Saturday, 12/11/10, Public Square


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  1. I think Pooh Bear would describe this morning as blustery, even without rain.

    • wicked

      I don’t even have to click on it to hear it. I can sing it, all by myself. We sang that in high school, many, many times. Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, you name it. In fact, it was running through my mind the other day.

    • The Robinson Middle School vocal Christmas concert invited the audience to join them in singing this last week, and thinking about the words. I thought we could all stand a reminder. 😉

  2. Some dominoes, a lot of patience…

  3. indypendent

    One stroll through any blog or WE Opinion Line will no doubt have some Republican claiming ‘wealth envy’ when anyone dares to question why the wealthy deserves their tax cuts to be continued.

    But I’d like to take a survey and find out how many of these top 2% wealthy Americans used some form of government assistance in either tax breaks or business subsidies to make their wealth?

    I guess that evil government is okay if they are handing out checks in their name.

    I think every day for the next two years -everyone should just chant – WHERE ARE THE JOBS Mr. Boehner and Mr McConnell. And I mean every day – yell it in their faces and all those who support the GOP.

    This party was the one that promised they would create jobs from those tax cuts to the wealthy being continued – so let’s see it work.

    I’ll not be holding my breath…

    • Zippy

      The whole problem with plutocracy isn’t just that it’s gaming the system. It produces destruction of entire societies and infrastructure in its wake.

      It’s lot a spoiled toddler rolling around in his own poop, because, by God, no one’s gonna tell him what to do! Exactly like that, actually.

      The presumption is that the others in the society will pay for their stupidity–either through currency or work–to maintain their expected level of laziness.

      This has happened repeatedly through history, from ancient Rome to post-Revolutionary-war England, to the aftermath of the excessive Gilded Age and the Roaring Twenties.

      July 6, 1889, Wednesday

      Mr. THOMAS G. SHEARMAN, in delivering an address on “Taxation” at Portland, Oregon, recently, declared that it could be demonstrated by statistics which are undisputed that 100,000 persons are possessed of incomes which enable them to save about three-fifths of all the wealth that is annually saved in this country.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    The problem is they see no conflict in using those Government benefits. It is only smart business to use any advantage there is.

    • indypendent

      And they fail to see the irony that it is those less than wealthy American taxpayers who are helping them to become wealthier?

      That’s my problem with the entire situation.

      It’s like the whole labor and management debate . the truth is – both sides need each other.

      Without the taxpayers – there would be no tax breaks or subsidies for the wealthy to take – would there?

  5. indypendent

    I have no problem with the wealthy doing whatever they want with their own money. But when it is the taxpayers’ money – then I do feel the taxpayers should have a say in how that money is handled.

    Remember when Obama made the statement that no Wall Street CEO should be buying a new jet when they have their hand out for the taxpayer bailout?

    Somehow that got twisted into Obama saying that nobody should buy a new jet.

    Not buying a new jet with your own money is entirely different than getting taxpayer money to bail out you and then you buy a new jet.

    But try to get that through a Foxbot’s head. It just ain’t going in……