Jeb Bush: The GOP’s Man in 2012?

Yep!  Read it here.  If you’ve gotten this far and still could stomach more, see ten reasons why someone thinks this should happen here.  🙂


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9 responses to “Jeb Bush: The GOP’s Man in 2012?

  1. WSClark

    The packaging may be different, better wrapping paper and neater bows, but the “gift that keeps on giving” inside is the same. JEB and George are cut from the same cloth, share the same philosophies and have the same view of world domination and domestic favoritism for the well off.

    A vote for JEB is a vote for more of the same that we got with GWB.

    • But the GOP loves GWB and will welcome more of the same!

      Don’t expect me to understand that kind of lunacy, I’m just repeating what I hear all the time.

  2. This morning the front page of our local paper has this headline:

    “Americans pay less in taxes”

    The article explains that, “Uncle Sam’s take this year will be the lowest since 1950…, and points out, …”for the third straight year American families and businesses will pay less in federal taxes than they did under former George W. Bush…”.

    I don’t know (nor do I care very much) how Kansans will spin that, and what attempts they’ll make to have their own set of facts. But I know they will. They live life in their own ‘special’ reality.

    In their ‘special’ reality, attempts to ‘undo’ the last two years legislative accomplishments is not only possible but is their constituent-approved agenda. They need do nothing! They don’t even need to actually accomplish the ‘undoing,’ they just have to put on a show. That’s all their constituency expects of them.

    In their ‘special’ reality President Obama wasn’t elected by a huge majority of voters and certainly didn’t have a mandate to accomplish what he campaigned on. In their ‘special’ reality they now say they were shut out of health-care reform. Never mind the truth: Conservatives had a full say from the very beginning of the health care debate and their tracks are all over every compromised bit of it. To suggest otherwise ignores history. And ignoring history is something they do with ease.

    So when the facts are that Americans pay less in taxes or that President Obama and the democrats actually passed legislation promised in their campaigns hits them in the face, they go to their ‘special’ reality and make up shit. Then they repeat their made up ‘special’ facts to one another overandover until they all understand what they ‘believe.’

    Obviously cutting taxes isn’t the answer to all government challenges! Does their ‘special’ reality tell them that’s because they haven’t been cut enough, especially for the powerful wealthy they’re sure they’ll join the ranks of at any moment? Does their ‘special’ reality tell them the little guy should be paying more of the costs of everything and then companies would be willing to set up shop, stay in America, hire, pat them on their little heads…

    • indypendent

      But you see, the Conservative Republicans have a ready-made answer to this fact that Americans pay les taxes ….it’s that lamestream, liberal-biased media.

      Like someone posted on the Opinion Line today that they prefer Reagan’s myths to Carter’s realities.

      You see, the actual facts do not even enter in the conversation with most of these Conservatives.

      BTW – there was another OL poster that said Fox News is fair and balanced. Like that will ever happen.


  3. wicked

    I’m not convinced Jeb would accept the nomination. I’ve always thought he was the first pick for the 2000 elections, but he turned it down, knowing he wouldn’t be the one in charge. The NeoCons would be. Dubya was a different story, and obviously more than willing to be led down the primrose path to stardom.

    • indypendent

      Jeb is more of a realist, so he may not accept the nomination.

      I think Daddy Bush’s pick for 2000 was Jeb but George W. jumped on the bandwagon first to show Daddy and brother that he was a somebody.

      That entire Bush family is a piece of work. Everybody thinks that it is Daddy Bush that runs the empire – but I think it is Momma. She is the one pulling the strings. And I think Momma wanted Georgie to do good and they went along with it. I think that’s why George W. surrounded himself with all the old farts from Daddy’s years. These men were strategically put them to keep an eye on Junior.

      This is all my own opinion. But I don’t have much very good to say about the Bush family – so I might be biased.

      For as for Jeb – I think he is being looked at as a candidate that can bring in the Hispanic vote. Let’s face it – that is one population group the GOP circus tent just cannot seem to attract. Do you think it has anything to do with the radical RR’s wanting to deport everyone non-white?

    • indypendent

      Also – when George W. ran for president, having his brother as governor of a swing state came in handy – didn’t it?

      I still remember Momma Bush saying something rather strange when it was announced that some network was calling the election for Gore. Momma Bush said ‘what about Florida’. When I heard that – I wondered then what was going on. What did she know about Florida???

      Things that make you go hmmmmm…..

  4. When will the newly elected Tea Partiers accomplish all the promised spending cuts, reduce the deficit and create jobs?

    • indypendent

      About the same time they will NOT benefit from that evil government health program – the twelfth of never!!!