Tuesday, 11/30/10, Public Square

Has anyone seen the year of 2010?  I can’t figure out where it might have gone!


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  1. Good morning!

    The last of the company left early this morning. It has been a week full of cooking, entertaining, washing towels and sheets, and great fun and conversation! I have some catching up to do. Once I get caught up I suppose I should begin making things look like Christmas. Where did this year go?

    I would appreciate some kind thoughts. Early this afternoon I take my Mother to a specialist after an MRI that her doctor ordered to find out why she was in such pain and now feels the results “are of some concern.”

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      Best thoughts to your mother and you this afternoon. I am too aware of the stress generated by the “of some concern” remark following an MRI, and wish you and she not be required to deal with the same.

    • Yes, those words got my attention, then there was the speed accomplished in setting the appointment with the specialist. The MRI was done just more than a week ago, there was a holiday involved… Appreciate the good vibes!

    • Next step biopsy. We’re on the way to getting some answers.

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      Positive thoughts being sent your way and your mother’s way, fnord. Thanks for the update.

  2. indypendent

    Seems Bill O’Reilly wants to see an execution or at least life in prison for the Wiki leakers. Seems he thinks these folks were traitors.

    What do you call a Republican president that gave weapons to our enemy Iran? ——Ronald Reagan.
    Isnt’ giving weapons to our enemy being a traitor? Just asking…

    What about those folks who outed Valerie Plame? Where were these lacy-pantied Republicans when that happened? Oh yeah, they were defending those folks (who might also be called traitors).


  3. indypendent

    And then we have Palin stirring the pot about these Wiki leaks and blaming Obama personally for all these leaks.


    Hey, if you don’t want any conversation with any foreign player to be made public, then don’t write it down!!!!!

    • indypendent

      I find it rather ironic that alot of those Wikileaks are about the players during the Bush years. maybe this is the only way the truth will ever be told?

      I don’t know yet how I feel about this Wikileaks. I distrust any foreign person (this Assange (sp?) guy is Australian) coming in and meddling in our political affairs.

      But like I stated above – why was all this written down?

      maybe our days of playing doublt-naught spy (think Jethro Bodine from Beverly Hillbillies here) should be done away with?

      maybe we need to keep our butts home and clean up our own backyard before we start on being the policeman of the entire globe? that would certainly help us cut our federal spending..

    • I don’t know for sure what I think of the wiki leaks either — swings between thinking they’re a hero who may shed light where it definitely needs to be shed, goes through some shame about how unethical our dealings and the people who conduct them are, all the way to wondering how in the world can anything be secure?

    • indypendent

      I’m with you fnord – I am torn.

      If we are told that truth is an honorable thing, then why all the fuss? Maybe we need to stop all this nonsense we’ve seen through these leaked cables and start acting like mature adults?

      And we definitely need to stop coddling foreign countries that are obviously playing both sides of the fence (but couldn’t we be accused of doing the same thing with some of the things we’ve done?).

      If nothing else – these Wikileak cables have shown what a screwed-up global political situation we are currently involved with.

    • itolduso

      wikileaks is not being helpful. There are many, many times when delicate dealings with or between government should not be disclosed, at least until many, many years after. Just My opinion. As far as I am concerned, any media publishing classified material should be dealth with appropriately. What appropriately is, I have no idea.

      Just MHO

  4. indypendent

    Very interesting article here about someone not so mesmerized by Sarah Palin. Scarborough was rumored to be considering a run as vice president with Michael Bloomberg as independents. Could this be Scarborough’s toe dip into the political pool to see which way the waves are flowing?


    • The idiots of the world deserve Sarah Palin. Sadly, the rest of us don’t and shouldn’t be subjected to the whims of those incapable of rational thoughts. When I think of her I am forced to acknowledge America seems to have many who fall in that category! I don’t understand the lack of mentality and level of insanity she and her followers fall into, but they are dangerous and we should all be cautious.

  5. When one of the “Quotes of the Day” on my iGoogle page makes me smile or strikes a chord, I share it. Today this one made me smile:

    Is sloppiness in speech caused by ignorance or apathy? I don’t know and I don’t care. — William Safire

  6. fragotwofortwo

    “wikileaks is not being helpful. There are many, many times when delicate dealings with or between government should not be disclosed, at least until many, many years after.”

