Sunday, 1/2/11, Public Square

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” ~ Plato


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  1. This email came from WordPress —

    Your 2010 year in blogging

    Happy New Year from! To kick off the year, we’d like to share with you data on how your blog has been doing. Here’s a high level summary of your overall blog health:

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  2. tosmarttobegop

    I am glad that the blog did so good, with so many out there it becomes like having all the channels on cable.
    So much to view and so little time to really see which you really want to view.
    May the coming year have more answers then questions!

    A lot of good people here and may we all continue to be friends and follow travelers.

    • Our little blog won’t be two years old until next March. It’s been a good place and since our bloggers all care about keeping it that way, we will continue to be friends and fellow travelers. 🙂 It’s nice to talk things over, isn’t it?

  3. Remember when the House Republicans decided to waste time and money impeaching a president they knew in advance wouldn’t be convicted by the Senate? House Republicans must derive some kind of pleasure from being irrelevant at the expense of Americans!


    An incoming House committee chairman said today that the new Republican majority will probably move this month to repeal President Obama’s health care bill, setting up a major political battle over the president’s major domestic initiative.

    Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., incoming chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, agreed that the Senate is unlikely to follow suit, and Obama would doubtless veto any repeal effort. But he said Republicans would then seek to block various aspects of the law, including the requirement that all Americans buy health insurance.

    continue reading —

    • All those who are NOW covered by their parents insurance to the age of 26, those who can’t be canceled or denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions, and Seniors who don’t need to worry about that donut hole along with others already enjoying benefits of the Affordable Care Act should be disgusted by the Republicans actions! It’s up to each of us to make sure every American knows who these idiots are and what they are doing! We must let voters know exactly what Republicans do once they are elected! They aren’t simply the Party of Hell No, they are the Party of Regression!

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Ah we are once again starting a new Congress, already seeing all the new and can be unreasonable hopes of them actually doing what the people want. This time that hope is coming from the Right side and once again I have the feeling they will find it as disappointing as the left side found the pass one.

    There will be some points made and often there will be minor and best that could be pointed to.
    But I do feel that it will not be as they hope for, perhaps that is for the best.
    Since I have concluded that by and large the masses do not truly know exactly what the want or what is for the best.

    More just best guesses and moment thoughts.

    • Remember Boehner has already stated that none of them who are elected takes an oath to listen to constituents. Nope, he says their oath is to the Constitution. I’m sure listening to constituents won’t happen, and I’ll be watching carefully to see whether they follow the Constitution.

      Even more interesting will be whether or not their constituents actually notice. I don’t think they will. They didn’t last time they were in the majority. It was enough that people with the little “R” behind their name were in charge. They seemed to have no expectations beyond that and they certainly didn’t have to worry about their expectations being exceeded.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Fnord they will have to be in a real rush otherwise what is good in the reform will become apparent.
    Then they will have no support for repeal and riots in the streets!

    They have the rock and the hard place, having painted the reform as the deal with Satan.
    To back down and not try it will cause the base to finally wake up to the hollow delusions that they have been spoon fed.

    • I know. But to state in advance that you know what you’re going to do has no chance seems to be saying it will be OK to be irrelevant and to pursue futility. That’s all their constituency expects of them anyway.

  6. “First, the rule of law. We always hear members of Congress talking about swearing an oath to represent their constituents when in reality the only oath we take is to the Constitution. We pledge “to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.” No more, no less.”

    FULL TEXT: Boehner Delivers Remarks on Congressional Reform and the People’s House

  7. 2011: Calling Time on Capitalism
    Recent decades have seen a massive redistribution of wealth, imposing the cost of successive crises on the poorest. Enough!

    The end of 2010 brought renewed Washington rhetoric, media hype and academic me-too declarations about the US economy “recovering”. We’ve heard them before since the crisis hit in 2007. They always proved wrong.

    But recovery noises are useful for some. Republicans claim that government should do less since recovery is underway (of course, for them, government action is always counterproductive). Likewise, Republicans and many centrist Democrats claim that income redistribution policies are no longer needed because recovery means growth, which means everyone gets a bigger piece of an expanding economic pie. Recovery hype also helps the Obama administration to claim that its policies succeeded.

