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  1. itolduso

    Okay, to me this is a bit creepy:

    ““Skins” is a calculated risk by MTV which is eager to get into the scripted programming business. The channel, a unit of Viacom, has long tested American standards for sexuality and obscenity on television with shows like “The Real World” and “Jersey Shore.”

    Those reality shows have generally involved adults, but for “Skins,” the producers purposefully cast actors ages 15 to 19, most of whom had never acted before. ”

    “The youngest cast member on “Skins” is 15”

    “With ads that feature groups of barely clothed teenagers, “Skins” is surely one of the most sexually charged programs that MTV has featured”

    And then…

    “Episodes of “Skins” are rated TV-MA, indicating that the content may be unsuitable for viewers younger than 17. MTV states in news releases that it is “specifically designed to be viewed by adults.”

    Either they are lying, or they are making soft child porn for adults to watch.


    • wicked

      What’s it about? I can’t judge something simply by a rating, although I think it’s sad that something involving minors has that rating.

      I suppose I could see for myself. We have MTV, but rarely watch it. Oh, okay, my daughter watches Jersey Shore, and I admit I’ve seen it. Last night I walked into the room, saw it was on and asked, “You mean that stupid show is still on?” The next time I walked through, the group had gotten a call that Snooki was in jail. She’d been found drunk as a skunk during the day on the beach. Yeah, that’s what kids should be learning. /sarcasm

    • wicked

      I did a little digging, although I didn’t come up with a whole lot. Mostly a couple of blogs, but I did learn that this is not reality TV. SKINS was originally a British TV show.

      If it’s anything like the current crop of teen nighttime soaps, it’s worthless, but young adults seem to enjoy it, probably because, compared to their boring lives, it’s exciting. I remember watching Peyton Place in early high school. It didn’t do me any harm, except to give me a reason not to like Ryan O’Neal.

      But then I did teach my kids the difference between real life and what they saw on TV and in movies. Or read in books!

  2. itolduso

    Wicked, my point was not that this was or was not a reality show, nor whether or not I considered it TRASH TV, which I do. The point I was trying to make is that they are using minors, both in the show, and in real life, doing simulated sex acts, in a show made for adults. The fact that it is minors in of itself is bad enough, and network officials are indeed worrying about possibly violating the child pornography laws.. The worst part, in my opinion, is that their target audience, per their say so, is adults. So they are making a show about teenage sex, for adults. I call that creepy

    • wicked

      There’s a lot of trash tv out there…on all the networks. MTV is probably one of the worst. What happened to showing music videos? Not that I care.

      Again, I haven’t seen it, don’t know much about it, and you didn’t post a link with your first post. 😉 I can say that I do NOT approve of anything even close to child pornography or even pornography, and I’ve found that bathroom and sexual humor is about all that’s left on TV, when it comes to even sitcoms.

      Geez, I’m getting old.

    • CapnAmerica

      I think itolduso is right–if they script sexual situations showing actors under 18, then they are in violation of laws protecting children from pornographic exploitation.

      Of course, SOME teens under 18 do engage in sexual activity, but that doesn’t mean that we should be able to see it portrayed on TV.

  3. itolduso

    I take that back. I don;t know which is worse.

  4. CapnAmerica

    Ditto to wicked’s 9:14 post. I don’t think TV was so great back in the 60’s – 80’s. It was called the “boob tube” back then too. But TV today is total trash.

    Three and a half men is nothing but smirking about casual sex. Scrubs is not funny and totally bizarre, yet it gets renewed year after year. If you get COX cable, you can watch South Park on two channels at the same time–and it is crap. It was crap from the first episode, and like cheap wine, it only gets worse.

    Family Guy? What the hell’s up with that? They’re trying to out-Simpson the Simpsons, and they’re failing miserably. Saturday Nite Live is nothing but puerile and smutty ever since Dana Carvey and Billy Chrystal left.

    My advice . . . cancel your cable and get a Roku box. This lets you watch Netflix on demand through your tv. You can also watch network news and Rachel Maddow, commercial free.

    An evening news broadcast without commercials is only 17 minutes long. That should tell you something about why politics is the way it is in America.

