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What are you most thankful for this season of thanks?



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  1. There was a time when my abundance in life was less. Oh, even then, I enjoyed health, family extraordinaire, love and encouragement. But back then I was single Mom to four and sometimes going it alone required me to concentrate on why I should be thankful. Here’s a list from long ago that pulled me out of the doldrums and made me laugh. Hope you find a laugh too!

    My Reasons To Be Thankful This Season Of Thanks

    1. I am thankful that my chest is not as flat as my feet.

    2. I am thankful that all the friends and family members I scream at the week before my period still talk to me the week after.

    3. I am thankful I finally understand that my family will never bear any resemblance at all to The Brady Bunch.

    4. I am thankful that sex and reading are not fattening.

    5. I am thankful that my dear friends allow me to think out loud and then let me come to m own conclusions.

    6. I am thankful that, although I suffer from zits and back pain occasionally, I am in excellent health.

    7. I am thankful that my sisters and I, now in our thirties, have stopped arguing over whose turn it is to do the dishes.

    8. I am thankful that soccer balls, bottles of finger nail polish, tennis shoes, and assorted “stuff” blend well with my living room furniture.

    9. I am thankful that my sons say “delicious” when they eat my cooking and “beautiful” when they comment on my appearance.

    10. I am thankful my sons are not connoisseurs of either food or beauty.

    11. I am thankful that each day I learn something new and that the only think I am sure of is that I am not sure.

    12. I am thankful that although there are misunderstandings, arguments and long periods of silence among the members of my family, and there are times we unwittingly (or wittingly) inflict pain on one another, there is, underneath it all, a tremendous amount of love.

    Find it in your heart to set aside a little (or a lot!) of your abundance this season of thanks! Even if it is an encouraging smile or a brief exchange we all have something to give, and it just might be exactly what someone else needs. If you have more than enough it should be shared.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    At this moment all families are still together, I woke up in the mood that since job hunting seems to be both fruitless and pointless. Perhaps to have some fun at it would make it better say?

    After filling out an application and when asked what I can do? Say to the female receptionist, “Well obviously not be hired for my looks! Look at the competition!”.

    Then point to some guy farther back in the office and say “ Why he looks like he take a bath at least twice a week!”

    Thankful that some how through some help from my son and keeping to the task we have kept the roof over our heads and in fact caught up what we were behind and are current… till next month anyway.

    I am coming along on learning “Classic Gas” a piece I have wanted to play since first getting into the guitar.

    LOL so far no one that has pulled out in front of me has been able to kill me!

    Following will be the most memorable Thanksgiving I can speak of.

  3. itolduso

    There is much to be thankful for. Not the least of which is my brother is home from Afganistan.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    William was 10 years old and one day while visiting the family in Oklahoma he had went out side waiting for the time that he and his family would leave to go back to Kansas. He came in and said to his mother his head felt funny? It seemed heavy and everything was spinning then he suddenly collapsed to the floor!

    Rushed to the local hospital unconscious and unresponsive he was flow to the Children’s hospital in OKC,
    Two blood vessels in his brain has grown together and now had ruptured.

    Over the next week and everyday it was a roller coaster ride of the phone ringing almost every hour.
    One time saying that he was improving only the next call about be prepared for the worst.

    William always had a Impish gleam in eyes and a smile on his face, to see him helpless and barely alive in that hospital bed was to suffer a painful death over and over. I still feel and remember that day when I went to see him. And upon hearing my voice he opened an eye and there by the grace of God was that Impish gleam!

    The road to recover was so painful and seeming to give little more help and hope.
    But by that following Thanksgiving he was back to being able to walk with some aids and able to sign with gestures his wants and needs… Even using a hand sign to show that you was being dumb by his thinking!

    The Pastor at the Thanksgiving diner asked anyone who truly had something to be thankful for to come to the front and kneel down? No one moved for a few moments, then a family member stood and walked to the front and knelt down. Bowed his head and closed his eyes, once he opened them again he saw that every member of the family was now beside him!