    Disagree. People in power are no different from anyone else. They should not be allowed to operate in the dark. Petty alliances and power politics for the benefit of a special interest groups are total bs. It’s about time a bit of policy blowback comes from the little people on planet earth.

    ps hope all had a great thanksgiving

    • itolduso


      Certainly within your right.

      “People in power are no different from anyone else. They should not be allowed to operate in the dark.”

      So please describe all private conversations you have had to the public.
      You should not be allowed to operate in the dark. You are no different than people in power.

      The above said mostly in jest. Of course there are always times for private, not to be disclosed, conversations. WHether or not it is between human friends and business partners, or governmental friends and partners.

  7. itolduso

    By the way, “special interest groups” are those groups that we disagree with, for the most part. At least in my opinion.

    • fragotwofortwo

      ” So please describe all private conversations you have had to the public.
      You should not be allowed to operate in the dark. You are no different than people in power.”

      By all means tap my phone, follow me around like the celebrity paparazzi. See how many countries I invade. Check my email for all the government officials I bribe with campaign funds. Hey check out the websites I visit. You can read about my politics on this public forum. Anything else you need to know about me please ask.

      “By the way, “special interest groups” are those groups that we disagree with, for the most part.”

      Who is this “we” I am supposed to disagree with. Oh I forgot “we” have always been at war with Oceania

  8. tosmarttobegop

    To be refer to as a “special interest group” is to imply that they are outside the norm.
    The people who would be thought of as special interest think they are within the norm.
    Since to them their thoughts seem the most logical and reasonable to have.

    My wife texted me yesterday and asked in all my internet Political crap did I know a guy by the name of ^^^^^? The name sounded familiar but I could not place him.
    It seems his ex-wife works where my wife works.

    So I looked up his web site, he is an extreme anti government person.
    He post videos to youtube and has a daily internet radio show.

    A common theme in most of what he said was that he was seeing things that most people did not know or could not see for themselves. Yeah like Glen Beck kind of stuff, but he thinks he is the common man and normal in his thinking.

  9. itolduso

    To be refer to as a “special interest group” is to imply that they are outside the norm.
    The people who would be thought of as special interest think they are within the norm.
    Since to them their thoughts seem the most logical and reasonable to have

    What I see is this:
    If you are not a member of the NRA, it is a special interest group, if you are, it is an advocate for your rights,
    If you are not a member of the chamber of commerice, it is a special interest group, if you are,it is an advocate for you
    If you are not a member of the Gay and Lesbian Task Force, it is a special interest group, if yo are, it is an advocate for your rights

    and the list goes on and on and on. Politicians, commentators, bloggers, and etc, (from both sides) , use the word to disparage those groups with whom they disagree. I put no stock in the word whatso ever.

  10. itolduso

    “Anything else you need to know about me please ask.”

    FUll name
    Phone number
    Social security number

  11. itolduso

    fnord, please delete this post. I have no idea what happened. It is a mess

  12. tosmarttobegop

    Operating with anonymity or in the darkness is empowering allowing for those to not have normal restrains and/or punishments. I posed this question before, “What would you do if there was no punishments or repercussions?

    It was the primus of a story I wrote about a woman who by taking a morning after pill could wipe out everything she did the day before.

    Its an old saying, “he would controls the news controls the world” Information for basing opinion on.

    The news of what is happening to either support or denounce something.

  13. fragotwofortwo

    Full name
    Glen Beck- no relation to the fellow who cries about his country being lost for 30 million a year
    600 block N West Street

    height 6′-0″
    weight 205
    shoe size 11
    I would like a new plasma TV for the annual winter consumerist celebration
    Anything else?

    • itolduso

      Well Glen,

      Thank you for the information.
      However, I must advise you that is not good personal security to publish everything on the internet. Something I hope you don;t learn the hard way

  14. itolduso

    “By all means tap my phone, follow me around like the celebrity paparazzi. See how many countries I invade. Check my email for all the government officials I bribe with campaign funds. Hey check out the websites I visit”

    Must be a BIG fan of the Patriot Act

  15. tosmarttobegop

    Pretty much that is what I was saying that belonging to a group implies that you think it is needed and the right thing. The normal way to think and the correct opinion to have even though it might not be a majority opinion or correctly informed goal.

