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  1. Good morning!

    I like ‘wordles.’ Do you think we can look at the wordles above and remembering history see why particular words were used most often?

    Bush’s first State of the Union address used Afghanistan, weapons, security, terror, terrorists often enough to appear large in the word cloud. Eight years later President Obama said the words people, work, jobs, families, businesses often. Look at Reagan’s speech in 1982 and you find the words programs and federal stick out.

    What do you see in these wordles?

  2. I am shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED! 😉 This has to be the only time that bunch broke any laws! (eye roll)

    Bush, Rove Broke Law: Report

    Tuesday’s biggest White House scandal belongs to the last guy who lived there: President Bush illegally spent taxpayer money on political campaigns, according to a new report by the Office of Special Counsel. The report says Bush’s Office of Political Affairs was essentially an extension of the RNC. The office was overseen by Karl Rove and created a “target list” of Congressional race, organized briefings, and sent cabinet officials out to campaign, especially during the 2006 mid-term election. The investigation, which took three years to complete, shows that the Hatch Act, which prohibits federal employees from political activity, was violated, but the Office of Special Counsel says it won’t file charges since Bush is no longer in office. However a Justice Department official declined to comment whether they will press charges based on the report.


    • You would have thought Kris Kobach would have been on these violations of elections laws!

    • wicked

      LOL on Kris Kobach, fnord.

      The Bushes obviously live a charmed life and never pay up or even own up for any bad they’ve done. It’s absolutely amazing.

  3. indypendent

    When I woke up this morning, all the news was about the State of the Union Address.

    Okay, from what I’ve heard so far – it will be much the same as the last time. Obama will talk about our need to invest in our infrastructure and the education of Americans.

    And the Republicans will be stomping their feet and Just Say NO – again.

    I find it rather telling that Republicans are so against investing in American infrastructure but they sure do not seem to care to raise that spending deficit to give taxpayer money to PRIVATE corporations to make their profits.

    That is the difference between the two parties – IMHO.

  4. indypendent

    Heated political rhetoric causes death threats on both sides of the aisle. But I don’t see where this palin critic has a circle of her people all playing that victim card…..

    In fact, the case gets closed by the local law enforcement….


    • 6176746f6c6c65

      Unfortunately, indy, the locals are correct in “closing” the case. I realize you, and many others, won’t (don’t) agree with me, but unless there is another statute that hasn’t been cited, it appears there is no authority to do anything else.

    • indypendent

      I agree the case, as it was, had to be closed. But I was just trying to imagine if the tables were turned and it was Palin or one of her aides being threatened – would the case have been closed that fast?

      When we live in a society of laws, then certain lines need to be crossed before any charges are filed – and that system is set up to be fair.

      But as we all know in the real world – sometimes life is not fair and the one with the political clout or the money gets the justice in our justice system.

  5. indypendent

    I have two questions for al these pro-life Republicans…

    1) Do they really think no abortions would have been performed if Roe v Wade had not become law?

    2) Where were all these godly pro-life Republicans during the total Republican control from 2000 to 2006? If you look carefully, Jerry Moran from Kansas, is listed as a co-sponsor. Wasn’t Moran there during the aforetmentioned total control period?

    I’ve stated my views here about abortion several times. I am personally against abortion but I do think the procedure needs to be safe and legally available for those cases in which it is needed. I would like to see abortions be rare. But I never want to see our country go back to the way it was before Roe v Wade. That system went likes this – those with money and/or insurance got to the go the hospital for a D&C. The others went to questionable doctors with questionable procedures.
    The only thing Roe v Wade did was to bring abortion full faced to the public. That was when the free standing abortion clinics began.


  6. indypendent

    Found this on Fox News website. Churches are facing foreclosures in record numbers.


    • 6176746f6c6c65

      I’m not too surprised about that. Many churches are small, and given the economic problems, don’t have much cushion to fall back on when pledges aren’t met, donations down, etc. Of course, this begs the question of why the entity was acquiring a “new to it” building any way.

  7. indypendent

    Now, this should be something both political parties can agree to work together to accomplish – or at least try.

    Or shall we see history repeat itself like it did when Jimmy Carter tried to get us off oil dependence and find alternative energy sources. Instead, we chose to go and take one for the Gipper…..


  8. indypendent

    I have to give Sen Scott Brown credit because it seems his campaign is asking for clarification of what is legal before actually doing something.

    Imagine that – an elected official that even thinks to ask first…..Do you think this practice will catch on?


  9. Do you think Texas will adopt a debt forgiveness plan before they secede from the Union? Let’s hear it for that wonderful, marvelous, conservative Rick Perry!! hip hip…


    Texas Used Stimulus to Cover 97% of Its Deficit

    Even as he railed against the Recovery Act, Texas Gov. Rick Perry used the government’s stimulus plan to cover 97 percent of the state’s budget deficit in 2009:

    Turns out Texas was the state that depended the most on those very stimulus funds to plug nearly 97% of its shortfall for fiscal 2010, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

    Texas, which crafts a budget every two years, was facing a $6.6 billion shortfall for its 2010-2011 fiscal years. It plugged nearly all of that deficit with $6.4 billion in Recovery Act money, allowing it to leave its $9.1 billion rainy day fund untouched.


