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  1. Today, January 22, marks the 38th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion nationwide. The decision has withstood many tests and challenges, both legal and political, but while Roe established abortion as a legal right for women, restrictive laws in many states mean women still have to cross state lines or face other restrictions to secure their legal reproductive rights.

    We truly do have our work cut out for us, again, the women’s movement seems to be going backwards.

  2. indypendent

    If you think the women’s movement is going backwards now, just wait until those Social Conservatives regain even more power.

    I am in the camp where I think the majority of Americans seem to be – I am not personally in favor of abortion but I do think abortion needs to be available to those who need the service.

    I just keep asking each and every pro-life supporter one question – do they really believe abortions will stop simply because there is a law banning it?

    To my surprise, some will answer ‘yes’ to that question. But some know the ugly truth that abortion will only be driven underground (like it was before Roe v Wade) and that fact did not seem to bother them.


    I can only surmise that alot of these pro-life social Conservatives would be happier if abortion did go back underground because then they could treat that just like they do their church lives.

    They show up for church, put their money into the collection plate, get their pat on their head by the preacher and then go home thinking all smugly that they are such godly people.

    Out of sight, out of mind. That theory works for alot of Social Conservatives. After all, it worked for the Catholic Church for how many years with their little problem?

    If pro-lifers were serious about abortion being murder – then why do they only want to punish the doctor? Why don’t they go after the woman as an accomplice to murder? I never hear anything about that part of the equation. I have yet to hear them advocate for any law like that to be put on the books.

  3. indypendent

    I can hear the war drums getting louder. This could be a major factor in the 2012 election. I have not forgotten John McCain’s little song from his 2008 presidential campaign – have you?

  4. 88 year old Gladys Hardy from Austin, Texas, on the phone with Ellen DeGeneres (TWO calls)! Great laughs!

  5. Brownback eliminates Parole Board
    … moving its responsibilities to the Department of Corrections… …a three-person committee drawn from existing corrections staff will take over responsibility for making parole decisions for the approximately 500 inmates who remain incarcerated with sentences allowing for the possibility of parole… … Last year, the board conducted 507 parole eligibility hearings and 582 hearings for alleged parole violations…

    My question is – What did the three people do prior to being appointed to this committee that they have time to do this now? Is this where we really want people that quickly scan info because they do not have the time to go over it thoroughly?

    • …He also appointed Raymond Roberts, warden of the El Dorado Correctional Facility, to head the corrections department… … Roberts is known for encouraging Christian evangelism as part of the corrections system… Brownback said Roberts’ focus on ministry as part of the corrections process “gives men and women serving their time the opportunity to change their lives.”

      I’m a Christian, so why does the above just leave a bad taste in my mouth?

      And why does the following give me the chills…

      The ‘repealer’
      Brownback also signed an executive order formally establishing his “Office of the Repealer,” to comb state laws and regulations for “out-of-date, unreasonable and burdensome” requirements.
      “Laws and regulations shouldn’t hinder opportunities for Kansans and Kansas businesses,” he said in a statement.

    • indypendent

      I’m also a Christian but I also recognize that each person has the right to their own religion.

      I think some evangelical christians have this idea that only THEIR God change people’s lives.

      I suspect alot of this narrow-mindedness comes from the lack of quality evangelical christian preachers. Or maybe because in the evangelical christian circle it is not encouraged to learn about different religions.

      I often wonder how many evangelical christians even know that most religions have some form of the ten commandments. Why, even Muslims believe in Jesus.

      Knowledge is power. Those who refuse to seek knowledger resort to fear and intimidation.

      I don’t know the world of prisons or how they operate but I do know alot of prisoners are probably praising Jesus in front of the warden just to get their chance to be paroled. Real change comes from people wanting to change themselves.

  6. How’s this for a strange twist…

    Firm ends production of lethal-injection drug
    COLUMBUS, Ohio — The sole U.S. manufacturer of a key lethal-injection drug said Friday it is ending production because of death penalty opposition overseas — which could delay U.S. executions.
    Over the past several months, a growing shortage of the drug, sodium thiopental, has forced some states to put executions on hold.
    Hospira Inc. of Lake Forest, Ill., said it decided in recent months to switch manufacturing from its North Carolina plant to a more modern factory in Italy. But Italian authorities demanded a guarantee the drug would not be used to put inmates to death — an assurance the company said it was not willing to give. (Wichita Eagle)