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Saturday, 1/15/11, Public Square

Who do you think is bat shit crazy?  Who could you never vote for and earnestly hope never achieves public office?

I do indeed think all three women pictured above are not someone who should be representing anyone but themselves, and that each of them represents themselves very poorly.  I would include Sharron Angle with this bunch (I think she kept Harry Reid from being booted out of office for which I may never forgive her)!

I could never vote for one of these people, but there are others who could and have!  We must hold differing opinions of who is an acceptable candidate for public office!  That’s probably why we hold elections.

The world will not come to an end and America will survive whoever runs or is elected.  We survived Bush and you will survive Obama!  We each think a little worse for the wear but we’d put different names as the one we hold responsible.  Differences.  Thank goodness!



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