Wednesday, 12/22/10, Public Square

As a result of the 2010 census a total of 12 seats in the U.S. Congress shifted, affecting 18 states.

The total population of the United States rose 9.7 percent to 308,745,538 from 281,421,906 in 2000. The Northeast grew by only 3.2 percent, and the Midwest grew 3.9 percent. Meanwhile, the South grew by more than 14 percent and the West grew by 13.8 percent.

Texas grew by more than 20 percent to 25 million people, while Florida surged 17.6 percent to 18.8 million. Other states with more than 15 percent growth included Arizona (24.6), Colorado (16.9), Florida (17.6), Georgia (18.3), Idaho (21.1), Nevada (35.1), North Carolina (18.5), and South Carolina (15.3).

The only state to lose population was Michigan, which dropped 0.6 percent. Rhode Island grew just 0.4 percent.


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  1. I’m pausing to remember the 111th Congress who were prolific in passing legislation. Soon we’ll move to the 112th and they’ll spin their wheels trying to undo everything the 111th accomplished, spending great gobs of time and resources doing absolutely nothing. Oh to be sure there will be investigations — costly and unfruitful — and there will be posturing and bills introduced that will die. Maybe they’ll manage to move our country back a few years, but I doubt they manage even that. We’ll just be back a few years because we’ll lose those years when we could have moved forward.

  2. Since the 2010 census favors the Republican Party maybe we have a period of time to look forward to do-nothings in Washington.

    We should plan to ask each day about reducing the debt, balancing the budget, keeping taxes low (lowest they’ve been for over 50 years!), and creating jobs. They won’t be able to do any of that either, but we should remind them daily of what they promised.


    An interactive map with all kinds of figures from the 2010 census.

  4. Sarah Palin has been named Misinformer Of The Year

  5. Freebird1971

    These men make me proud to be an American

    • tosmarttobegop

      When ever J.J makes his posts, those are the people I think of.
      Not some numbers, not a political point those faces and names.

      The reality of the ones lost, while at Ft, Bragg I went to the museum of the 82nd.
      There is a wall with the names of every member of the 82nd Air borne who has been KIA since the formation.

      The street on the base are named of all the battles that they have been a part of.
      In a country that has long ago forgotten them and their efforts.
      There everyday they are remembers and honored.

      Cold stone with cuts and engravings that hold for such a brief moment their sacrifices and the lost of them to the rest. I sometimes wonder if before any decision to declare war or send troops into harms way.
      If the time was took to read each and every name of those KIA since the beginning if afterwards the decision would still be made to send more on a lark or for a Political point to be made?

      They go without question, leaving all they know for a cause they dare not think about.
      If they would there would be no one boarding a plane or getting off one.
      Their duty is more important to them then their own life’s.

  6. Freebird1971

    Sorry but I believe a government that governs least governs best. Until the ass holes in congress put aside their partisan crap and start doing what is right for this country instead of what is right for their party I would just as soon they do nothing.
    I also think that serving in Congress should be a privilege and not a well paying job. Congress should have their salaries severely cut along with their perks.

    • I totally agree that when they don’t earn their pay they shouldn’t be given that plus perks that last for a lifetime. I’ll never agree that doing nothing should earn a salary.

  7. Thunderchild

    I do not believe that Steven would be ok with the postings of “Freebird”

    I don’t believe that Steven would approve “Freebird” posting here.

  8. Zippy

    I agree that Will’s friend, “Freebird,” is an immature asshole. I don’t like him, and if I come back to Wichita when a relative is not seriously ill, I will relish telling him to his face, in any location. For that matter, if he wants an email exchange, I will invite him to Tucson, not to beat him up or some such, but to express to him how much of a child he has been in that other forum.

    The crap you’ve spewn over there notwithstanding (Jesus, dude, not everyone with a viperish, logically indefensible perspective is James!), you’re better than him.

    But your constant accusations over there of someone = someone gives him undeserved credence.

    But I think Fnord knows what’s she’s doing. IToldYouSo has a brain, despite a conservative perspective, and we would all do well to listen to thinking people.

    And that’s that idea.

    (Sorry, Will, I have no respect for your “friend,” but he is welcome to respond, and I will listen).

    • Freebird1971

      Hope you feel better

      I agree that Will’s friend, “Freebird,” is an immature asshole

      Wow that is mature

    • WSClark

      You don’t need to put quotes around friend. Freebird is indeed my friend. Everyone is different and everyone is entitled to their own opinion – as Fnord frequently says, no one’s opinion has any greater value than that of anyone else.

      That having been said, there will be no debate as to who may and who may not post here. It is quite simple – if you follow the rules, you are most welcome here.

      If that is not acceptable to some here – they have the option of petitioning the group as a whole and having me replaced as co-administrator. I serve by the consensus of those that post here.

  9. Zippy

    Who the hell is Hugh Jidette?

    Since I’ve been ranting about the deficit since Reagan tripled it, I’ve been getting emails from the guy. He seems to be some heir to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, but I’m not getting enough details to trust him, or them.


    • Freebird1971

      This is at the bottom of his home page

      Hugh Jidette isn’t real.
      Our national debt is.
      To learn more, visit

      A project of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation

      From reading some of the stuff on his site I think the name Hugh Jidette is a play on huge debt

  10. Snoring Dog Studio

    In my experience, none of the people who whine about “too much government” ever defend that statement adequately. How much government do they want? A smidgen? A dollop? A tad? It’s the least useful argument for doing away with government. And, the whiners seem to conveniently forget how much they benefit from government. I don’t think the problem is the “government” at all – it’s who we allow to govern.

  11. I wonder how the GOP would react if they were ever able to sponsor and pass legislation that helps Americans when they were in the majority? I’ll bet they wouldn’t be using the tired old line about “too much government” if they were able to achieve legislative success. We’re not quite four years past a six year stretch when the GOP had the majority in both houses and the presidency and it’s not difficult to remember that time period.

    I’ve never had an answer to what legislation was passed by Republican majorities that benefited the most people or makes you feel the most pride in their accomplishments.