    • indypendent

      I just want these political polecats that rant and rave so much about that evil government to own up to the fact that without that ‘evil government’, their butts would in big trouble.

      But at least they should made to use every funding source of their own before they start taking from that ‘evil government’.

      For being such self-sufficient folks that pull themselves up by their boot straps – they sure look likes wusses.

    • When I read this I couldn’t help but remember the quote from yesterday’s Public Square:

      “There is nothing patriotic about hating your government or pretending you can hate your government but love your country.” – President William Jefferson Clinton

      Yep, bet Rick Perry would be one of those and he’d probably tell me I wasn’t a ‘real’ ‘Merican..

    • wicked

      My Texas friend would say that Rick Perry could pay off the Texas debt with the money he spends on hair products and still have some $$ left.

    • indypendent

      thanks for the laugh – wicked……

  10. The Illinois Supreme Court has just issued a stay of the appeals court’s order knocking Rahm Emanuel off the ballot and directing the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners to restore his name to the ballot.

    This is a strong indication that the court will accept the case and, perhaps, of which way the justices are leaning.

  11. indypendent

    Interesting development. Seems the Tea Party has their own spokesman who will be giving their response to the State of the Union Address.

    Michele Bachmann is the designated speech deliverer and it seems the GOP is standing behind their establishment Congress Critter – Paul Ryan as being the official GOP speaker in response to the SOTU.

    Is this just a politcal ploy on the Tea Party’s side, are they flexing their muscle, or are they just sticking it to the establishment GOP that they are not going to go away?

    I suspect this shows a deep divide in the GOP and this will be interesting to watch come 2012.


    • Sooooo, in addition to Paul Ryan giving the ‘official’ GOP response and being followed by Michelle Bachmann giving the one that represents the Tea Party Express —

      South Florida U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen will deliver the Republicans’ response to the President’s State of the Union in Spanish.

      Ros-Lehtinen is expected to speak Tuesday night immediately following President Barack Obama’s address. Her speech will be aired nationwide by Spanish-language media. A spokesman for Ros-Lehtinen says her remarks will cover the same themes as the response given in English by U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

      Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/01/25/2033685/fla-rep-gives-gop-response-to.html#ixzz1C5azq4Bh

      I think this makes history! Can’t remember when so many responses were given!

  12. indypendent

    This is old news (from jan 20th) but I remember a few of of us on this blog were fans of Food Network – so I thought I would post this.

    I watch Food Network – but I must confess, I also watch the new Cooking Channel, the TLC cooking shows and sometimes Bravo has some cooking shows. (I think the article mentioned a few of these).

    I like Rachel Ray – but seriously, how many times can a person watch the same episode or the same basic recipes being made over and over?

    Plus, lately, it seems the Food Network has had the same celebrity chef doing more than one show – is it just to fill up the schedule?

    One of my favorite shows to watch on Food Network is the Chopped show. This is where four chefs have to cook an appetizer, entry and dessert. With each course, one of the chefs get chopped and the competition gets more fierce. I like this show because the chefs do not know what is in the mystery basket until they open it (or we are told they don’t know???).

    Anyway – this is fun to see how creative some of these chefs can be on the spur of the moment.


    • itolduso

      I think they are suffering from success… Many, many, copycat shows, on several networks, a sorta copycat network (which the owners of FOODNETWORK starte , and too many reruns (imho). After all, you can only watch so much cooking.

    • indypendent

      I agree.

      Have any of you seen the newest show on Food Network – the Worst Cooks? It stars Chef Ann Burell (sp?) and Chef Irvine. Now this show is just a delight to watch. The format is to take a bunch of self-professing worst cooks and try to teach them how to cook. Each week is filled with a challenge and then someone is picked to go home.

      Now that is fun to watch – and I must confess, even after 40+ years of cooking – I am learning some things from those two chefs. And I’m considered a pretty good cook. At least that is what everyone tells me when they come back for seconds and thirds … LOL

    • “…how many times can a person watch the same episode or the same basic recipes being made over and over? “

      I have to tell this story. I’ll leave out the names to protect the innocent.

      This frequent guest wanted to watch me mash the potatoes because she just couldn’t do them like I do. She follows me to the kitchen and I remove the pot of potatoes from the stove, carry it to the sink and drain off the water.

      She exclaims, “OH! I didn’t know you drained them…

      Guess some things aren’t simple to some people.


    • indypendent

      fnord – thanks for my second laugh of the day……

      I guess things are not as simple as they should be…….huh?

      I remember the first time I came home from college (I attended a private college several states away) for Christmas holidays. It was such a treat to eat mashed potatoes that had actual little chunks of potatoes left in it.