    I recently got a call from the NRA after listening for a few minutes I told the caller that what they was saying is not fact based and is spreading a unwarranted fear. Years ago I would have been saying Hell yeah that is true!

    But the price of paying attention is that you see more of the deceptions then the truth.
    It can make you feel like the odd man out and you are the one who is the special interest.

  16. fragotwofortwo

    Must be a BIG fan of the Patriot Act

    all I need is an IP address

  17. tosmarttobegop

    Great it is being brought out that the leakier is Gay, with what seems a natural tenancy to want and accept the simplest answers. This will be ammo for both side of the issue of DADT, rather then the idea that this soldier saw things he thought were not right and his decision to disclose was a moral and thought out solution.

    He was motivated by being Gay!

    Against DADT? Well he was forced to act because of his heavy burden of having to conceal his true being!
    That because of the harsh treatment he received being a Gay in the military his mind snapped and he did what seemed the way to fight back!

    For DADT” This proves that we can not trust anyone who is Gay and they will betray the country on a whim. Being Gay is a threat to National security and is a lack of moral guidance!

    Much like Porn drives men to rape women, a simple answer to a complicated issue.
    So much easier to accept then to think it out.

    • fragotwofortwo

      Hey let’s build a profile for the young private.
      Here are the rules
      only use internet sources
      slant it to fit an agenda
      cite your sources

  18. fragotwofortwo

    oh this is good. this the guy that turned in the private


  19. fragotwofortwo

    building the narrative


    n May, 22-year-old US Army Private First Class Bradley Manning contacted Lamo over IM, apparently out of the blue. Manning was looking for someone to confide in. According to Lamo, Manning went on to tell him that he leaked the Apache video, and that he’d also leaked 260,000 diplomatic cables. Lamo decided to turn him in, and then told the story to Kevin Poulsen of Wired. Wired reported on Manning’s arrest and Lamo’s involvement.

  20. fragotwofortwo



    Logs between Nadmin and Lamo’s wife Laura, and Nadim and Lamo, as sent to WikiLeaks by Nadim

    Following Adrian Lamo’s recent exposure of Bradley Manning, I reveal chat logs with Lauren Lamo (Adrian Lamo’s wife), incriminating him in many ways.
    These chat logs are dated. They are related to the recent Wired exclusive interview with Lamo, which, as you’ll soon find out, was complete bullshit:

    APRIL 23 2010

    Nadim: I now have the capacity to leak Hackers Wanted
    Nadim: Letting you down on that front in the past’s left a mark in my memory
    Nadim: I haven’t forgotten =)
    Adrian: Why do you put up with me>? I´m often a jerk, arrogant, totally sure of my theories, and willing to crash and burn to make a point.
    Adrian: Make no mistake, you;re one of roughly fie people I trust.

  21. fragotwofortwo

    So in conclusion. The young private depressed about his gayness is seeking revenge against society. He sends several million documents to wikileaks. Then feeling further depressed contacts a high profile FBI informant who then turns him in.
    The high profile FBI informant is then committed a California mental institution. Hmmmm

    • fragotwofortwo

      sounds like a X-files episode

    • indypendent

      I would like to know how did this private get access to all these documents?

      do we really think one lowly private had that much access to all this crap?

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      Yes, indy, it is quite conceivable to me. Especially in the “all volunteer force”, where, I suspect, there are tasks which formerly were assigned to NCOs that, by virtue of manpower shortages and the like, are now handled by bright lower-ranking enlisted.

  22. indypendent

    so now it is determined the leakier was gay. Well, that does it, by God. Now there are two reasons to execute the guy (very heavy sarcasm/)

    Rather than learning from this Wikileaks fiasco, let’s just color the leaker with a big rainbow and keep on doing what we’ve been doing for years – whatever the hell we want. is that the drill?

    This is so true to character of most Americans – they want to keep the fairy tale going of everybody is Christian, everybody is married to their high school sweetheart and they have 2.5 children – all well behaved.

    But all will be fine as long as we don’t let the truth get out – is that drill?

    Sounds like a bunch of churchy people who live like the devil during the week but sit in the front pew, prays a beautiful prayer and sings all the appropriate hymns.

