Tuesday, 2/8/11, Public Square


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  1. prairie pond

    Well, at least it is some small protection. We can’t be fired for what we say over the internet. Not that bosses can’t make it hell for us, but this is some good news on the workers’ rights front.


    • indypendent

      But when you live in Kansas – I hear employers can fire for any reason they want and still get away with it – unless it is a federal discrimination issue.

      I am always amazed at some people on Facebook that will boast about calling in sick and then go on a rant about their horrid boss. Hmmmmm, not exactly the smartest move in the world.

  2. indypendent

    Sputnik moment? This cartoon has the wrong meaning of that phrase Obama used. ‘

    According to Sarah Palin, the Sputnik moment was the start of Russia’s downfall because they spent too much money. And, of course, Obama is just like the Russians (because he after all a socialist) and wants to bankrupt the US until we are no longer a strong power.

    So, you see, it had nothing to do with our loss of educating the young people. I guess this is why most Conservative Republicans see nothing wrong with dismantling the entire public educational system here in the US.

    Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  3. They didn’t stop and realize who might find a way to read everything they post. Many HR professionals are using social media and garnering much more information than they did from the old-fashioned way of checking references. Many of them will never let the employee know where they found the information! If someone really wants to get rid of (or not hire) a person, it will be accomplished completely within the law. 😉

  4. He’s tired of Tea Party wackjobs! 🙂

    Wadhams drops bid for re-election as Colorado GOP chairman

    “I have tired of those who are obsessed with seeing conspiracies around every corner and who have terribly misguided notions of what the role of the state party is while saying ‘uniting conservatives’ is all that is needed to win competitive races across the state,” Wadhams wrote.


  5. Kucinich challenges tea party to stand up for civil liberties

    The House is set to take up a measure this week renewing key provisions of the PATRIOT Act that expire Feb. 28.

    Liberal Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) issued a challenge to tea party supporters and lawmakers in the new Congress: time to show you’re serious about liberty.

    “The 112th Congress began with a historic reading of the U.S. Constitution,” Kucinich said in a statement. “Will anyone subscribe to the First and Fourth Amendments tomorrow when the PATRIOT Act is up for a vote?


  6. Savage Stupidity. Or “Why I don’t talk to one of my friends anymore.”

    • This is absolutely great! Funny, true, plus we can all identify because we’ve all been there with bloggers just that drunk on Fox News!

  7. I had an inkling this guy could be a ‘star’ in the tea party class. Do you think the ‘senior senators’ are calling him a ‘star’? lol

    Rand Paul’s $500 billion spending cut has cornered GOP senior senators

    Senatorial courtesy be damned: Today, The Hill reports, that junior Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is prepared to jettison senate tradition, tossing it aside, like dead weight, in his urgency to save America’s financial ship from sinking. By so doing, Paul has steered a signature policy-making course strategically cornering senior senators with his push for a $500 billion spending cut, half a trillion dollars. In a fury over fiscal waters, Paul apparently doesn’t intend to waste time negotiating with waves, but intends to lash himself to government’s wheel.


  8. Freebird1971


    Let’s see if this works. If it does it is well worth watching