DFA Meeting Today . . . also become an organizer?

Democracy for America, Wichita is having our monthly meeting at Watermark Books today at 3 pm (in the meeting room in the basement). Watermark is in Lincoln Heights Plaza at the corner of Douglas and Oliver.

We’ll talk about William Greider’s January article, The End of New Deal Liberalism (and what to do about it).


Walt Chappell may be there to discuss state educational issues.

We’ll also talk about the City Council race.


Also, the national DFA is looking for an organizer for our area.

From their e-mail:

We’re looking for smart and courageous people to step up to the challenges of our time. If you have the passion to fight for a progressive cause, then DFA can give you the support and resources to win.

Do you have what it takes to be a DFA Organizer? Click here to apply today.

Want to fight for your community against a local anti-immigrant initiative? What about pushing your state to grant people the liberty to marry who they want? Or how about ensuring our national security by making sure your Congressional Rep never supports wars of choice like Iraq? Sign up to be a DFA Organizer and our national staff will work with you to fight for these values locally.

Join the fight today. Sign up to be a DFA Organizer in your community.



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11 responses to “DFA Meeting Today . . . also become an organizer?

  1. wicked

    We’re looking for smart and courageous people…

    Well, that lets me out. LOL

  2. CapnAmerica

    You can choose what you want to work on . . .

    I’m not in favor of illegal immigration either, but I don’t think that married couples should be split up and kids raised in the US since they were two should be “sent back to Mexico.”

  3. CapnAmerica

    There must be a way to make those links hot, but what I tried didn’t seem to work.

    Hmmmm . . .

    • Hi Cap’n!

      In the row of icons that begins with “B” (for bold), the 10th icon looks like a link from a chain. Highlight the word(s) you want to be a hot link and then click that icon. Up will pop a window that allows you to do that and make decisions like open the link in a new window/tab… It’s self explanatory once you find the right icon. If you ever wanted to ‘unlink’ something, you would use the next icon that looks like a broken link of a chain. 🙂

  4. I will seriously consider finding out what I might be helpful doing. Sometimes I let the overwhelming odds of Kansas politics make me think any efforts are useless and then I realize if everyone is as complacent as me nothing will ever change.

  5. indypendent

    I agree that illegal immigration is a huge problem – which did not just begin when Obama got into the White House (contrary to what many Republicans would like to think).

    But, seriously, do we really think we can round up and deport each and every illegal immigrant in this country?

    And the scenario that Capn brought up is a valid one – these kids did not choose to become an illegal immigrant.

    So, what is really wrong with just giving amnesty to those who are here and want to become American citizens. Put them on the payroll tax rolls and get some money coming in to cover those social program costs.

    Ah…….now you may see why Republicans do not want to give illegal immigrants amnesty. It is not about rewarding people for breaking the law – it is because if we are to count each illegal immigrant on their job – then guess what – those employers are going to have start paying payroll taxes and maybe – God forbid – give a decent wage and/or benefits.

    Oh, please God, NO…….. Anything but that….

    The illegal immigration problem can be laid at the front door of Big Business and small business now. What a sweet deal – huh?

  6. prairie pond

    Heh. Wasn’t St. Ronnie Raygun the first one to grant amnesty in 1986?


    • indypendent

      You’re correct. St. Ronnie also left a deficit and raised taxes.

      But the worst thing he did was – get ready for it – Reagan compromised with Democrats – and even said at the end of the day, each side should remain friends.

      Oh, what an evil person he must have been……to think Reagan used that offensive word – COMPROMISE. After all, Reagan was a politician and a good politician knows when to compromise.

      That is what is so laughable about these so-called ‘real’ Republicans of today strutting around putting Reagan right up on the golden throne with God himself. It is quite obvious these same folks do not have a clue as to who or what the actual Reagan was.