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  1. Good morning PPPers!

    Happy 150th birthday to the state of Kansas! By the time Brownback gets a few months into his governorship our state should closely resemble the year 1861 when Kansas became the 34th state! I’m giving him a benefit of a doubt here because I think it’s possible he could take us even further back than that!

    The weather predictions say we get to enjoy one more really warm and beautiful January day before winter returns. I enjoyed yesterday — what did our high temp reach? — and, I plan to enjoy today.

  2. fragotwofortwo

    did you know that glenn beck is a hacktivist

  3. wicked

    I remember the Kansas Centennial. My mom made us dresses and bonnets out of light brown fabric with little yellow flowers (sunflowers?). I’m not sure I remember exactly where we went to wear them or what we did. I do remember going to Council Grove to see the Post Office Oak Tree, where people left letters. That began around 1825, so well before Kansas became a state.

  4. wicked

    Why is it that some Christians think it’s all right to come rapping on my door on a Saturday morning (approx. 10 a.m.) and greet me with, “We’ve been visiting with some of your neighbors…”?

    Then they realize I’m still in my pj’s (sweatshirt and some of those flannel-y bottoms with moons and stars on them, none of it matching), hair pulled back in a low ponytail, and a frown on my face. “You must be busy,” they say, when I frown at them.

    “Yes, I am.” My frown deepens to a glower, because I’m in the midst of figuring income tax.

    “Here, I’ll just leave these for you to–” She begins digging in her over-large purse.

    “Why don’t you just keep them, because they’ll just go in the trash here?” I answer, before she can pull out the pamphlets.

    They thank me–with a smile–which is more than I had for them. I know, that wasn’t nice of me. Usually I’m much more pleasant, but it’s Saturday. If I hadn’t been up early and unable to go back to sleep, I wouldn’t have been working on taxes (have I mentioned how much I hate math?), I might have been sleeping in for a change.

    • wicked

      One of these days I’m going to tell these visitors that I don’t believe in Hell, either, but that’s the only thing we’ll be agreeing on.

  5. A hint about how to rattle those people who come to the door and reach out with a business card or the phamplets you mentioned, etc. in their hands. Don’t reach your hand out. They move their hand closer, so you resist reaching for what they offer, and don’t take it. It seems to be an affront to some of them (tree trimmers come to mind). They’ll almost always say something like, “Well, I’ll leave my card in case…” Don’t take it, and don’t say anything about not taking it. It leaves them not knowing what to do and amuses me. Seems they feel if they’re offering me something I am obligated to take it.

  6. I graduated from a K-8 county school in 1961. The 8th grade graduation was quite a big thing, complete with a baccalaureate service, a banquet/dance, a graduation complete with caps, gowns and diplomas. The theme was the centennial so there were sunflowers and the state seal, etc. on the programs, invites, diplomas. Just doesn’t seem possible it’s been 50 years ago. 😉

    • prairie pond

      Fnord, graduations from those county schools was indeed a big deal. I think it’s because a lot of those “farm” kids used to not go on to high school. There were no school buses, roads were bad, gas was expensive, and most families only had one car. Commuting from my house to high school used to be a big deal.

      My older cousins, who lived about a mile from us and graduated h.s. in the fifties and early sixties, used to board in town during the week. They stayed with our aunts who lived in town, and got after school jobs carrying groceries and working in the Gambles store so they could pay their own room and board.

      Many country kids just rented what they called sleeping rooms and took their meals with the owner and family. I write the fifty year news and in 1961, the classifieds were filled with ads for sleeping rooms for rent, along with basement apartments for older singles and newlyweds starting out. It seemed lots of people had basement apartments for rent. Now? We need 3000 sq. ft. just to feel comfy. I guess people today take in roommates to make ends meet instead of having an apartment on property.

      Sorry for the ramble, but your comment about the graduations and the times back then set me off! It really was a different world. Rachel Maddow reminded us not long ago that in the 1950’s, only about fifty percent of those eligible in age graduated from high school. A lesson for Kansas if sammy takes us back a half a century to the “good ol’ days.”

      As for me, in 1961, my townie cousins got to go to kindergarten, something we didn’t have at the South Downer country school. They got to put on a play for the centennial, complete with a group chorus of “Kansas Kitty” recounting the adventures of a skunk.

      I was waaaaaaay jealous of them 🙂

      And in honor of the centennial, my Dad grew a beard. The one and only time I ever saw him in a beard. In reading the 50 year news, I didn’t realize the town had passed an ordinance that any man without a beard during the centennial year could be fined $2 if he was caught on the streets without a beard or handlebar.

      American, what a country. And Kansas, what a state!

  7. I remember my dad and the other menfolk growing handlebar mustaches.

  8. indypendent

    You do know the old joke about what to say to those Christians when they come knocking on your door when you’re not wanting company, don’t you?

