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  1. Snoring Dog Studio

    Happy New Year, to you, too! I’m looking forward to the next one and your blog will be part of it!

  2. Happy New Year right back! It has been such a pleasure blogging with ALL of you this past tear!

    Anyone making resolutions? I haven’t for many years but this year I AM WORKING ON LOSING WEIGHT! It’s a gift I want to give myself. 🙂

  3. GOP sponsored single-payer guaranteed Health Care in Iraq, but not in US

    Article 31 of the Iraqi Constitution, drafted by the Bush administration in 2005 and ratified by the Iraqi people, includes state-guaranteed (single payer) healthcare for life for every Iraqi citizen.

    Article 31 reads:
    “First: Every citizen has the right to health care. The State shall maintain public health and provide the means of prevention and treatment by building different types of hospitals and health institutions.

    Second: Individuals and entities have the right to build hospitals, clinics, or
    private health care centers under the supervision of the State, and this shall be regulated by law.”

    There are other health care guarantees, including special provisions for children, the elderly, and the handicapped elsewhere in the 43-page document.

    Under force of arms, President Bush imposed his particular idea of democracy on a people not asking for it – perhaps a noble undertaking in one context and a criminal violation of international law in another. Bush’s followers are proud of the Iraqi Constitution, a model for the world, they told us.

  4. We attended Cirque du Soleil – Alegría two nights ago. If you read the local newspaper review yesterday morning you would know my opinion of the show. I too could have done with fewer and shorter clown acts. The acrobats, athletes, artists were amazing! I would forget the arena seats aren’t comfortable and be engrossed in the show, then they brought the clowns out and the seats were very uncomfortable, the arena a bit chilly…

    The music was exactly the correct volume, and we saw some incredibly talented, nimble, strong, fascinating talent! The stage was interesting. It must be a great deal of work to haul around and set up although those who accomplish that should be noted as talented too! The floor of the stage opened to reveal trampolines then closed after the athletic acrobats had thrilled us. I could go onandon about parts of the show and I could also complain about others.

    I’ll wrap it up by saying I felt the show was at least one act short (maybe two) and they filled in with the clowns who could have been funny in much smaller doses!

  5. indypendent

    This is interesting reading as to how our war mentality is affecting families.

    This is not a New Years Resolution – but it is my New Year’s wish – the US needs to stop all this nation building and wars for profit before we become a nation that is so desensitized to what war really brings …

    I have had this fear ever since GWB and fellow Republicans beating the war drum for the Axis of Evil. These are the people who seem to take delight in war and think the only thing the US needs to do is to drop some bombs on people we don’t like. Well, the world does not work like that.

    Plus, this article puts a different face on the current war in Afghanistan. It is a not a picture of some man in some soldier’s uniform looking all patriotic. But this is just as much a true picture of what war does as that soldier looking spiffy in his uniform.

    And I hope in reading this that no one ever questions anyone about their military service when they think the other guy is less patriotic than the one who did wear the uniform.

    Like I said yesterday – a patriot’s attire is not always a soldier’s uniform.

  6. The evolution of hard drives
    The history of the hard drive, through pictures.

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      Thanks, fnord. The photo of the punch card brought back memories of CS 28. KU Spring Semester, 1969. I became very well acquainted with the nuances of an IBM 026 keypunch machine. Those were the days.

  7. 6176746f6c6c65

    S/B CS 16, not 28. Typos rule my world, it seems…

  8. My Mother ran one of those earliest ‘computers.’ This would have begun back in the fifties and she retired from the same company some 40 years later. She worked in what was then called the ‘Tab Room’ at Fleming Food Company. All orders were keypunched before they were sent to the warehouse to be filled — inventory, order, reorder…

  9. As 2010 is closing, here is the post which received the most ‘views’ on our blog today:

    When threads include words from Steven I usually get all teary. I did that again. I do miss him!

    I don’t know what the viewers put into google that led them here or why this old post received the most views. I do know our blog is stagnant. I’m unqualified to make it more interesting. I enjoy visiting here daily and always am interested in the opinions of our small group. For me, it is enough. And enough isn’t something bad, it’s something good.

    • prairie pond

      Hi Fnord!

      I think “Kodachrome” is being searched a lot because the last plant to make it closed. IIRC, Tracy told us it was in Parsons, and he told us when the decision was made to close it. So.. that must have been a while back. Anyway, it’s been in the news this week as the closing of an icon of a passing era.

      Kinda like the punchcards you were talking about.

      I miss Steven too, and wondered how his family has been doing this holiday season. I hope they made it through ok. It had to be hard on them. He was, and still is, so special to all of us.

      I dont know either what to do to re-energize the blog. I can barely write my own columns anymore. I think the state of the world, and particularly this country, is so awful that it makes it hard to write about. I keep thinking if I could stop being so angry I could write more, but then… what’s not to be angry about? 🙂

      Where is Paula? She used to post interesting stuff, and the other woman, uh, what’s her name? She lived with her mom, I think, and was wanting to move out. She wrote some really funny stuff that I enjoyed, but I cant think of her nic. See how anger makes me forgetful?

      I know I should be happier than I am about DADT being overturned, but there have been so many disappointments along the way, it seems like it isnt true, and something will come along to bring it back. I dread the next session of Congress, and worry waaaay to much than is healthy about what will happen to Social Security and Medicare.

      And given Brownback’s cabinet appointments, and the leadership votes in Topeka, I’m filled with dread about how much damage is going to done to our already trashed state. Now that the wingnuts have all the levers of power, who knows what nefarious things they will do.

      …and there seems to be no hope in sight for western Kansas. We continue our merry slide toward economic and social oblivion. Laughing all the way, ho, ho, ho! The drought is killing the wheat, and the price is headed toward the records set three years ago. Of course, since we have no wheat to sell, the prices are skyrocketing. Speculation, just like with the price of gas. It sure isnt the intrinsic value.

      Well, that’s all the downer news I have today. I wish I could say something like “things will be better this year.” But I’d be lying through my teeth if I did.

    • I wish I could be right there and hug you!

      Yes, there is much to be sad and angry about. I refuse! I have had to take one step at a time recently, concentrate hard and find the best in what is.

      One more Arlo Guthrie quote:

      “You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in.”

  10. Dow Gains for Second Year in a Row

    It was a mellow end to a tumultuous but positive year for the stock market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose slightly, by .07 percent, to end 11 percent higher than at the beginning of 2010. Had it closed just a little bit higher, it would have ended 2010 at the highest point since August 2008. Caterpillar was the Dow’s best performer; Hewlett-Packard its worst. The Nasdaq Composite fell .38 percent—though it, too, increased this year, by 17 percent. The Standard & Poor’s 500 declined .02 percent Friday, but finished 13 percent higher for the year. The day marks the end of a rollercoaster year, which saw the “flash crash” and the bailouts of Greece and Ireland. Lawrence Creatura, manager of the Federated Clover Small Value Fund, compared it to a long road trip: “It wasn’t always comfortable, but the destination was worth it.”