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Shouldn’t McConnell and Boehner give up their own “socialist” health care?  Shouldn’t they be leading the pack to encourage all elected officials to give up their “socialist” health care?


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  1. wicked

    They can’t give up their paid for health care! That’s their payment for screwing US!

    • indypendent

      Their health care is just the cherry on top, the real payment is all that beautiful green money that comes into their own pockets by way of puppet masters. Then they retire and become registered lobbyists.

      But as we have all seen, Congress critters are lobbyists while in office, they just are not ‘registered lobbyists’.

      I think we should make them all wear corporate sponsor shirts like NASCAR does. At least we could tell why they are voting a certain way. But, I suspect, alot of them on both sides of the aisle will be wearing the same shirt.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    My heart sinks every time another one of those stories hits the news,
    Three boys missing and where about’s unknown….. Father who was being divorced tried to commit suicide and was the last person seen with the boys on Thanksgiving…..The search has now been called off for now?

    Several years ago on 254 a car was found with a father who had tried to slit his throat but lived.
    While his two daughter who had their throats silted did not! His explanation was that he did not want his daughters to have the pain of not having him in their lives anymore!

    • indypendent

      I heard a profiler on CBS Early Show this morning talking about this guy. She thinks his entire story is B.S. and this is his attempt at being declared mentally unstable as a possible defense.

      What she brought up was the fact that he stated he gave his kids to some woman he met online so that she could take them to their mother while he hanged himself. No one can find this woman – there is no record of any phone call to this woman or any internet connection to this woman.

      It just does not make sense and something definitely smells fishy about this story.
      Alot of parents that kill their kids make up stories to try to cover their horrible act of murdering their own kids.

      As for the reason for murdering them – as you pointed out – does not make any sense either.

      This case is sad but I fear that the outcome is not going to be a good one. I hope and pray I am wrong.

  3. indypendent

    I think the Tea Party had their chance at the midterm election and their time is soon over. Now is it time for the Tequila Party? I wonder if they do sever ties with Democrats and go independent – which way will the independents, moderates and younger voters go?

  4. indypendent

    It seems these Republicans are targeting Elizabeth Warren. All this woman has ever done is call for transparency in the financial industry.

    Just what are these Republicans so afraid of?

    • itolduso

      I haven;t been following this, but a quick search turned up this. Maybe it is not SHE whom is the target, but the method of appointment?

      Republicans are expressing their dismay over the news that President Obama has tapped Elizabeth Warren as “special adviser” to a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, arguing that naming her to the post – a move that means she won’t have to undergo a potentially lengthy and divisive Senate confirmation process – is “an affront” to transparency that subverts the guiding principles of the agency.

      Warren will be given the dual role of assistant to the President and special adviser to the Treasury secretary, which, according to a White House official , means that while for the next twelve to 18 months Warren will have oversight over the bureau’s creation, she is not likely to be nominated as its director.

      “By not allowing Ms. Warren’s nomination to be considered through the regular order of the full Senate confirmation process, the administration has circumvented one of the very few checks on a big new agency that already has been given an unprecedented concentration of regulatory powers,” said the Chamber of Commerce’s David Hirschmann, in a statement released this morning. “This maneuver is an affront to the pledge of transparency and consumer protection that’s purported to be the focus of this new agency.”

    • indypendent

      Warren was named quite awhile ago so why get their panties in a bunch now?

      Republicans like to appear they are for transparency and for the average American, but when it comes right down to it – the guy with the most dollars wins with the Republicans every time.

      And they don’t care how they get that money – by hook, crook, lying, stealing or downright cheating everyone.

  5. indypendent

    Has anyone had a chance to read the Wikileaks yet? There is so much to absorb but what I feel is a common thread is – we cannot trust anyone on the global political scene.

    I will support our involvment in a war that is based on our actual safety – but the more I read about Afghanistan and that President Karzi – is he really to be trusted?

    We need to bring all our military home from all these countries and start paying attention to our own country. It is time for the US to let the others play their little game without the help of us.

    Bush and Republicans took the country into a massive debt hole with their two wars and that Medicare Drug program. Get rid of the two wars (and don’t start any other wars) and get rid of that Medicare Drug program – and then we’ll see how the budget looks.

    I suspect the budget would look just fine. Of course, the defense contractors, private war profit contractors and those Tea Party senior won’t like it. But that’s what is needed to get our financial house back in order.

  6. indypendent

    BTW – didn’t George W. Bush fill some important jobs without going through the full process?

    Where was the outrage of your beloved Republicans then?

    they were mighty silent – lockstepping as usual to the tune of the puppet master,.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    They do object to it because they had already warned that if she or anyone is brought up for their consideration they would vote against them. It was not Warren it was anyone that is put up.

