Saturday, 12/4/10, Public Square


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  1. He says it all. Why anyone would vote Republican in today’s world is a mystery to me.

    • wicked

      Bernie has a way of nailing it every time, no matter what “it” is. If we only had more like him and Grayson, this country would not be in the mess it is now.

      There are wealthy billionaires in this country who are not concerned with the expiration of the tax cuts for the wealthy. In fact, they welcome them. Some even pay what they would owe without those cuts. Some people actually care about the state of the economy and realize that they have the power to do something about it, they have the power to make sure ordinary people are able to live halfway decent lives. Too bad the greedy–whose wealth will not provide them with ice water in hell–tend to outnumber them.

      Too bad no one will listen to Bernie.

  2. indypendent

    I want to see Sarah Palin run for president and give Republicans a full-blown war within their ranks.

    Maybe she will win and then we’ll see if she quits halfway through her first term – like she did her governor’s job

    I’ve said this before, we will get the kind of government we deserve if we continue to sit around and fuss and fight about the things that don’t really matter. Tit-for-tat politics accomplishes nothing – as I have shown on this blog.

    Corporations have taken over our politics and government. You can see that in the Republicans’ view of giving everything to the wealthiest in our society.

    But then Democrats are so unorganized as a group, they do little to nothing but clean up after the elephants. And even then, they are not given credit for that.

    Republicans call the Democrats godless and that reputation has stuck. Republicans claim to be the Party of God and the one with the family values – but as we have all seen – they are also the ones with the most sex scandals and the right-wingers are arrogantly rewriting the Bible. But their reputation of being the Party of God still holds true. Why?

    And once anyone labels their political enemy as ‘godless’, all reasonable discussion is out the window. After all, how can one fight when they are labeled as a Jesus hater?

  3. indypendent

    As far as Fox News – I don’t think they are racists – unless you include the color of money.

    After all, Fox News and Republicans only care about money – they don’t care what color skin a rich person has, as long as their money is that lovely color of gold or green.

    Haven’t you found it rather telling that so many of the Fox News talk entertainers are selling those gold bars?

    • Racist isn’t the all encompassing word that I would use — I definitely believe there are people who think of themselves as being superior to others — different skin color is only one category of many that would include how much money a person does or doesn’t have, what religion they profess, sexuality, and social status. I see many Republicans support an exclusive club that worships the rich, white, powerful. They keep secrets about sexuality and morality they find distasteful because the white and rich trumps all the other ‘qualities.’

      How else would you explain an entire political party that is so against helping those who need help while funneling more and more to those who have so much? How do you explain people who think there are some humans who don’t deserve help? How do you explain people who think the poor are poor by choice or lack of initiative? How do you explain people who can see virtue in spending more money on the wealthy while cutting benefits for those who aren’t?

    • wicked

      Bigotry at its best, fnord, that’s what it is.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Something that is not being addressed, Why if the tax cuts were so good and beneficial were they not made perpetually?

    Why were they sun set for ten years?

    The answer to both is that they are 100 percent Deficit spending!
    And would bankrupt the United States, if made persistent a open hole which the country pours money into forever.

    Interviews with some of President G. W. Bush advisers admit it was a trap set for the future President.
    Expiring after Bush would be out of office, it would then be up to the next administration to work it out.
    Though it was not intended to be against Obama in particular it just happened it was Obama and the Democratic congress to face.

    This works out well they said for the Republicans because it will fall on the Democrats to do the right thing and end them. So now the Republicans can claim that it was the Democrats who wanted to raise the taxes.

    Now of course there is a problem with that, since the Republicans are now fighting to continue the tax cuts.
    And the unwitting Democrats are pretty much forced to continue them due to Political pressures.

  5. …And would bankrupt the United States.

    Ahem. Would? How about did? Add allowing bankers and wall street to make up their own money-making products that should have been illegal to funding two wars “off the books” to the bush tax cuts and you end up exactly where we were when bush left office.

    Are we somewhat better today? Yes, but we’re not out of the woods by a long shot. We may have the worst in front of us still. If enough Republicans get elected I see no way we can actually get better. At least some have admitted we have a problem! They say that’s the necessary first step.

    • wicked

      Imagine what would’ve happened had TARP not been put into effect. Think the Great Depression was bad? The entire world is affected by the overall economy of the U.S.. That’s the way our government and the big wigs wanted it. Now they have it, and they can’t take care of it. I guess their mommas never taught them that there are responsibilities for EVERYTHING. Those big banks and Wall Street knew they were cheating and would someday get caught. They hoped being caught would only get them a slap on the hand. And way too many in congress were aware of what was going on. Yet nothing was done. We, the People, bailed their sorry assets out, and our representatives STILL FAILED TO PUT IN THE MEASURES NEEDED TO KEEP IT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN. (deep breath) I wonder how large the kickbacks were for that?

      Do you know that song that goes, “This is my-y-y-y-y country…”? Well, it ain’t. 😉 Not anymore.

      And, yes, as PP says, Jesus wept, although I doubt he is. He’s probably shaking his head and thinking we deserve everything we get…or don’t get.

      There is so much that’s wrong, I just don’t see how it can be fixed. (I’m having that kind of day. 😦 )

  6. tosmarttobegop

    I am not so sure anymore Fnord things were beginning to look up.
    But the gains are slipping away I fear, the employment outlook is down again.

    The company my wife works for was coming back and growing more stable.
    But now there have been more lay-offs and cutting back on hours.
    All at Christmas time, hee taxes due at Christmas, losing jobs at Christmas, can’t pay mortgage payment at Christmas.

    What is the saying “Merry F’ing Christmas!”

    “Endeavor to Persevere… Then we declared war on the Union!”