a mutual agreement that we won’t ban one another, so I am probably okay with that!

    I have managed to upset duh Cons over at that “other blog” and they are calling for my scalp. My crime is defending Pop Blog from the attacks by Sam Bone, who is apparently obsessed with us “evul liburals.” Some of Sam’s Con friends are equally pissed, shockingly, but it is a regular thing with them – it’s the way they roll.

    Anyway, I have defended the honor of Pop Blog against all comers and the response of duh Cons over there, since they have been beaten, is to call to have me banned.

    My, my………………………………..

    Now, back to your regular programming, previously scheduled.

    • prairie pond

      As Tracy would say, that’s pitiful. Just pitiful.

      It’s nice to be defended. Not so nice for them to be so obsessed with us, but thanks for the de-fence! Just like the old Pistons.

    • Let’s not be obsessed with them, please! That, to me, would be as stupid as them being obsessed with us.

      Let them find who to blame their nasty temperaments and blogging habits on when all they have is each other.

      • indypendent

        I just don’t understand if the Conservatives consider us so boring and unimportant – then why be so obsessed with us?

        The fact they are even coming over and running back to their bully club to whine speaks volumes.

        Wow – just wow….

      • WSClark

        I know, Fnord, but they are just so funny when they get all bent out of shape because our little ole’ blog.

        But, truly, I am not obsessed with much of anything. Today, I was obsessed with fixing my daughter’s washing machine. I took the whole damned thing apart – extracted a sock, a pot scrubber and a couple handfuls of dirt, sand, sequins and $0.72 in change.

        I only have boo-boo’s on one finger. I consider that to be a major victory.

    • wicked

      Will, you only visit over there. Your home is here. 🙂

  11. According to the Tea Party Congress, endless wars and tax cuts for the very richest are legitimate fiscal practices – but ensuring talented young people can afford higher education is reckless.


    House Republicans’ Spending Bill for Remainder of 2011 Would Cut Pell Grant by 15 Percent

  12. GM to Dole Out $189M to Workers

    For once, it’s good to work in the auto industry: Detroit automaker General Motors Co. announced today that it will pay up to $4,000 in profit-sharing bonuses to roughly 45,000 U.S. factory workers this year. The bonuses are twice as big as its previous largest profit-sharing payout, which came to $1,775 per worker in 1999. The announcement comes as the company prepares to negotiate a labor contract with the United Auto Workers, who are seeking a bigger slice of the industry’s wealth. Union President Bob King has said he aims to retrieve some of the $7,000 to $30,000 in concessions each worker has given up since 2005 to help the automakers survive the U.S. market crash. While the company’s year-end earnings have not yet been reported, GM took in $4.2 billion through September 2010, putting the company back on track for its first financial upswing since 2004.