Sunday, 12/5/10, Public Square


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  1. wicked

    I recognized Bing, even in the little thumbnail in my email. David Bowie? Not so much. (sigh) Is that a sign that I’m really, really old?

    • tosmarttobegop

      Want to feel old try talking to some kid about the Beatles!
      The first time and I got a dumbfounded look I thought I was so old!

    • wicked

      tstb, it wouldn’t happen with my offspring. They were brought up on Beatles, Beach Boys and all the rest of the ’60s groups and bands. Not that they’ll admit it to anyone, but they know the music and those who made it. I even took the two oldest to a Beach Boys concert. #3 was less than a year old, so I left her with her grandmother. #4 wasn’t born yet. đŸ™‚

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Plus Bowies went through so many changes kind of make you wonder if he recognized himself at times?

  3. indypendent

    fnord brought up the issue of fresh water being a resource we take for granted. Just read this article and it will certainly make you think.

    I watched this Jessse Ventura show and I remember him even stating the Bush family is also in on this because alledgedly they have bought land in Paraguay (sp?) that sits on one of the largest water aquifers.

    Now to be fair – alot of these conspiracy theories are so out of control that I don’t know if I believe them or not.

    But maybe conspiracy theories are like gossip – there is always just a little kernel of truth in there and it is up to the listener to determine what is the truth and what is not?

    I have tried to research whether the Bush family did purchase this land but I have not found anything yet about it.

  4. wicked

    Jessie Ventura IS a conspiracy theory. Bit of a whack job, I’d say.

    • indypendent

      That is why I posted this article. Conspiracy theories are popular because they do tend to gravitate towards the bizarre.

      That is why I even tried to do some research into the allegation about the Bush family.

      Jesse Ventura did have T Boone Pickens on the same show and he did state that the water would be the next resource boom – kinda like the oil boom.

      But you know, nothing would surprise me anymore when it comes to people being greedy and their quest for world domination – in one form or another.