    Yet, this is more fantasy than reality. After all, the nearly 20% of the US labor force that became unemployed or underemployed in 2009 remains so as we enter 2011. No recovery there. Worse still, a quarter of those who found work since the crisis began only got temp jobs without benefits. Second, foreclosure actions by banks – including those who got most of the government’s bailouts – continue to eject millions from their homes. No recovery there, either (except for the bigger banks).

    Third, consider why the Federal Reserve decided last month to create another $600bn of new money, and why Congress and the president agreed in December on an additional fiscal stimulus (extending Bush’s tax cuts, reducing social security withholding for 2011, etc). They took those steps because all the previous bailouts, monetary easing, tax cuts and government fiscal stimulus expenditures had failed to end this crisis. Those immune to hype recognize that more of the same policies that failed before might do so again.

    More importantly, the recovery noise distracts from a more basic failure of our economic system: its fundamental instability.

    continue reading —

  8. wicked

    Senator proposes permanent US bases in Afghanistan

    “We have always been at war with Eastasia.”

  9. First about 2,000 black birds fell out of the sky. Now dead fish.

    Just before folks in Beebe rang in the New Year, many witnessed an uncanny resemblance to the Hitchcock movie “The Birds.” About 2,000 black birds fell from the sky off Windwood Drive, leaving quite the mess to clean up.

    Folks Today’s THV spoke with initially thought the birds were poisoned because they are what they call a nuisance around this time every year, but they are surprised to hear it is more of a mystery.

    Stephen Bryant recalls, “Millions, millions fly over every night. You look up at the sky and it’s just black and then last night at about 10:30 I came out here and saw a bird drop.”

    In a matter of hours on New Years Eve thousands of birds fell from the sky to their death.

    Arkansas officials are investigating the death of an estimated 100,000 fish in the state’s northwest and suspect disease was to blame, a state spokesman said Sunday.

    Dead drum fish floated in the water and lined the banks of a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River near Ozark, about 125 miles northwest of Little Rock, said Keith Stephens of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. A tugboat operator discovered the fish kill Friday night, and fisheries officials collected some of the dying animals to conduct tests.

    Stephens said fish kills occur every year, but the size of the latest one is unusual, and suggested some sort of disease was to blame.

    “The fish kill only affected one species of fish,” he said. “If it was from a pollutant, it would have affected all of the fish, not just drum fish.”

    Ozark is about 125 west of the town of Beebe, where game wardens are trying to find out why up to 5,000 blackbirds fell from the sky just before midnight New Year’s Eve.

    Dead birds a mystery in Arkansas

    Biologists believe the bird deaths were stress-related from either fireworks or weather and are unrelated to the fish kill near Ozark, Stephens said.

  10. indypendent

    With this guy in charge, let’s hope the Republicans keep to the mantra of going overboard on all these investigations into the Obama White House.

    BTW – Issa thinks the Obama White House is the corrupt? Where was the truth mirror during the 8 years of the Bush White house? Oh, I forgot – GWB is a Republican and saving our country…….yeah, sure.

    • indypendent

      If the Republicans keep going forward with all these investigations, I suspect the unemployed and under-employed Americans are going to get mighty upset because these Republicans promised to create jobs. And with those extended Bush tax cuts – those jobs should have already been created!!

      The average American does not have much patience for these GOPPERS to become like the keystone cops – tripping all over themselves, spending millions of dollars on needless investigations to only prop themselves up as some type of beacon of all that is saintly in politician land.

      I predict by the time the presidential campaign of 2012 gets into full swing, everyone will have had their belly full of these sanctified, glorified and holified repukes.

  11. Freebird1971

    January 2, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    Busiest day? My birthday! LOL

    My birthday as well

    Hope everyone’s New Year is off to a good start and holds nothing but good for you and yours

    • wicked

      Well, dang it, Freebird, I forgot. Shame on me. So it was a doubly busiest day. HA!

      (Actually, my birthdays are a real drag and something I’d prefer to ignore.)