    • wicked

      Uh, I DO think tv was pretty good back in the ’60s. 🙂 Not so much the ’70s though. I mean Three’s Company? I also think the envelope is constantly being pushed (see above reference) to see how far programming can go.

      Case in point: Laugh-In
      I think of this especially because I downloaded 2 YouTube videos of this show a couple of weeks ago. It was one of my favorites. And it pushed the envelope for its time.

      This absolutely does not mean that I think Skins or anything remotely resembling it is okay. It isn’t. If the executives at MTV are worried, I’d say there’s definitely reason to do so. (REAL reason.) Sometimes it takes the drastic to force changes in something. Maybe this is it?

    • wicked

      Wow, I don’t watch any of that. And now that I think of it, I don’t watch a single comedy show on TV these days. I’ve seen them, but only because, like Jersey Shore, I’m at my oldest daughter’s house and I don’t have a choice. But then we’re always talking over whatever is on, so it doesn’t matter much, and when my youngest watches it here at home, I’m busy working.

      I like something with a little more grit. My viewing consists of five shows throughout the week at present. Lie to Me, Castle, Parenthood, which gives me plenty of laughs without being crude, Criminal Minds, and on Friday I watch Real Time with Bill Maher to catch up on politics and have a few laughs. Gee, political humor!

      I don’t watch the news, local or national. I don’t even watch a lot of HBO, even though we subscribe to it. Once in a while there’ll be a good movie on some channel, and during the holidays I like to torture myself with the Hallmark Channel. (I’m a blithering sucker for HEA Christmas stories, although I hate Christmas.) My TV movie is minimal. I work, folks, most of the day and especially into the evenings. I don’t feel I’m really missing all that much by not being a viewer, considering some of the things I have seen.

  5. CapnAmerica

    Just had a thought: a lot of folks are worried about whether Gabby Giffords will be impaired after she was shot and brain-damaged.

    I’m guessing that a Democrat with half-a-brain will still be smarter than a RepubliCON with all their faculties.

  6. CapnAmerica

    And speaking of lack of brain function, now that Ron Reagan opened the issue of his father’s Alzheimer’s disease as president, more witnesses are stepping forward:

    CBS’ Leslie Stahl recalled in her 2000 book, “Reporting Live,” that she was instructed not to ask then-President Reagan any questions during a 1986 meeting.

    “Reagan didn’t seem to know who I was. He gave me a distant look with those milky eyes and shook my hand weakly,” she wrote. “Oh, my, he’s gonzo, I thought. I have to go out on the lawn tonight and tell my countrymen that the president of the United States is a doddering space cadet. My heart began to hammer with the import…I was aware of the delicacy with which I would have to write my script. But I was quite sure of my diagnosis.”

  7. wicked

    Wanna talk crappy movies that every male seems to think are the greatest? Let’s talk The Hangover. O M G

  8. itolduso

    “Stahl tells me that she is certain that after that Oval Office encounter with Reagan, she discussed with her producers whether to report on Reagan’s mental condition. “I would have to have skirted around the words ‘senility,’ ‘Alzheimer’s,’ ‘dementia,'” she notes. “I would have been declaring the president unfit to serve, or at least raising the possibility.” That undoubtedly would have set off a political detonation. And such a report would have suggested a White House cover-up—at a time when tense foreign policy matters were in the news and midterm elections were a few months off.”

    Of course she wouldn;t want to say anything, since she was a reporter, and any of the above would require a medical doctor’s diagnosis. I guess the doctors who examined Reagan were all lying, and this reporteris telling the “truth” about her “diagnosis” for which she was so eminently qualified. Yeah. I buy it.

    • wicked

      Do you honestly believe the doctors weren’t covering up Reagan’s decline?

      We learned after the fact that Reagan was afflicted with Alzheimer’s when he died. Common sense and any knowledge of the disease has shown that that symptoms usually begin appearing many years prior to it being diagnosed. This would be especially true in the ’80’s, when Reagan was president.

      Yeah, they knew, and I’m sure they were medicating him to the best of their ability.

    • indypendent

      Wicked makes a very good point. I wonder what truths we would find out from each of the White House doctors if they were ever to tell the truth.