    When they ask you if you’ve found Jesus – respond in a monotone voice – I didn’t know he was missing.

    That is very old joke and I am a Christian – so please don’t anyone take this as offense to Christianity.

    I feel the same way about any religious person that came to my door without any consideration as to whether I would even want visitors at that time.

    I actually had one Jehovah Witness ask me first if I had time to talk with her and then she asked me if I wanted to hear more.

    But that was one person out of many, many years of having these people come to my door.

    As you most of you know, I was in an Evangelical Fundamental Christian church and during my youth group days, many Saturday nights were spent by us kids being farmed out to run through residential neighborhoods and ‘witnessing’ for the Lord.

    I look back now on those days and I wonder – just how many people got the wrong impression of our loving God by seeing a bunch of kids being farmed out to go door-to-door trying to convert anyone we came into contact.

    When I got away from that church, I realized that I did not need to go out and speak directly to people in order to witness for my God and faith. If I was living the Christian life daily, there would be no need to utter one word. One’s action speak louder than all the words, prayers and hymns being sung.

    • wicked

      indy, we have a similar “joke” about Jesus being found in jail. Many who are incarcerated “find Jesus” when they go to prison or jail. When released, these Born Agains quite often repeat their offenses and return to jail, where they again “find Jesus.” Are they repeating to be close to Jesus again or what?

      Having never been in jail, I don’t know why this happens. Maybe because they’re a captive audience for those who enjoy sharing their faith? Beats me. But we have begun to wonder if Jesus is only in jail/prison and not out.

      Obviously it doesn’t take much common sense to understand. It’s not the finding of Jesus that bothers me. That’s great, if it truly helps these offenders. But it’s the “losing Jesus” when leaving the confines of jail that is troubling.

  9. outlander

    If I might take a brief break from my self- imposed silence, let me ask you this. If you choose not to speak a word of your faith, how will they know what your life is a witness for?

    • indypendent

      If you’re going out knocking on strangers’ doors and inserting yourself and your beliefs on them , at THEIR house, without an invitation – is that really the impression you want to leave them of your Christian God?

      And where did I say I never spoke to anyone about my faith?

      My point was – if you would like to re-read my comment is that Christians who go out intentionally just to ‘witness’ – IMHO – are doing it the wrong way.

      Are they really witnessing because they want to share their faith or are they like that youth group I was involved in and it was just an activity for which the preacher would pat your head and you could get an extra brownie point for your halo?

  10. prairie pond

    Words are cheap. Actions speak louder than words. Shouldn’t we see Christ in your actions? Do you really need the words if your actions show us Christ?

    BTW, that fish on your car and the cross with diamonds around your neck tells us your stripes.

    • outlander

      Hi there kfg. It’s been great not talking to you.

      Strangely though, I agree with you now. Absolutely your actions should speak for you. If they don’t, you have no cred. Words are ineffective coming from someone without credibility.

      The rest of this is for the Christian who posted above. Today, no one knocks on doors. Christian today correctly believe it better and more effective to look for those within their own lives that they can impact. And yes, you can impact by the way you lead your life. But if they do not know a person who is walking the walk is a Christian, you are not witnessing with your life.

    • Those people I mentioned who were examples of loving kindness would never have said, “It’s been great not talking to you.” I’ll never know if those thoughts went through their minds, but I do know they kept those thoughts to themselves, and I can guess who they went to if they needed to talk about what they were thinking.

    • Earning credibility doesn’t usually start by being rude or insulting someone. Few people see genius in someone who has offended them.

    • prairie pond

      “Those people I mentioned who were examples of loving kindness would never have said, “It’s been great not talking to you.”

      I’m laughing my ass off. I thought the same thing, Fnord.

      He’s so easy, it’s not even fun. It doesn’t take much to get them to show their true colors.

      Does anyone else wonder why wingnuts from TBTSNBM come here just to criticize us or make us wrong? I’m just always astounded that they even read here, much less post. It must be REALLY bad over there if they have to come here, as bad as we are and as good as they are.

  11. Just found this.

    Excuse me, I think I just got something in my eye….

  12. outlander, I’m happy you returned for a brief break from silence.

    Answering only for me, I have known (and always admired) a few persons who were so glowing with peace, love, kindness… I finally asked what made them so happy and joyful. Then they told me. I already knew because they lived as examples of Christ. There was never any question. A few of these people I worked with so we shared more hours in the day with each other than we did with family or friends, and I saw them through the good and bad days, the ups and downs, the celebrations and sorrows. They were examples of loving dignity, I can’t remember a single time they were less than kind and they seemed filled with love. The lives they led were a greater testimony than any words they could have ever spoken.

    • indypendent

      I know alot of non-Christians who live more of a Christian life than those who are yelling the loudest and thumping their Bible in my face at my front door when I did not invite them.

