Sunday, 12/26/10, Public Square

Originally, Boxing Day – the first weekday after Christmas Day – was observed as a holiday “on which postmen, errand boys, and servants of various kinds received a Christmas box of contributions from those whom they serve” – Charles Dickens

Boxing Day began in England, in the middle of the nineteenth century, under Queen Victoria. Boxing Day, was a way for the upper class to give gifts of cash, or other goods, to those of the lower classes.

Boxing Day is celebrated in Great Britain and in most areas settled by the English (the U.S. is the major exception), including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


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3 responses to “Sunday, 12/26/10, Public Square

  1. tosmarttobegop

    More talk this morning of needing to cut spending and the top of the list of possible cuts is entitlements.
    I relate it to everyday peoples life’s when they are in a financial hole.

    When the subject is brought up, the first thing many would say to that person is stop smoking or disconnect the cable! Something that adds to the livability of everyday life in the sense it is a bit of normality.
    But the entitlements are also one of those thought of when wanting to find a cut to be had.

    It like those personal cuts are about that sense of normality, of course the idea of stop smoking could extend one’s life. And cable in and of itself is not a meaning of substance and you will continue to breath and have your bodily functions.

    But entitlements do actually have an effect on bodily functions and continuing to be a live.
    Also the standard of living, of being a live and worth having that life.

    But the Government is acting like that smoker or the cable viewer, there are things and ways to cut spending without it having an effect on “standard of living” the value of having a life.
    But are reluctant as best and refusing at worst to actually look at the cuts that they could make.
    Their own personal vices and indulgences, Government programs and operations that are wasteful and being funded.

    Yesterday I made the joke about the oldest living woman being asked what she thought of that?
    “ I gave up smoking and drinking, ate only healthy and bland foods and slept while all my family and friends would go out and have a good time……. I think it is punishment for not living life!”.

  2. wicked

    Happy day-after-Christmas to my PP&P friends! I spent most of yesterday cooking for 14 of us–remind me never to do that again–then carted the food to my daughter’s, three blocks away, and enjoyed Christmas dinner with the family. I’m still tired. LOL

    Hope everyone’s holiday was great!