    In other words – their entire life is nothing but a farce. But look at it this way – nobody knows the truth so we are fine . Yea!

    Life is messy and sometimes we need to learn from what has been done. Even if that looking in the mirror pains us all very much.

    I would like to know the motivation of the Wikileaks Assange (sp?). What does he get out of all this?

    I just read where the next releasing of Wikileaks will be about a mega bank. It is rumored to be Bank of America. This could get real ugly really fast.

    • fragotwofortwo

      I can’t wait for the bank to be exposed.

      With the army private, feels like a few spy agencies need a scapegoat. Lots of big budgets and political turf to protect there. You could call them a special interest group. You know career bureaucrats. Good to know these folks are on the job.

      Well Glen Beck out

  23. indypendent

    Another side of Joe Scarborough that might mean something in the future?


  24. indypendent

    6716 – I never thought about the scenario that you painted in a private gaining access – but I can see that happening.

    I heard Daniel Ellsberg – of the infamous Pentagon Papers released in 1971 – on the MSNBC Andrea Mitchell’s show today. He stated that most of these wikileaks we are currently talking about – nicknames for foreign leaders, etc – are seen as nothing more than the gossip rag in the foreign relations business.

    But there are some documents released that are particularly embarrassing and potentially dangerous regarding Iraq and Afghanistan war strategy. But he was of the opinion that we need to change our strategy about Afghanistan.

    But I still have not heard what the motivation of Wikileaks Assange is in doing all this? Just to make the US look bad or the entire charade we all call foreign relations?

  25. indypendent

    I watched an old movie last week ‘Kisses for My President’ with Fred MacMurray and Polly Bergen. Does anyone else remember this movie?

    Polly Bergen was the first woman president (can you imagine that?). There was a story plot in the movie where a corrupt dictator of some foreign country was visiting the president at the White House for a renewal of their foreign aid.

    Polly Bergen turned this corrupt dictator down and told him that he was not getting any more money because he and his family were corrupt leaders in their country.

    This dictator then went to the Russians asking for double their foreign aid (you see, this dictator was playing both sides of the fence – sounds familiar to today’s global players?). The Russians had already been told by Polly Bergen that the US foreign aid was not be renewed and the reasons why. So, as a result, the Russians told this dictator no more money from their country either. Because – as the Russian ambassador said – if the US does not pay you, why should we?

    As I watched that movie play out – I wondered to myself – what would happen today if we had such an honest president that would simply say NO to all this nonsense and refused to play the game any longer?

    How many times have we befriended some foreign leader simply to be used? how many times have we been told or shown that foreign leaders are corrupt – but yet we continue to give them foreign aid?

    When will the madness stop? I realize this movie is not real life – but I did have to chuckle when Polly Bergen told this little dictator NO and she put her foot down.

    If we continue to profess the US is such a Christian nation, a nation of laws, a nation that values honor and truth – then why do we allow ourselves to be in the sewer with some of these foreign leaders who are anything but honorable themselves?

    Is it really in the name of our country’s security or is it broader than that? Is it something that the foreign country has that we want – such as oil, minerals or cheap products to buy?

    perhaps this is a good time to take a good look in the mirror at what our country has become. We are bankrupt, running on economic fumes, unemployment hovering around 10% and all we hear is partisan politics?

    If we ever needed to get together and stop playing this game we’ve been engaged in, it is now.

    • The hypocrisy is ridiculous, and equally (sometimes more) abhorrent than the deeds! Deeds can be both forgiven and forgotten better when hypocrisy isn’t involved. Kinda like when we both misbehaved and lied about it to Mom as children. We got punished worse because she wanted to make sure we understand how serious not being honest was, and just doing something wrong and fessin’ up meant we knew it shouldn’t be done, were sorry and would do better in the future.

  26. indypendent

    Yet another Repubican who wants an execution. I wonder since Bill O’Reilly and Huckabee are both on Fox News – is it something in the water that makes them love to see executions?

    Seriously – these two are simply pandering to their base. Huckabee wants to try yet again for that brass ring in 2012. And O’Reilly – well, he just likes to stir the pot.

    But they both seem to base their thirst for execution of the leaker on his/her being a traitor. Again – I ask – isn’t a president that gives weapons to our enemy a traitor? And we all know of whom I am referring.