      You see, the cafeteria mashed potatoes were from the infamous potato flakes and those flakes just do not have those delightful little chunks that mom misses at times…

  13. The best State of the Union addresses

    State of the Union speeches tend to be forgotten almost as soon as they are delivered.

    The addresses tend to be a litany of (endless) policy proposals that never reach see the light of day and create a rhetorical formula that keeps presidents from reaching the heights of other speeches they give during their time in office.

    There are, of course, exceptions — speeches that have some historical resonance beyond the night (or week) they are delivered.

    We’ve collected a handful of the most memorable — in reverse chronological order — after the jump. Did we miss any?


  14. indypendent

    Here’s a serious inquiry – does anyone really expect the SOTU address to be something we have not been pre-told by all the media coverage?

    I noticed on KWCH’s news cast tonight at 5:00pm that Sen. Pat Roberts will be participating in the bipartisan sitting arrangements. But Rep Mike Pompeo will not be participating.

    To tell you the truth, I think all this sitting arrangement might be just a political ploy on both sides of the aisle – but I do find it rather telling about those that will not be participating. What could it possibly hurt to sit with someone from the opposite party?

    In fact, I think all elected officials should be made to live in college dorms and their roommate should be someone from the opposite party. And in the case of where they are from the same party, they should have to room with someone who is in a different faction of the same party – ie Tea Party Republican with the Establisment GOP.

    Hey, in college we had to learn to live with someone we did not like or we toughed it out until the semester was over.

    • In this new dating arrangement, who do you think was ‘asked out’ most often? I would have wanted to sit with Independent Bernie Sanders from Vermont. I like the way he thinks!

    • indypendent

      I noticed the long-termers tended to sit with other long-termers.

      But there were some interesting pairs. I was not really paying that much attention to this bipartisan movement but I guess quite a few of them did participate.

      As for who was the bell of the ball – that would be hard to say. But I like your choice in Bernie Sanders .

      Bernie has been by himself for a long, long time. But now he has company in the form of Lisa Murkowski from Alaska. I know Joe Lieberman is supposed to be Independent – but let’s face it, the only side Joe is on has been his own side.

  15. I really didn’t think the GOP could come up with a woman who was less informed, and even more ambitious than Palin. But it seems Michele Bachmann may be that and more less. Why would any person get up in front of an audience and put their ignorance on display? Let’s not forget she says she represents the Tea Party. Are there some members of that organization who think this woman should represent anyone?

    • wicked

      “Once we got here, we were all the same!”

      Wow, it must be great to live in Fairytale Land!

      Are people truly so dumb they don’t see her lies and make-believe? Can there be that many stupid people out there?

  16. indypendent

    Seems Rep. Eric Cantor , the House Majority Whip, says he extended an invitation to Nancy Pelosi (former House Speaker and now Minority Leader) to sit with him for the SOTU address.

    But Pelosi announced that she had already extended an invitation previously and her Republican friend had accepted – so Pelosi declined Cantor’s invitation.

    Now I have one question – did Cantor wait until the last minute to invite Pelosi or did Pelosi intentionally snub Cantor?

    There is no mention of any hostility or any questioning of what happened when – but I do have to wonder why the House Minority Whip would have not had his SOTU date assured before the day before the event?

    It’s not like Eric Cantor is some little nobody in the crowd. Perhaps this is an example of how this bipartisan sitting dates has been played politically?


    • My Mom would have made me stay home if I had accepted a date previously and then tried to change it when someone else requested! It happened once in my dating years and I knew before I even asked my Mom what the honorable thing to do was. I went with the guy I had accepted first even tho I thought the next guy (who asked waaaaay too late) was so much more desirable a date. My date that night was a super kind, intelligent, interesting, fun, considerate young guy and that other guy wasn’t any of that. 😉

  17. To this point President Obama hasn’t said a single word any American could disagree with and none to make those with different political philosophies feel threatened or even challenged.

  18. I’m thinking that speech was soooo well done the person who reputes any of the ideas will sound very petty, very mean, very partisan.

    Well done, Mr. President!

    It probably won’t go down in history as anything special but it sure does indicate you’re willing to work with everyone and compromise on anything. So division will have to come from someplace else.

  19. Oh well, we have Bachmann after him! 😉

    I’m betting we’ll think Paul Ryan sounds GREAT when compared to her.

  20. He did great! We’ve still got time, but not much time, so the GOP will get busy really quickly! The Republicans are going to save us, right in the nick of time too! Be happy!

  21. I’m channel surfing, and I don’t know who will show Bachmann’s response after the official response, but CNN is one that will show it live.

  22. OK, so if the GOP can’t save us, the Tea Party faction of the GOP will! There is no separation, no split in the GOP! They’re the saviors of America!

    I want you all to relax because there are NO problems the newly elected can’t undo, fix, repeal, take care of…

    Things are comin’ up roses, even sweeter and more beautiful roses than Rep. Ryan assured us of.