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Thursday, 1/27/11, Public Square

Those who listened to the State of the Union speeches (and those who didn’t) probably know that both sides promised that going forward would be different.  That’s correct!  The GOP remembers President Obama’s first two years in office, but he’s not going to do that anymore.  Everyone remembers bushco and the six full years the GOP controlled the presidency and both chambers of Congress, but they’re not going to do that anymore.  We all know discretionary spending freezes and / or cuts won’t be enough.  From there we are in the same boat — different ideas for what will fix the problems and how we tackle the challenges.

The biggest difference I see are those who say they’re Republican leaders.  The GOP I’m familiar with doesn’t put Palin, Bachmann, Beck, et al, in the role of spokespersons.  What are the differences you see?


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