      The majority of Evangelical Christians that I know are what I call the ‘country club christian’. Alot of show, alot of glitz, but not much compassion, true Christian love or even the slightest inclination of what it is like to be Christ-like.

      I don’t think I ever read in the Bible where Jesus said that it was great not talking to someone.

  13. indypendent

    The rest of this is for the Christian who posted above. Today, no one knocks on doors. Christian today correctly believe it better and more effective to look for those within their own lives that they can impact

    You said that Christians do not go out knock on doors today – If that is true, then how come there were some at wicked’s door this morning?
    And if Christians today only talk to those within their own lives – then aren’t they preaching to the choir?

    Like I stated above – a country club christian.

    I’ve known alot of pious, self-righteous Christians who think they are really witnessing for God and if these self-professing Christians could hear what people really think about them – their head would explode.

    Of course, these folks would probably just chalk it up to the other people were just heathens and destined for hell. Or maybe they are jealous?

    Alot of hurt feelings happens when a person’s religion is based on a ‘them and us’ mentality.

    BTW – when did Jesus ever use the words ‘them and us’? Jesus was about love and I don’t think Jesus would be knocking on people’s doors to bother them when he was NOT invited!

    • wicked

      Thanks for remembering, indy. I knew it would come in handy. 🙂

      Let me make it perfectly clear that it isn’t only the Watchtower or other religious-type offerings that go in the trash. Even the newspaper extras that come in the red-orange bags go straight from the driveway to the dumpster. I don’t play favorites. Besides, I feel that telling the truth, in a nice way, of course, is the best way to approach the problem. I don’t expect to get a visit again very soon, and that’s just fine with me.

      So, yes, there are Christians going door-to-door. Granted, it’s only one denomination among the many denominations that can’t agree on how best to serve the Lord, but it does happen. Not so much at my house for a while, though, I’m sure. 😉

    • Many long years ago I remember a Sunday School teacher showing a group of small children a picture of Jesus knocking at a door and pointing out there was no handle on His side. He was knocking, you had to open the door.

  14. indypendent

    Outlander – if you’re still out there in self-imposed silence – please read this and perhaps you will then understand what the message I was trying to send today.

    It seems like everyone else got my message…..

  15. outlander

    “I don’t think I ever read in the Bible where Jesus said that it was great not talking to someone.”

    That is why I love liberals. You come on, make a statement and kfg attacks you. I am are polite, but dismissive of her, and the ladies club is on your case, because get this, they can’t find in the Bible where it is OK to tell someone that it is nice not talking to them! Have fun ladies. I am so happy that I don’t understand you.

    Now, to the Christian who thinks Christian should not approach people for fear of (horrors) offending them. Let me say this. If we know or strongly suspect that someone will be separated from God for eternity and we do nothing, we are denying our faith. I can show you that it the Bible, if you wish. But gosh, if it makes you uncomfortable, don’t…

    • indypendent

      This is your way of feeling superior – so go ahead with it.

      But no where in Bible does it say Jesus forced himself on to anyone.

      And it is not about offending someone – it is about being compassionate. And compassion is the main theme throughout Jesus’ teachings.

      But go ahead and pray your fancy prayers, sing your beautiful hymns and feel superior to everyone else.

      And where did I say I never talk to people about my faith?

      BTW – do you know what people really say behind your back after you have presumed they are heathens and needing your God?

      Did you ever once stop and think that you’re doing more harm than good when approaching people you think you need to save from eternity of hell?

      You do NOT do the saving – that is through Jesus. Don’t EVER forget that!

    • “…ladies club…”

      There are many females here at PPPs. My hubby reads here, posts very infrequently, but is always interested in our opinions. I’m so proud to tell you he hasn’t ever given any indication that men are smarter or more accomplished or more capable than women. He thinks two whole people make one couple so expects me to carry my part of the deal!

  16. prairie pond


    “kfg attacks you”

    Please point out what in my post was an attack on you. HAHAHAHAHAH!

    “Ladies club”

    Uh, now THAT is dismissive.

    Yet another wingnut man just looking for his daily fight. They must LOVE having their asses handed to them.

    You are dismissed, outie.

    • indypendent

      That dismissive attitude comes straight out of the good ol’ days when men were allowed to beat their wives, demand sex whenever they wanted it and kept the little woman barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen making her master his favorite meal.

      And God forbid if that meal was late or too cold.

      yeah, these fine folks are the morally superior ones. I might believe they are morally superior when they stop tomcatting around and keep their own backyards clean.

  17. indypendent

    I am so happy that I don’t understand you.


    The problem is, people do understand those folks who presume to be the judge and jury about other people. And people tend to dismiss this as some holier-than-thou hypocrit.

    Again I ask you – what good are you doing if you just turn people off?

    You do realize that God will hold you accountable for your actions that you profess in His name. There’s going to be alot of evangelicals in need of fireproof clothing on Judgment Day.