Saturday, 1/1/11, Public Square

1/1/11 — a day that won’t repeat itself for another century.  The web is buzzing with potential meanings.  What do you think?

May each of us exhibit the same tolerance and concern for others we expect for ourselves.


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  1. Implementation Timeline

    The implementation timeline is an interactive tool designed to explain how and when the provisions of the health reform law will be implemented over the next several years. Lots of good changes begin today!

  2. “Everyone has a responsibility to not only tolerate another person’s point of view, but also to accept it eagerly as a challenge to your own understanding. And express those challenges in terms of serving other people.”
    Arlo Guthrie

  3. Two new rules will give Constitution a starring role in GOP-controlled House

    When Republicans take over the House next week, they will do something that apparently has never been done before in the chamber’s 221-year history: They will read the Constitution aloud.

    And then they will require that every new bill contain a statement by the lawmaker who wrote it citing the constitutional authority to enact the proposed legislation.

  4. indypendent

    This is one issue that is not going away. And with the Republicans banging their drum, I only hope and pray nothing happens.

  5. indypendent

    I want to see the Republicans read the Constitution and make each politician justify their bills by it’s Constitutionality.

    Why, just think about all those funding bills that are going to be brought up for those special-favored corporations. How will the Constitution justify taking taxpayer money and giving it to private corporations to make a profit?

    This one I’ve got to see how the Repubs wiggle out of the corner they put themselves into.

  6. indypendent

    Social Conservative Republicans proudly proclaim they will never compromise.

    Doesn’t that attitude leave very little room for tolerance and concern for others?

    • I haven’t found any indication they’re concerned about others.

    • Don’t they want to take us back to the ‘original’ Constitution when only white land owners had a vote? Are they interested in, or aware of, what our Constitution of today says?

    • wicked

      white MALE land owners.

      Got in a bit of a tiff with some dumb@ss on comments to an eagle article on changes Republicans want to make in the Kansas abortion laws. I’m proud to say that several came to my defense, and I think many, if not all of them, were males. 🙂

    • indypendent

      wicked – thanks for making that distinction of male white landowners.

      I don’t think many of these Tea Party Republican women even think about that part of the original Constitution.

    • wicked

      indy, this type of mindset about women isn’t all that old. Back in the early ’70s I visited WSU with a friend who was working on her teaching degree. I dropped in on a Women’s Studies (more like Women’s Lib!) class that she was taking and learned a lot. At that time, women were not allowed to buy a house unless they had reached the age of menopause or had had a hysterectomy. Banks, businesses and others believed that a woman capable of having children would quit working if she became pregnant and would not pay her mortgage. A co-signer was required.

  7. indypendent

    Here is something we can look forward to in the new year:

  8. indypendent

    This was in the WE yesterday. It is about a group of professionals who saw a need in our community and did something to help. This group happens to be all immigrants who want to give back to our country.

    I can tell you firsthand, I worked for Dr. Abay the neurosurgeon and he has always been the kind of man who gave back to the community. The only thing was – he was not the type to toot his own horn. Dr. Abay is a deeply religious man and he also does not preach down to others. Instead, he lives his life according to his beliefs. Isn’t that a refreshing change?

    This kind of working together to help community is needed in our country right now. I only hope they can keep this clinic open. May God bless them and keep them running.

    • I read that article twice because it was such good and happy news! Those are real Americans and many could learn from them and their attitudes!

    • indypendent

      You hit the nail on its head when you called them ‘real’ Americans.

      That is the other part of this good news – it shines a positive light on what immigrants have done and are doing for our country.

      It also shows that each of these professionals have one thing in common – a good education.

      That is where I am afraid our current crop of politicians is going to take us back to the dark ages – education.

      Along with that group wanting to take us back to the original Constitution where only white landowners got to vote – I am afraid this group also wants to see public education go the way of the dinosaur.

      And that, in my opinion, is what is really going to turn us into a country I will not even recognize.

      It always angers me when we seem to have money for all these wars but no money for education or health care for our own citizens.

    • wicked

      I read it too!

  9. indypendent

    Now Katie Couric has gone and done it. Do I feel a tweet from up north soon about this?

  10. indypendent

    Here is a possible cut to our budget. I wonder how many Tea Party Republicans are going to get on board for cutting out all this spending to what the US refers to as ‘corrupt’ leadership?

    Considering that poll that I recently posted – the most support for the Afghanistan war comes from Republicans and Tea Partiers – I am not holding my breath for any of them to call for cutting the war budget.

    You don’t suppose there might be some corporations and/or well-connected private contractors that are getting rich off this war – is that even possible?

  11. indypendent

    Does anyone else get the TCM telvision channel? They have been playing a bunch of those old Time Magazine film documentaries all day. They were called ‘March Through Time’.

    The one that is currently playing is talking about the effects of war on the families and especially the children. The first year referenced was 1941.

    I could swear the only difference between then and now is how more mature our children are today than kids were back then. But the same effects were seen as we are seeing in our society today.

    I know how I keep harping on all this war stuff – but I am sincerely worried about our country’s future. If we don’t find some way to stop all this war nonsense – what good will it do if we don’t have a civilized society to live in?

    We demonize North Korea for being such a horrible country, but if we are not careful – we will be just like them – spending most of our budget on war and weapons and let our own citizens fend for themselves in every day life because nobody wants to pay any taxes.

    How sad it is to see a nation profess to be so Christian but yet have no money for their own citizens but have no trouble spending billions on wars.

    Our priorities are seriously messed up.

  12. tosmarttobegop

    Well my youngest left today to return to Germany and is to return for the birth of his daughter.
    But qualified, “ if they still are going to let me?”.

    He is due to leave for deployment about the same time as the due date.
    I am sure many here can relate, it never seem long enough before that day comes when they leave.

    • So soon?

      I absolutely loved my kids being around, but I must admit it was nice when they left. Of course, they weren’t going into harms way so it was totally different for me! Strange thing is I already miss them again… The next time I see my oldest son he might be a Dad. If I can wait that long. The baby is due the last of May and that’s a long time away.

      My oldest daughter has begun looking around for different employment — ON THE WEST COAST. That one will hurt! Exactly how am I to handle having kids on both coasts??

  13. Thunderchild

    The March OF Time, not through time.

    Interesting stuff that though. Newsreels that came out every three weeks or so from 1935 to 1951

    • indypendent

      After I posted that, I realized I had it wrong. I was busy preparing a family dinner and did not have time to come back on and correct myself.

      Thanks for correcting it for me.