      But anyone that has worked with Alzheimers patients will tell you, at the onset the disease, symptoms can manifest itself one day and then the next day the patient seem fine. It is the gradual slope of decline that takes time.

      In some patients, the time is very short but for the majority of Alzheimers patients, this gradual decline is several years.

      So, was Reagan being propped up by his surrounnding colleagues during his second term? Probably – but it might be just the simple fact that he had his good days and his bad days.

      But to call a reporter a liar just because you don’t agree with her assessment is rather immature. Maybe she saw him on one of his bad days?

      And to call Ron Reagan a liar for even mentioning the fact that he saw signs of the disease in his father during that debate is just as immature. As many Conservative Republicans are doing currently.

      Each Alzheimers patient reacts different and they respond differently to treatment.

      But at least we can all take comfort that Reagan got the best health care that our tax dollars could buy. Wasn’t it a shame he fought so hard against every American having access to the same health care that he received?

      BTW – I had an aunt that told everyone her mother (my grandmother) died of diabetes. The woman had cancer in her liver, pancreas and spreading. My aunt was a very proudful woman and did not want everyone looking down on her mother for having cancer – as if it was a sin or something.

      maybe that was the case with Nancy Reagan – she did not want the world to know that Ronnie had Alzheimers?

      As for the politics factor in all this – of course no Republican wanted the truth to get out about Reagan’s Alzheimers – that would have been political suicide.

      But let’s keep on fighting about this issue – okay? It’s not like the country has any other bigger problems to fix.

  9. itolduso

    Yeah, they knew, and I’m sure they were medicating him to the best of their ability

    Your choice to believe what you wish. In my opinion, Stahl is just trying to capitalize on Ronnie’s statements, and make a name for herself. As she herself said when asked

    “I was obviously not equipped to interpret what LOOKED like a lapse into semi-awareness. Was it what I had assumed at first: senility? Was it an “act”—a way to avoid answering my questions? Was it some form of dementia (maybe not Alzheimer’s

    • indypendent

      Lesley Stahl needing to make a name for herself .

      Seriously??? She is the one on television – not you. Seems she has already made a name for herself….


  10. itolduso

    Do I agree that Ronald Reagan was diminished after the assination attempt? Yeah, I do.

    And I am very, very, knowledgeable about the effects of Dementia.

  11. CapnAmerica

    I think if Stahl were trying to “make a name for herself” she would have reported what she thought.

    Can anyone imagine Glen Beck or Rush Baugh NOT reporting this if the president’s name were Clinton or Obama?

    She was not covering the news, she was covering it up like everybody else that knew . . .

  12. itolduso

    “Can anyone imagine Glen Beck or Rush Baugh NOT reporting this if the president’s name were Clinton or Obama?”

    No, but neither do I call them journalists.

    • indypendent

      No, these guys specialty is reporitng innuendos, snide and snarky comments, tasteless and crude jokes.

      But I do understand why they have to do this – they are pandering to their target audience.

  13. itolduso

    But to call a reporter a liar just because you don’t agree with her assessment is rather immature. Maybe she saw him on one of his bad days?

    And to call Ron Reagan a liar for even mentioning the fact that he saw signs of the disease in his father during that debate is just as immature. As many Conservative Republicans are doing currently.

    I don;t know if you are speaking to/about me, but I never called either a liar. I called Leslie Stahl an opportunist. And I didn’t say anything about Ronnie. It’s my opinion, and as you pointed out, this is an OPINION blog.

    I only pointed out what she herself said in the linked article

    ““I was obviously not equipped to interpret what LOOKED like a lapse into semi-awareness”

    If not, moving along.

  14. CapnAmerica


    Was TV better in the 60’s? Well, it was different.

    Laugh-in was great and cutting edge . . . and gave the world Goldie Hawn.
    The Dick Van Dyke show, Andy of Mayberry, Star Trek, Nat King Cole Variety Show, Carol Burnett, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Bonaza and Rawhide . . . yup, there were some great ones. Even some true geniuses like Ernie Kovacs.