    Leaving no choice but to do a special appointment.

    • itolduso

      Couldn;t tell ya. I am not following the story. Don’t know that I agree with you, but don;t know enough to disagree about it. I have been told that Republicans are afraid of strong women who won;t back down, so that could equally be the answer as far as I am concerned

    • indypendent

      Exactly ….Republicans will always be the party of NO when it comes to any Democrat in power.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    Yeah that is what I hear is the reasons that Liberals do not like Palin too!

  9. indypendent

    With Republican leaders like these , what could possibly go wrong in the next two years?

    Delusions of grandeur is a common thread between these Republicans. But let them do their thing and hate everything Obama. I still have not seen one of their presidential candidates worth the dirt beneath Obama’s shoes. And I don’t especially think Obama is all that great.

  10. indypendent

    Maybe the Republicans with their lacy panties in a bunch over Warren is just throwing another hissy fit so the real problem of cleaning up the financial industry will – again – be kicked down the road.

  11. indypendent

    Obama should not run in 2012. Instead, he should sit on the sidelines, get himself a Facebook account and a Twitter account so he can make snide and snarky comments about all the Republicans trying to out-conservative and out-Christian one another.

    Now that would be entertainment! LMAO

  12. indypendent

    Interesting article if you’re really interested in why the Founding Fathers were so wise to keep religion and politics separate.

  13. indypendent

    Finally, I agree with Liz Cheney on one thing. But I am not of the Neo-Con mind that all those countries we don’t like – we should just drop bombs on them and feel all warm and fuzzy like we are true patriots.

    North Korea has always been a thorn in the world’s side. But is the solution to dealing with them is to turn into a mini-me of their country and have the majority of our country’s budget go towards weapons?

    Oh wait, our country is already in that territory………never mind.

    • itolduso

      ” Finally, I agree with Liz Cheney on one thing”

      Liz Cheney, a former State Department official and the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, said Sunday “I do think what that we’ve seen there is an example of how provocative American weakness can be. And I think that unfortunately it is policy of weakness that has expanded back into the Bush administration — into the last years of the Bush administration,” Cheney said. “I think that we’ve seen time and time again North Korea — they test a nuclear weapon, there are no consequences, they build a reactor for the Syrians, there are no consequences. And what they have learned is that their belligerence, in fact, often times yields from us capitulation and concessions. I think that it’s time for us to put them back on the terrorist list.”


  14. indypendent

    here is that report on those 3 missing boys that was on CBS Early show this morning. That profiler’s response is included in the article.

  15. indypendent

    One of the key players in the Wikileaks cables seems to be a Bush appointee that was stationed in Pakistan. Deep in this article is the fact that the Pakistan nuclear facility was built under the US Atoms for Peace program under Dwight Eisenhower.,

    Also deep in this article is Ann Patterson’s statement that we cannot kill our way out of this situation.

    That has been my thoughts all along – but for those who are so gun-ho for dropping bombs, riding up on some horse and shouting ‘bring it on’ – only makes things worse.

    One thing we could do is to stop all this meddling around the globe and clean up our own backyard.

    this is not a Democrat v Republican thing – since both parties have been involved for a long, long time.

  16. indypendent

    You’ve just gotta love these Republicans……no matter what they get caught doing, they think a few years out of the limelight will somehow make everyone forget what the did. But, for Republicans, it does not matter what he did – they love him just because he is a ‘real’ American with those good ol’ family values.

    Yeah, sure…

  17. fragotwofortwo

    opps way to win those hearts and minds

    Published on Saturday, November 20, 2010 by Reuters
    Study: Few Afghans Know About 9/11, Reason for War
    92 percent of men in key province are unaware of 2001 attacks on U.S.

    by Paul Tait

    KABUL – Afghans in two crucial southern provinces are almost completely unaware of the September 11 attacks on the United States and don’t know they precipitated the foreign intervention now in its 10th year, a new report showed on Friday.

  18. indypendent

    so, why are we still in Afganistan? Could it be that reportedly huge mineral find that is rumored to be somewhere in their country? That report has been out for a long time. And as one reporter said – if it is there, wouldn’t the Russians have found it when they were there?

    Like all wars in last few decades, this is all about big business making their profits.

  19. Zippy

    Okay: Severe disclaimer. I’ve only skimmed the thread, as is often the case.

    Tequila Party? In the Old Pueblo, I should have heard of this.

    It may turn out to be ineffectual bullshit without corporate funding, but I would find it hard it hard to believe every bored (sic) of directors likes producing nothing for temporary profits. I’ll check it out.

    Thanks, Indy! You’re awesome.