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  1. itolduso

    Just a thanks to whomever suggested that I begin listening to NPR radio again, after many years. WHile I may or may not always agree with the viewpoint, I do enjoy listening. However, on a far more serious, and grateful note, I learned something the other day that may or may not (hasn;t been determined just yet) be very important for an acquaintance of mine. Pregnant, her unborn child appears to have hyperplastic left heart syndrome. Her doctors are talking about surgery after birth. However, and I don;t know how useful for her in her circumstances, there have been some breakthru’s in prebirth surgery for just this syndrome. I Heard it on NPR just the other night, and have passed it along. Many thanks to all, including NPR

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      I hope all goes well for your acquaintance and the information you passed along proves beneficial.

    • wicked

      I’m so glad you found something that might help your friend and her unborn child. New technologies are discovered/created every day. I’ll keep them in my thoughts and ‘prayers’ that all goes well.

      I learned to enjoy jazz while listening to NPR, thanks to KMUW’s evening jazz program. Hey, I’m amazed!

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Yeah broadening out is useful, I brought up newly elected Allen West saying that the media should be censored. Was called on it and asked for a link, found it on thinkprogress and linked to it.
    The first time I had been on that site too!

    Could not help but put a dig in, with “ I guess fox news missed that one!”

    Maybe that is the way to find facts and what is really going on.
    Watch MSNBC to find out about the Conservatives and Fox to find out about the Liberals?

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Yes that time of pregnancy is a worry, I have two daughter-in-laws who are pregnant and when they go to the ER or the Doctor is causes a minor panic. One has a troubled history with pregnancy and the other it is their first.

    But every time they end up going it bring so many thoughts of what could be wrong?

    Amazing that before the invention of ERs, women would work in the fields all day and in fact some would when the time came would go to the edge of the field give birth and go back to work.
    Of course at the same time infant mortality rate was so high that only one out of every four pregnancies would bare a live birth.

    • indypendent

      One my of best friends is a devout Cathlolic, pro-life with no exceptions, dyed-in-the-wool Republican, a devoted Tea Party supporter and an even more devoted loyal listener to Fox News.

      She is also married to a man who is – as she herself as described him to me – a KNOW-IT-ALL who is not much liked by anyone.

      And her husband NEVER misses watching Fox News.

  4. As the study Moonshadow shared proves, these assholes don’t have any worry their constituency will realize they are stupid hypocrites since the only news they listen to or believe is on Fox.

    GOP Senators Oppose Own Earmarks

    Behold the hypocrisy: Several Republican senators are now opposing the omnibus spending bill because they say it has too many earmarks—including their own. Senate Minority Mitch McConnell, for example, says he is “actively working to defeat” the bill, even though he has larded it with over $5 million in earmarks for Kentucky. Senators John Kyl and John Thune are also railing against the bill despite inserting earmarks for their state. If the Senate fails to pass a bill, the federal government will shut down; Republicans who are opposing it are urging the passage of a short-term funding measure.

    • indypendent

      I watched John Cornyn, Republican from Texas, trying to wiggle out of supporting his earmark for $16 million while the Fox News anchor guy Bill Hemmer (sp?) was trying to ask him about the apparent hypocrisy.

      It seems Mr. Cornyn put that $16 million earmark request in the bill at the beginning of the year and he can defend it but chooses not to do so because we need to fix this problem.

      Why can’t he just tell everybody to take out his $16 million earmark request? Wouldn’t that be the principled thing to do?

  5. indypendent

    Now this is an intereresting survey. It seems President Obama is seen as all that terrible when compared to the Party of No leaders.

    One very interesting approval rating was high Obama is rated when it comes to his strong family values.

    Kinda blows the elephant’s Party of Family values thing right out of the water , huh?
    Now that’s funny.

  6. indypendent

    Finally, Kansas made the national news and for something rather amusing. More power to this old woman.

    What a refreshing change of news and has nothing to do with the Phelps gang, anti-evolution school board members or abortion protesters or some man charged with having sex with his dog (and that was not the first time he had been charged.)

    Kansas – is a fun place – isn’t it?

  7. indypendent

    Oh – oh, looks like there will be more future national news made from Wichita Kansas. Just read this article and then hold on to your hats, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    It would be a long story if I listed all the details and oh I so want to tell the entire story of that night!
    But it is like the old woman in Hutch, but it was an old man who used a cane.

    The man had been walking down the street when two young men assaulted him demanding money.
    The old man then took his cane and defend himself beating the two young men to the ground.
    The old man was arrested by the Police and brought to jail a night I was working down in booking.
    The young men went to the hospital and here is why the old man was arrested!

    The police got there and learned of the details and do not think the old man did wrong.
    Problem was the old man stopped hitting the young men but then started in again beating the men on the ground and refused to stop.

    Behind the scenes? Every jailer took pride in shaking the old man’s hand!