    There was also The Beverly Hillbillies (the only thing good about that show was the Flatt and Scruggs theme song which gave bluegrass a mass audience), Green Acres, Bewitched, Petticoat Junction, I Dream of Jeannie, and Merv Griffin. Instead of reality shows killing time, we had variety shows with plate spinners and ventriloquists.

    • indypendent

      I think we saw alot of what I call ‘fluff’ t.v. in the 60’s. That is the category I call shows where you just watch it for 30 minutes, get a few laughs and not have to think about anything – just enjoy it.

      The 60’s were turbulent times and perhaps we needed fluff shows.

    • wicked

      Okay, of those mentioned in the last paragraph, I watched Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie, both purely fantasy shows. But so was Star Trek. 🙂

      Spinning plates? LOL That suddenly made me think of The Gong Show. And now I AM laughing. Seriously, let’s admit that there’s been a multitude of useless programming since at least the mid to late ’50s when televisions became a part of the landscape for most people.

      But there’s a difference between useless and some of what we have now. I think we’re all agreeable to that. And if Skins, which started this entire discussion, is as bad as what itolduso presented, then something does need to be done. Then again, as long as I have something I enjoy to watch, as I sit in my rocking chair, my afghan wrapped around me and my fuzzy slippers on my feet, why should I care? I guess things always were better “in the good ol’ days.”

    • wicked

      Fluff is a bit different that smut.

      Oh, man, I’m starting to remind myself of my mother. Somebody help me! I fear my once open mind is beginning to close rapidly.

  15. itolduso

    plate spinners and ventriloquists.

    I remember the plate spinners? Why, oh why, was that such a big deal back then? I mean, okay, I was a kid in the early sixties, and maybe found it sorta fascinating, for, like short time, but why would adults keep watching? No clue

    • wicked

      Charly McCarthy? Come on, ventriloquists didn’t get any better than Edgar Bergen. Still don’t.

      Plate spinners were popular because they broke plates and got away with it. 😉

  16. itolduso

    “Do you honestly believe the doctors weren’t covering up Reagan’s decline?”

    I think it is possible, I think anything is possible.

    • indypendent

      Of course anything is possible – maybe Ronnie did not give those weapons to Iran.

    • indypendent

      Oh, but Ronnie could seem to remember if he did that or not.

      Yeah, sure…maybe now we know the real reason Reagan could not remember…

  17. itolduso

    I think if Stahl were trying to “make a name for herself” she would have reported what she thought

    I think she knew better, and knew that she would be crucified. Now, with Ronnie Ragan’s statements, she can safely say, with in my opinion an opportunistic glint in her eye v “Hey, I knew that all along. ” And in her view, gain some sort of stature among the “liberal” media…. That being defined as that portion of the media that is liberal.

    • indypendent


      I don’t think Lesley Stahl needs any career counseling from anyone – she seems to have done quite well on her own.

      After all, she is on television and we are not.

  18. itolduso

    “I guess things always were better “in the good ol’ days.””

    I always have to laugh when I hear that statement. I had a great aunt, about 10 to years older than my father. She was always talking about the “good old days” My dad’s answer was always “What good old days? I remember picking a gallon of blackberries for a nickel, to buy one shotshell, to shoot one rabbit, to have meat for dinner. I remember taking “salt” sandwiches to school for lunch” and of course, others. He would say there WERE good things that have been lost in modern society, but he still preferred today.

    • wicked

      Your dad was right. For instance, I can buy DVDs of many of my favorite TV shows from the “good ol’ days.” At the time those TV shows aired, there was no such technology. I am definitely blessed to have lived during the time when so many things have become possible.

  19. itolduso


    I don’t think Lesley Stahl needs any career counseling from anyone – she seems to have done quite well on her own.

    After all, she is on television and we are not.
    I guess you could say that for anyone, including GW BUSH, who was a Harvard Grad and President, and we are not, RUsh Limbaugh who is on the radio and we are not, and on and on. But do go ahead, it is your opinon. No skin off my bones.

  20. indypendent

    If MTV is making this new show ‘Skins’for the adult viewer – then I’m sure they will have a hit on their hands.

    I know of several devout Christian Conservative Republicans who saw nothing wrong with them drooling over the Miley Cyrus half-naked pictures when she was 15 yrs old.

