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    Alice’s Restaurant

    You can get anything you want at Alice’s Restaurant.

    It all started about 40 Thanksgivings ago…

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Here is one of the difference you may hear about when it comes to the current economic situations.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Happy Thanksgiving, for me it is not all that special with the family so spread out now not too many able to be here. And my daughter has to work so diner is Saturday.

    I watched a documentary last night called “ the Shock Doctrine” based on the book written by Naomi Kline.

    Conspiracy theories, there are thousands of them perhaps they have been around since the beginning of time and the human race. Something in common is there is always some truth and facts involved generally disjointed and unrelated.

    Take a fact or truth and build up to an explanation for why something happened.
    From Kennedy and Dallas to 9-11 truthers, there are disjointed truth and facts.
    Fact: In August of 2001 President Bush received a briefing that Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda was intending to attack the United States within the homeland. That is seemed to be surrounding aviation.

    Sept 10, 2001 Don Rumsfield makes the announcement of the intent to more privatize the Pentagon.
    Blaming the waste and incompetence on the multi levels and end fighting.
    He ended the new conference with the phrase; “we have declared war on the Pentagon!”.

    But the briefing did not have details or indications that it would be high jacking airplanes and crashing them into building. And Rumsfield’s statement is more a figure of speech.

    From that and then select other facts the entire conspiracy is built.

    Friedman’s economic theories were built to counter the economic theories of Keynesian economics.
    “Shock doctrine” a part of it was that disaster such as natural or man-made could be used to change or foment economic ideology.

    Emanuel was damned for his statement about not letting an opportunity from disaster goes unused.
    I thought it sounded familiar but could not remember where I had heard it before?
    But last night I was reminded, it was from Friedman’s theory and is called “disaster Capitalism”.

    That in any disaster there is the potential for making a profit for the right people.
    But when a Tornado hit Andover a man told me the example he experienced.

    He was a Bull dozer operator for a local construction company, when in the middle of the night the phone rang. It was his boss and the call was to try and find employees willing to go to Andover to move debris to free people trapped or to uncover the dead.

    He was ready to go when the boss revealed the real intent, the boss said that he would charge the authority triple the rate for bring his men and equipment and would pay the employees double time for working.
    Sharing with the employees the windfall he would get!

    It so shocked him and angered him he told his boss he would not be a part of taking advantage of people would are hurting! The boss just said “Oh well!”

    The influences of Friedman has been around for years and tried with failures since the early sixties.
    Chile and Argentina were the places where these theories were implemented after there was a military overthrow and a military dictatorship installed.

    Again implemented in the former Soviet Union resulting in the standard of living being worse then under the Communist authority.

    I begin to wonder what is it in the water at the University of Chicago?
    It produced Friedman and Strauss who’s ideologies were on the extreme and for the most part totally against the American Idea.
    A foot note on Conspiracy theories, perhaps the worse thought is “what if it is actually the truth?”.
    The unimaginable is the reality, this is something worth farther investigation as to what is happening.
    Is there forces that are actually stifling the economy for the profit in a disaster?

  4. tosmarttobegop

    An afterthought, think about that tomorrow I am once again in one of those moods when thinking about Politics is distasteful. this is the third day in a row that I have no interest in watching any of the cable news channels.

    I have grown tired of the constant cat fighting, watch Fox and hear how the Liberals are all wanting to do everything to ruin the American Idea destroy capitalism to actually using mom’s apple pie as a sexual substitute for their girl friend.

    MSNBC that the Conservatives want to bring in near fascist ideology and starve the American people into submission.

    Too much of heavy but little of facts thinking, too much to think about that is real and loving.

    I have gotten tired of watching two prostitutes arguing over who is less moral for being a prostitute!

    • indypendent

      Life used to be a balance – labor and managment would work together to make a successful company for all to enjoy.

      I’m afraid that balance is out of whack – and it has been ever since Reagan used the Religioius Right for votes in 1980 and subsequent Republicans presidents have followed the same course.

      I cannot understand why any truly religious person wants to mix their politics with the religion? Politics is a dirty business and a true Christian would not to dirty their religion to be in the sewer of politics.

      It is one thing to be guided by your religion while discussing politics. It is a completely different thing to expect your religion to be your politics.

  5. WSClark

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Eat well, enjoy your families and friends. Thank God for all we have.

  6. indypendent

    Something to think about. But I suspect those who believe in ‘my way or the highway to Hell’ will not be able to get past the point that somehow they or their religion is being persecuted.

  7. indypendent

    Things that make you go hmmmmm…..

    Let’s see – this was in the summer of 2008 so our good friend Sarah Palin was governor at that time. In reading this article, very little money went back to Alaska – so that begs the question if Gov Palin knew about this federal contract. And if so, what did she think about it?
    Did she even know the Alaska native owned company involved in this deal?

    • indypendent

      If Palin does run for president (which I have no doubt she will), expect more things like this to be coming out. Alot of questions that will have to be answered – at some time.

      But maybe Palin will surprise us all and win in 2012 and then she can make sure the USA helps our North Korean alllies – as she stated to her radio audience a few days ago.

      If this is what common sense will bring us – God help us all.

    • I don’t think she’ll run unless she is assured her potential for wealth would be increased by running. She does seem to enjoy the game of being a BIG tease. If she does run, and even if she wins, we will survive. We survived bush the lesser. The corporate masters will be as well served by a Palin presidency. She won’t be the first to have sold herself to the highest bidder!

  8. indypendent

    I think she will run – if for nothing else than to boost her earnings potential.

    Can’t you just picture it? Palin runs for GOP nomination, gets kicked to the curb by the good ol’ boys of the establishment GOP. Then Palin can play the persecution card even more and lordy, lordy how those millions will multiply.

    Seriously, I think this woman’s ego will not let her sit out 2012 on the sidelines. She wants to prove to the world that she is better than Obama.

    Then, she’ll quit halfway through the first term because the lamestream media is being mean to her.

    boo hoo, boo hoo.

    • indypendent

      Or maybe she’ll quit halfway through the campaign because the lamestream media is being mean to her?

      I don’t know if we are electing a president of the USA or a president of the Mean Girls Club in the nearest middle school.