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  1. Citizens of our world have many reasons to find agreement and many serious challenges that need solutions. It’s time our resources aren’t put to making the uber wealthy even wealthier. Here’s a bit about just one that could impact our food, our air, our water, our ability to survive:


    The world’s largest tropical forest, the Amazon, experienced something rare last year — a drought. It wasn’t the earth-cracking kind of drought that happens in the American Southwest or the Australian outback, but it did stunt or kill lots of trees.

    It was the second such drought in the Amazon in five years, and forest scientists are trying to understand why these droughts are happening, and what their effects will be for the planet.

    The 2005 drought in the Amazon was so unusual that scientists called it a “100-year event” — something supposed to happen only once a century.

    “This is what’s quite alarming — that we’ve seen these two very unusual events,” says Simon Lewis, a forest ecologist at the University of Leeds in Great Britain, who watched both droughts hit the Amazon. Lewis notes that several of the computer models that calculate the effects of climate change do predict that parts of the planet are going to get drier.

    “And those two unusual events are consistent with those predictions that suggest that the Amazon may be severely impacted over the next few decades by these droughts,” he says.

  2. How much did the aggressive American neo-con imperialism of forcing our ideals, our economic and social structures on the people of the mid east have to do with the current revolts? I think it may have created a left-wing revolution where people refuse to be dominated and continue to live under repressive conditions. There could be world-wide benefits! It is a balancing act and no absolutely best way forward is possible yet. I think President Obama is taking the proper tone, watching carefully and gauging from day to day (hour to hour, minute by minute) what the proper distance and involvement needs are. I do know for sure that the right-wing “um…radical Islam!” isn’t a response that solves anything or leads us to greater understanding.

  3. Listen to a Liberal Caller Crush Rush Limbaugh’s Ronald Reagan Delusions

    “…tax receipts as a percentage of GDP were 18.2% under Reagan, which was right in line with the numbers under Jimmy Carter and the 40 year average of 18.1%. Limbaugh evaded all the other correct points that the caller made about Reagan’s legacy, and in typical conservative fashion, he ignored the historical record, and tried to blame the liberal media for facts. Since conservatives can’t handle the truth about Ronald Reagan, they have created their own mythology. Ronald Reagan is their laissez faire Jesus. The facts are ignored as a personification of an ideology is worshiped.

    The liberal caller destroyed the myth of St. Ronnie of Tax Cut with one simple question that Rush Limbaugh could not answer. The truth is that conservatives don’t worship Ronald Reagan. They worship what they believe Ronald Reagan to be. The reason why the caller couldn’t understand it is because he was using facts, and the facts have no place in conservative’s discussion of Ronald Reagan.”

    • CapnAmerica

      Yup, I heard that.

      Pretty funny. The guy makes a quarter of a BILLION dollars a year shilling for the right wing, and all he could do was sputter “did you get that from ‘Media Matters?'” as if the source means the facts are somehow untrue.

      Ronald Reagan raised taxes on the working class (you and me) by raising Social Security taxes while not raising benefits.

      Despite that tax rise, he still managed to double the national debt as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product.

      He is close to one of the worst presidents ever except that he did not bog us down in an elective war based on a pack of lies. That prize goes to Worst President Ever George W. Bush.

  4. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that the Middle East now faces a “perfect storm” of tension and strife, and that nations must embrace democratic change. “Free people govern themselves best,” Clinton said in Munich on Saturday, adding that the region’s history of authoritarian governments is “simply not sustainable.” With water and oil shortages in some nations, Clinton warned that pressure for reform would not be held back for long. “Some leaders may believe that their country is an exception, that their people will not demand greater political or economic opportunities, or that they can be placated with half-measures. In the short term, that may be true; but in the long term that is untenable.”

  5. indypendent

    While we are talking about the Saint Ronnie – I truly believe if Reagan would have acted like an intelligent and informed president when the AIDS epidemic started – our country would have handled it better.

    Instead, St Ronnie let the Religious Right go to town and run the show on how to handle AIDS and its victims. These fine folks saw to to it that homosexuals got blamed for everything. (surprise, surprise).

    That hatred of homosexuals is still alive today. And the Republicans are still letting teh Religious Right dictate to them.

    Elephants are truly stubborn animals.