    Like my mama told me – you gotta watch out for those quiet church boys.

    • indypendent

      BTW – those devout Christian Conservatives were all married with kids.

      things that make you go hmmmmm……

  21. CapnAmerica

    GW Bush = president = successful

    GW Bush’s great grandfather had the biggest steel mill in the Midwest with a Rockefeller on the pay-roll
    His grandfather was one of 100 Senators
    His father was President of the United States

    Don’t you just love these “self-made” men?

    • itolduso

      WHether or not he was a self made man, which he abviously had many advantages the rest of us do not, I would guess that yeah, becoming President of the United States would be considered successful. Whether or not that Presidential term was a success, is always open to interpretation, and often changed as history moves along.
      I would not consider a lot of his Presidency succesful.

  22. indypendent

    While we are talking about getting the new MTV show off the air – why not go after the rest of these shows that are just as bad?

    Soap operas are nothing but soft porn – and has been for years.

    But you know what – television is nothing but a mirror reflection of our society.

    Have you seen the choices of young girls’ clothing in the stores lately? Alot of this clothing could be summed in one word – skanky.

    but it must be selling – because they keep putting it out for sale every year.

    And I don’t think it is all just the ‘heathens’ buying this crap.

  23. itolduso

    Why so defensive?

    You’re the one attacking Stahl – not me.

    I am not being defensive. As I said, you are entitled to your own opinion. As I am mine. Which I stated. which you declared me basically incapable of saying anything about her. As in

    ” Lesley Stahl needing to make a name for herself .

    “Seriously??? She is the one on television – not you. “

    • indypendent

      And then later on I posted that WE are not on television?

      Things are not always about you…..

    • indypendent

      January 21, 2011 at 10:50 am

      I don’t think Lesley Stahl needs any career counseling from anyone – she seems to have done quite well on her own.

      After all, she is on television and we are not

  24. 6176746f6c6c65

    Speaking of 60’s television, what about The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (that’s my recollection of its title)? Great show that I watched in high school and (foggy here) in first year of college. CBS had battles, IIRC, with Tom and Dick over the content (political) of the show.

    Then, Saturday morning cartoons; George of the Junglewas almost mandatory viewing my Freshman year.

    • CapnAmerica

      Trivia question–what show replaced The Smothers Brothers?

      Answer–“Hee Haw.” CBS got as far away from political satire as one could get.

  25. indypendent

    Someone mentioned Snooki up thread. Here we have a female whose only claim to fame is a reality show, rude and obnoxious behavior, way too-tight clothes, hooker heels, way too much make up and very defiant little woman.

    Hmmmm………sounds like GOP V.P. presidential material to me…


  26. itolduso

    I remember the Smothers Brothers show. Watched it a lot. My grandmother grew to know Tommy in later years. She often helped a neighbor with her organic farm somewhere in the San Jose valley. Tommy frequented it often. She said he was a really nice man.

    • I have an old 33rpm vinyl album of The Smothers Brothers titled “Saturday Night At The World.” Unlike much of their work this album is serious and very good. Tommy has a good singing voice! He does a solo of a song with the same name as the album that is one of my all-time favorites.

  27. itolduso

    Okay Indypendent, you win. Yyou are a great and glorious self assertive woman who takes nothing from nobody. You have shown your greater intelligence, and understanding of everything religious and political than I can ever have. You win.

    You will get no further disagreement from me.

  28. itolduso

    Wicked says

    “I like something with a little more grit.”

    For me, it’s more like
    I like something with a more grits. I often addicted to THE FOOD NETWORK.

    Most comedy shows you know the next line coming. Although it ‘s not always true, it is true enough for me to be bored with it. I do like some of the dramas, even though they are often predictable as well. I have few shows, except on the FOOD NETWORK, that I have on a MUST SEE TV LIST. Castle is one.

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      The Food Network is the home of most of my “must see” shows.

    • wicked

      Food shows, huh? Sorry, I have no taste for them. 😉

    • I don’t watch television much. Monday nights I try to plan my schedule so I don’t miss Antiques Roadshow. I enjoy sports, especially college basketball, and a movie now and then. If I turn on the television without a program in mind it goes to either HGTV or The Food Network.

