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American Prospect runs special section on saving the middle class






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GMC claims we don’t tolerate dissent here

February 11, 2011 at 1:48 pm — posted to the Wednesday, 2/9/11, Public Square:

Careful, JR. They don’t like dissent here. It really is the “I walked my dog today, and the weather was nice” blog.


Enjoy it if you like. And too bad these voices are gone elsewhere. Like Freebird, I have no problem enjoying a person’s company and still disagreeing with them, but some here apparantly cannot separate political differences and personal friendships. Too bad. The result is the “I walked my dog” blog.”



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Saturday, 2/12/11, Public Square

Today is the 200th anniversary of the birth of

Charles Robert Darwin

Let’s celebrate the man and his contributions to the field of science.  Remember that science doesn’t merely provide a way of expanding knowledge of the world. It doesn’t just provide answers to pressing questions; it changes the conversation itself. Science—and the broader way of thinking that comes with it—trains its adherents and practitioners to relish the very act of questioning for its own sake, of figuring out what’s true and false, of determining what works and what fails.


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