GMC claims we don’t tolerate dissent here

February 11, 2011 at 1:48 pm — posted to the Wednesday, 2/9/11, Public Square:

Careful, JR. They don’t like dissent here. It really is the “I walked my dog today, and the weather was nice” blog.


Enjoy it if you like. And too bad these voices are gone elsewhere. Like Freebird, I have no problem enjoying a person’s company and still disagreeing with them, but some here apparantly cannot separate political differences and personal friendships. Too bad. The result is the “I walked my dog” blog.”



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37 responses to “GMC claims we don’t tolerate dissent here

  1. CapnAmerica

    See, GMC.

    We do tolerate dissent. We even tolerate cheap-shot criticism from people like you who think irony is a country in the Middle East.

    Enjoy your stay, jerkwad.

  2. I have no idea how often he ‘forces’ himself to read our blog, but every few months he posts about how boring we are. We’ve been asking since the first time he posted, “Why would you read at a boring blog?” and he never answers, just disappears and returns in a few months to post the same thing again.

    Who is boring?

    • CapnAmerica

      It’s like Mark Twain watching the can-can dancers in San Francisco for the first time . . . hiking up their skirts and showing their LEGS!

      He was outraged! He was appalled! He was shocked!

      He couldn’t bear to watch. He covered his eyes with his hands.

      Uh, but then he peaked through his fingers, hehehe.

  3. CapnAmerica

    Some here apparantly cannot separate political differences and personal friendships.

    You do go on . . .

    How many “personal friendships” do you have with flaming liberals?

    Because I don’t have friendships with Limbaugh-listeners. Not really.

    God must have loved stupid CONs, because he made so damn many of them . . .

    • Freebird1971

      Stupidity is not exclusive to “Cons”

      • CapnAmerica

        Stupidity is not exclusive to “Cons”

        True enough. But they always seem to be in a position to act on their stupidity . . . at least in Kansas.

        See for instance, the voter i.d. law that would require producing your birth certificate to vote.

      • wicked

        Drivers license or birth certificate, it’s now going to cost to be able to vote. Pretty soon the only ones who can cast a ballot will be those who can afford it. Rest assured the cost will go up.

        This is a free country?

    • indypendent

      Where was it said Cons were exclusively stupid?

      Stupidity is saying something like ‘we know how to reduce the deficit’ while being governors of states that are currently running deficits.

      Now that is stupid……..

      There are Democrat governors running deficits but I don’t see them out there yelling that they can reduce the deficit…

      Am I to believe some CON simply because they say they can do something or am I to believe what they actually DO?

    • Freebird1971

      Indy, truth be told I don’t trust Cons or libs any further than I can throw them. I stand by what I said, stupidity is not exclusive, which was the gist of the comment as I read it.

    • indypendent

      duly noted….

      Stupidity comes in all shapes and sizes too.

  4. wicked


    Please explain so I don’t feel like I stepped into the Outer Limits. Did GMC post that yesterday? If so, why didn’t we see it? I truly am blondely confused, and as soon as you un-confuse me, I will post my opinion. I DO like to get the facts first, although that doesn’t always happen. 😉

    • I read it — it’s on the Wednesday Public Square. I just didn’t see a reason to ask the same question he always ignores so I ignored him and his post. I could go find every post he ever made and except for one day when he actually joined in and told us he enjoys singing, each post is pretty much just to tell us he finds us boring…

    • CapnAmerica

      Yup, it was on one of the threads ThunderCloud posted on.

      I know it’s supposed to be ThunderChild, but ThunderCloud sounds so much more American Indian. I hope he doesn’t mind.

      I did some research on an Indian ancestor of mine that signed a treaty (among others) with the US gov’t . Some of the signers had really cool names like Twirling Thunder and White Crow. Stuck in my mind.

      In fact, here is the actual treaty:

  5. The very first time GMC-70 posted here was October 30, 2009, at 12:23 pm under the ‘Rules’ tab. Like I said, he comes back now and again to post it again.


    We understood your words and your sentiments the first time you posted them! Honestly, we did! Why do you subject yourself to such boredom? Do you enjoy punishment… ??

  6. indypendent

    Now, now…..if a Conservative wants to come over here and be bored – then let them.

    At least it is one less Conservative giving someone else a hard time on some other blog.

    Me thinks they are tad bit envious…..otherwise, they would just leave us alone if we are so boring.

  7. wicked

    Perhaps we need to take up a collection to buy GMC70 a dictionary. The word dissent and harassment are not interchangeable, nor are they synonymous.

    Speaking of boredom, it must set in quite often when everything eventually boils down to the same old insults being flung like mud.

    My take on these drive-bys, because that seems to be what they are, whether by GMC or ThunderChild, is that the visits are simple taunts. They’re hoping to draw us into a battle of words. For GMC, I think he’s hoping we’ll waste our time by participating in the mud-slinging so loved where he came from, and then he can take back the news that we’re the same hate-filled liberals we always were. The problem is, there are only a small handful of the original WB posters left over there, and the newer ones don’t really care. All he has to take back to them now is that we’re boring, therefore no one cares. As for TC, he’s hoping that if he insults us enough times, we’ll go charging back over there to defend him. My opinion is that if he wants to consort with that group, he’s welcome to them. He gets what he asks for from them.

    • indypendent

      People looking to stir the pot will run back and tell his fellow locker room boys any tall tale they want to spread.

      When has it been known that only the truth gets told on their beloved blog?