  29. indypendent

    Just a little article that I think could go with Capn America’s 10:59 posting:
    A little Bush family history.

  30. indypendent

    States looking to declare bankruptcy? What will this do to the GOP to transfer some of those budget cut itemss over to the states – like Medicaid?

    How do you hand over even more bills to pay to states already in the position of even contemplating bankruptcy?

  31. itolduso

    Food shows, huh? Sorry, I have no taste for them

    HAHA! Good one!!

  32. itolduso

    I love food, as my girth attests (sadly). And I love the artistry of really good cooking, and giving pleasure to others thru the food that I cook. And I love breaking bread with others, regardless of whether or not they are “like me”.

  33. indypendent

    Oh goody –

    Rudy…9/11…..Giuliani….9/11…….is going to run……9/11…..for president……9/11…….again…..9/11

    Can’t we just run the DVD version of the last time and call it good?

  34. indypendent

    Looks like Paul Ryan from Wisconsin – the budget cutter extraordinaire – has been tapped to do the honors of the GOP response to Obama’s State of the Union address.

    Funny thing…..I heard Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC talking about this and she noted that NJ Gov Christie was approached to do the response and he did not want to do it.

    Do you blame any GOP with any presidential hopes? Way too many people remember the Bobby Jindal speech in front of that Gone With the Wind staircase . Total disaster.

    But let’s see – whatever the GOP say does it really matter if they are seen as the budget cutters of law enforcement and social programs and they still do not create those promised jobs?

    And the GOP surely would not want to create real American jobs, because that might give Obama too much credit going into 2012.

    Oh my, what a corner our beloved the Republicans have painted for themselves – yet again.

    But – never fear – Rudy Giuliani is ready to run for president. Thank God !!!


  35. indypendent

    Obama has named the GE CEO to his jobs and competitiveness panel. GE is the parent company to NBC and MSNBC…

    5…4…3…2…1…until some right-winger says something about how Obama is taking over the liberal media – again.

  36. I’m probably the last person who didn’t know this, but on the off chance there is another so ill informed, I offer this advice — BE FOREWARNED. There is a test one must fail to qualify for in-patient rehab hospital care paid for by Medicare.

    Before any conclusions are jumped to, no, this wasn’t as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and has been reality for several years.

    If you are doing too well to qualify for in-patient rehab it does seem to be the kind of ‘problem’ to have. I am very thankful my Mom is making good progress after her hip replacement last Monday morning.

    On Wednesday when I walked into her hospital room I was told she didn’t qualify and would be going home the next day. No one told me there would be a test! When we made her appointment to go into the rehab hospital they didn’t mention they would be coming to the hospital where the surgery was performed to evaluate her and see if she qualified, so I only made one plan. I’m a planner! If I had known there needed to be an alternate plan, just in case, I would have made another.

    Mother came home yesterday morning and I’m her care, and her transportation, the one who does the errands to the pharmacy and grocery store, chief cook and bottle washer too.

    Use this knowledge so if you’re ever in this situation, you’ll be forewarned. There is a test! You’ll need an alternate plan. 🙂

    • Sorry you were not informed about this, fnord. We dealt with this often with my husbands rehab after his laminectomy to relieve pressure on his spinal column. Even in out patient rehab, if the patient seems to have plateaued, whether they still COULD benefit, if they are not showing improvement from the last evaluation they are kicked out, denied further coverage. I don’t deny that they need guidelines I just question them.
      I hope the best for your mother. If I were you I would talk with her doctor, see if something more could be done, press the issue. My mom is a retired nurse and if she felt that more should have been done with dad or my aunt (her sister) or even herself she got all over the doctors about it and usually got results.

    • prairie pond

      Fnord, I went through that with my Mom when she had her stroke. If you are doing too well, you cant get into rehab and cant get Medicare to pay for rehab. And if you are not doing well enough, you cant get Medicare to pay for rehab. And if you dont continue doing well enough, and getting better on a schedule, as Moonshadow says, you can’t stay at rehab and they will kick you to the curb. And if you are doing too well, or staying the same, you get booted out of the hospital. And if you are not doing well enough, you get booted out the hospital. Even if you are on IVs and cant hold a glass of water, you get booted out of the hospital.

