Sign Move On’s petition “No Cuts to Social Security”

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  1. CapnAmerica

    I don’t know about you, but so far President Cave-In has not reassured me that Social Security “reform” will not happen under his watch.

    The Washington-insiders who don’t need Social Security because they’re already rich love the idea of privatizing it or means-testing it. “Means-testing” is a term for a program that only pays out for people who need it while those with “means” to pay on their own don’t get it.

    If Social Security were means-tested, then it would become a simple welfare-for-the-poor program, and we all know what happens to welfare in this country. Programs for the poor become poor programs.

    FDR said explicitly that he set up the program so that everyone pays in and everyone gets back, “that way, no damn politician can ever do away with my Social Security program.”