    • WSClark

      GMC is a fisherman – he throws out the bait and hopes for a strike. Then he does it again. And again. And so on.

      • It was a lovely day to walk my dog! 😉

        Do you think anyone will tell GMC his hook is bare?

        If he ever decides he would enjoy blogging instead of fishing we’ll blog with him, but we won’t be taking his bait (it’s already gone without him being aware)!

  8. wicked

    Oh, and thank you, fnord, for explaining. 🙂

  9. Zippy


    If you ever bother to post some dissent (Okay: You said a commentator didn’t understand Libertarianism: why?), we will be able to judge whether or not it’s being tolerated.

    Your argument is a strange one, seemingly supporting Jay, even though, ironically enough, he is only one here who has suggested banning anyone.

    The real irony is that I think Fnord moderates this blog–which is hers, not mine and certainly not yours–with a very tolerant approach. I was subject to moderation for a brief period of time (I didn’t know it, because I didn’t post again until that awful day in January; I guess you can call that self-moderation).

    I didn’t take it personally.

    If you’re advocating for someone who wants to join the discussion, hey, feel free. You, know, being an advocate? You may have some small familiarity with the concept.

    But maybe you’re more interested in pounding the table.

    • wicked

      More like pounding his chest.

    • indypendent

      Those who have to pound their chest are only making alot of noise. I suspect they think they can bully their way around if they think people are scared.

      But you know what, all the pounding in the world is not going to help come 2012 when they roll out any of their current crop of Reagan wannabe’s.

    • Whatever the subject and despite the facts Reagan is their benchmark.

  10. WSClark

    The WEBloggers are convinced that hoards of Pop Bloggers are switching nics and infiltrating their precious WEBlog. A few in particular have taken to accusing me of multi-identities.

    Now, I am a Gemini and I do have a bit of a split personality, but there is just one of me. The world as a whole is quite thankful for that fact.

    Regardless, there are a host of new bloggers “over there” some Con and some Lib. That is pretty much the nature of the beast – new posters seem to show up in batches.

    What is quite humorous is that with the new format at WEB, the “newly pure” Cons are insistent that everyone “play nice.” Even that regular poster flags Libs for misbehaving. Shocking, isn’t it? Of course, when given an opportunity, the post the same way that they always have – cheap shots, vulgarities, etc. Humorous to the max.

    And they get REALLY pissy when you call them on it!

    It is what it is………………………………..

    • wicked

      The host of new bloggers over there is because there are new bloggers. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. I mentioned before that a lot of the OL people and those who post on every, single article that appears with a comment box have drifted to WEBlog. I’d think that the posters there would be happy to have new blood. If I post there, which is very, very rare, I do it under the same nic I left there with. I have too many other things in my life that are more important than spending time dreaming up new nics, just to confuse a bunch of people I really don’t care about.

    • Freebird1971

      Quite Shocking(nudge,nudge,wink,wink!)

    • lastlightbreaking

      And they get REALLY pissy when you call them on it!

      No kidding
      Call Shocker a “Draconian Bitch” and they really get huffy.

    • Hello, lastlightbreaking. Welcome to PPP’s!

  11. prairie pond

    “The WEBloggers are convinced that hoards of Pop Bloggers are switching nics and infiltrating their precious WEBlog.”


    Oh, Jesus Wept! THAT is funny! Talk about self aggrandizement. Heeeee.

    I also laugh my ass off every time GMC comes here to tell us how boring and intolerant we are.

    Wash, rinse, repeat. And YET he can’t stay away? Not that I’m trying to run him off, it’s just, well, if we are so boring and intolerant, why keep coming back? He loves the pain? He’s bored over there, which of course means they are MORE boring than we are? This is the only place he’s, ya know, actually tolerated? WTF?


    BTW, unless I’ve missed something, Jay hasn’t been banned, has he? I thought he’d just been warned that this blog is whisky, not water. As in:

    “Whiskey’s for drinking. Water’s for fighting over.”

    I so prefer good whiskey to fighting….

  12. prairie pond

    Oh, and PS, if you wonder sometimes why I post non sequiturs about my work, it’s because my stalker still sends stuff to my boss, and now, my boss is lifting things from here to put in her column. Woof.

    For people so boring, we sure get a lot of unwanted attention.

    • That’s quite an ardent ‘fan.’ Are you safe?

    • prairie pond

      I think so, Fnord. It’s just damned annoying. So… now I post stuff on purpose just to see if I see it in print, later, or hear about it, later. Bait, ya know? heheheh.

      And sometimes I post stuff just to get a message through to the PTB. It’s amazing sometimes what happens after I post bait.

      Fun and games. Like I said, for people so boring and intolerant, we sure seem to get a lot of interest!

  13. prairie pond

    Hee hee hee. I love reading stuff from here being touted as what “the left” thinks. Sometimes it’s almost word for word. I’m laughing my ass off at some of the posters here, who are far from “left” being touted as speaking for said left.

    Ignorance, thy name is….

    • indypendent

      I suspect anything left of hard core right is considered ‘left’ to the ones yelling the loudest.

      It must be very lonely and depressing on the other side of the fence when they continue to peek over the fence at the ‘boring’ ones.

      Or maybe it is like I said before – I’ve noticed a very disturbing attitude of the Conservatives. It’s not that they are selfish because they really don’t want what the other person has – these CONS just don’t want the other person to have something – anything.

      Wasn’t coveting your neighbor’s things one of those sins the Bible warns us about?