      They WANT people to go to nursing homes, no matter what. That way, Medicare doesn’t pay, and if you’ve worked hard and accumulated any assets at all, you cant get Medicaid, and you are a private pay patient who pays about a third more than Medicaid or long term care insurance will pay. You have to spend ALL your assets, down to two thousand dollars, before Medicaid will kick in. Unless you are married, and there is some program to avoid “spousal impoverishment” but if you are a widow or widower, you and your kids can kiss those assets goodbye.

      Of course, after the nursing home has sucked all the money out of a family, THEN, Medicaid pays with tax dollars, just like they would have anyway. It’s a phucked up system, and there is no winning. They hold all the cards.

      My Mom couldnt eat or drink on her own when they kicked her out of the hospital because Medicare said her time there was up. She couldnt walk, or talk, and there was no chance of going to rehab because she wasnt strong enough to transfer from bed to wheelchair. She couldnt stay in the hospital until she got stronger. Her time there, according to the Medicare schedule, was up. They were just dying to wheel her down the hall to the nursing home so those checks from our farm could start flowing. IMHO, they didnt even give her a CHANCE to get better for rehab. I think if they had given her more time in the hospital, then to skilled nursing, she could have made it to rehab and then home.

      But she never got the chance. And I think it was all about money, not giving my Mom the proper care.

      And did I mention (yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself here) that all this took place over a month’s time when I was losing my job (for being out and lesbian) and I had already scheduled double knee replacement so I could have it done before I lost my health insurance? And that I’m an only child, and my Mom had no other living siblings? I’m not sure I can adequately convey what a nightmare those months were. I had to fight the hospital, Medicare, the insurance company, the city and county for my job, etc.

      Tell me again about how compassionate small town people are. Except when they are not. And bigotry makes them heavy on the NOT!

      Heheheh. And just to make sure there was a final kick while I was down, when I came home from Wichita from the surgery and MY rehab stint, Blue Cross and Blue Shield didn’t want to pay for the local hospital’s home heath nurse to come to the farm to draw blood and keep my recovery going. They said that it was a social problem, not a medical problem, that I had no one to drive me to the hospital for blood tests. With my only relative in the nursing home unable to hold a glass of water. I was on my own as far as insurance was concerned.

      And you wonder why I’m just a “little” bitter about it all? Just ask me about “dealth panels.” I know all about them, and they are here now.

    • When the GOP tries to tell you America has the best health care in the world and we just need a little tighter tort reform, tell them to stick it up their ass.

    • indypendent

      The discharge planner at the hospital should have explained that to you before the rehab hospital people came to evaluate your mother.

      And I don’t blame you for being angry about this situation.

      There’s alot about Medicare rules that are like a maze one has to learn to manuever. And once you learn the rules, someone goes and changes the rules without warning.

      But isn’t it nice Medicare pays for penis pumps and Viagra?

      I have a friend that worked in the call center for the Medicare provider line – and she had doctors all the time calling in to verify Medicare coverage for penis pumps. It used to drive my friend nuts and she just wanted to scream!

      Money for the pumps for men but no money to help some woman rehabilitate from hip surgery because they are doing too well – that makes no sense!

  37. Top 10 Memorable State-Dinner Moments

    * The White House Gate-Crashers, 2009
    * Ronald Reagan Welcomes Gorbachev, 1987
    * Princess Diana and John Travolta, 1985
    * Presidential Puke, 1992
    * King Kalakaua Goes to Washington, 1874
    * British Crown Visits the U.S. for the First Time, 1939
    * Berlusconi and the Podium, 2008
    * Barbecue and Paper Plates, 1963
    * Dance-Floor Diplomacy, 1976
    * The Case of the Soggy Orchestra, 1963

    Read more:,29569,2043087,00.html#ixzz1BhyPuBTp

  38. david B

    Keith Olberman’s show is no more!
    Like all of a sudden, tonight:
    MSNBC and Keith Olbermann have ended their contract. The last broadcast of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” will be this evening. MSNBC thanks Keith for his integral role in MSNBC’s success and we wish him well in his future endeavors.

    • indypendent

      I read on another blog that perhaps it had something to do with Comcast?
      This was just a blogger saying this – so I have no idea if there is any truth to it or not.

      I just thought maybe Keitth had a history with Comcast?

    • indypendent

      There was a suggestion that Keith Olbermann would be great working for Obama in the press room.

      Now, that would be a rockin’ press room – wouldn’t it?

    • I read the NBC/Comcast merger is to blame. I have no idea in the world whether that has any validity.

  39. indypendent

    Oh goody – Newt Gingrich is showing signs he is running for president.

    Thank God we have such a godly man like Newt to lead us into victory. Maybe Newt will pick Rudy……9/11…….Giuliania…..9/11……to be his…….vice president…..9/11.

    Then the heavens can open up and we’ll all be eating that rainbow stew riding those purple unicorns.

    Am I being too optimistic???

  40. indypendent

    Wasn’t tstb that always talked about the neo-conservatives? Now this is an article that would interest tstb and should make the rest of us ask some important questions.

    • I haven’t read at the link yet (I will), but tstb is the man who taught me, guided me in research. I don’t mean to indicate he limited my research, just that he started me on the path to discovery about neo-cons. Real true nut cases like Dick Cheney. Those who believe America and Christianity are superior, thus a theocracy based on Christianity is a good thing and should be brought to the world in its entirety. Bush the lesser was their tool and they made great progress. They haven’t gone away and with the Citizens United decision (bought and paid for by the Koch brothers!) they may still gain the power to turn America into a theocracy.

      Makes me realize I still need tstb in my world, really! He and Mrs. tstb are the best of people. Keep sending prayers and good energy!

  41. This makes me sick to my stomach and makes me laugh out loud at those who believe it’s an accurate quote. One of my ‘friends’ from high school posted on his Facebook page this quote he attributes to Abraham Lincoln —

    “War or no war, I will not, shall not, and dare not even contemplate appending my official signature to any job-killing health care act even whose shadow should alight upon but… a corner of my desk, neither now nor scores of years hence.” — Abraham Lincoln

    • wicked

      I googled the quote and also parts of it, and there is nothing attributed to Abraham Lincoln anywhere, not even on a site with 100 Lincoln quotes, that comes close to this. Your “friend” has a vivid imagination and really should be careful about misquoting even someone who has been dead for close to 100 years.

      Seriously, someone made this up, using words Lincoln may have used for something else. The give-away that this is fake is the “job-killing health care act” part, because those words are being currently used by members of Congress. Lincoln may have been a Republican in his day, but I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave at what people are doing to his memory.

      It’s scummy, that’s what it is.

    • indypendent

      Maybe your friend belongs to that special group that likes to rewrite history and rewrite the Bible to justify their own agenda?

      Or maybe your friend got one of those insightful emails that Conservative Republicans like to forward to all the people they know.

      I just received one of those emails the other day. This one was about Sharia law being forced down our throats in America. Of course, there were no specifics given – such as location, date, people involved , etc.

      Nothing of anything that could actually be researched to find out if Sharia law is really being done here in the US. It was just one of those emails intended to scare people.

    • wicked

      Never type when you’re reading something else you’re not typing.

      Lincoln has been dead for closer to 150 years.

  42. indypendent

    wicked has hit the nail on the head when she highlighted the phrase – job-killing health care act – was used.

    Imaginative people with an agenda with way too much time on their hands can do an awful lot of damage when they cut and paste and in the words of Sarah Palin – just make stuff up.

  43. indypendent

    I am not a real big user on Facebook – but I saw this article and thought I would post it for those on here that might be interested.

    • wicked

      I don’t use apps, except the very few I added in the beginning, and I don’t even see them now that they’ve changed everything 16 times since then. Anything that tells me it’s going to “see” or “use” my info gets dumped immediately.

  44. indypendent

    Oh, oh……is this a sign of the future?

    How interesting that separation of church and state is wanted by these churches unless, of course, it means they have to pay like the rest of us.

    Take special note of the part in the article about the churches defense….