    No one outside of the family was there and everyone at the front was from this same family.
    Uncles, Aunts, mother, father, brother, sister, cousins and of this one family.

    Today William works and supports himself, owns a house and lives a life that few would have seen possible those long and painful days back in 1987. Though his life has had reason for it to fade and with adulthood such thing do disappear.

    On occasion that mood will hit him and in those eyes is the same Impish gleam……

    • itolduso

      A huge reason to be Thankful this season. Thnak you for sharing that, and not only allowing to share in that victory, but allowing us to remember that there others facing a very difficult Holiday season

  5. wicked

    Miracles do happen. We know that. Last year our miracle was having my youngest granddaughter with us, after having nearly lost her during open heart surgery when she was a month old. This year we’re praying her cold doesn’t become RSV and settle in her heart. She’s been strong and healthy, but there are things we have to keep an eye on. A simple cold is one of them.

    This year I’m thankful that my oldest daughter’s biopsy results showed no cancer yesterday and that we’re all here to share another Thanksgiving together.

  6. itolduso

    It’s not hard to meet expenses,
    They’re everywhere

    • tosmarttobegop

      I have been saying the last couple of days that life does not stop or slow just because you have no money.

    • wicked

      You know, I find this sad. A public forum is just that, public. Are the Palin girls not bright enough to know that their family–so dear to them–has, is, and will be under the microscope for some time, thanks to their mother having been chosen as a VP candidate? And that because of that, things will be said that are hurtful.

      Maybe this has to do with Alaska being so disconnected to the rest of the country, but the majority of candidates have had and have children who would be able to handle this kind of situation. That’s politics, folks. You’ll hear good and bad about every politician. These girls had better grow some thick skin, because this is only the beginning.

      Oh, and Bristol needs to do more dancing or something to lose some of that extra post-baby weight. On someone so young, it isn’t flattering, and neither is that double chin. Makes her tres unattractive. My opnion only, of course. 😉 (Think she’ll learn about what I said and come after me? LOL)

      I hate people who can dish it out, but can’t take it.

  7. itolduso

    May your Thanksgiving celebration be blessed with Love, Laughter, and Family. May your trip be safe, and may the life of those who have left us be remembered, in life, and not in their abascence.

    God bless and good night

  8. 6176746f6c6c65

    I am thankful this year for:

    1) My diabetes apparently in remission;

    2) The AVM that concerned my doctors post-stroke has, based upon the latest MRI, resolved itself, meaning I don’t have to choose brain surgery or radiation to “fix” it;

    3) My overall good health;

    4) My older daughter, son-in-law and only (to date) grandchild coming here for Christmas;

    5) My younger daughter continuing to grow and mature as she works at a job which would drive me crazy, all the while looking forward to going to graduate school next fall;

    6) The great work done by my therapists during my rehab, which continues to benefit me to this day; and

    7) For my blog “buddies” here.

    Everyone have a great Thanksgiving holiday, enjoy your respective families, and, in light of the current weather forecast, stay warm tonight and tomorrow.

  9. Thank you all for sharing inspirational news, kind wishes and great friendship! I can’t think of a better group of people to ‘bounce things off’ than the bunch of you!

  10. indypendent

    sorry – had to break the run of being thankful to share this bit of news.

    After all, we do want to keep our politicians honest, don’t we?

  11. indypendent

    I am also glad to hear itolduso’s brother is home from Afghanistan.

    I would also like to add to never forget about those who never made it home. And never take for granted that someone who questions our military leaders is always someone who is to be hated.

    Perhaps – just perhaps – that person had someone in their life that came home in pieces in a body bag. that kind of traumatic experience is never forgotten – no matter how many years may pass.

  12. prairie pond

    I am thankful that a wonderful place like Austin, Texas still exists in this s(#*t hole of a country.×9626306

    Do I sound homesick? I am…

  13. indypendent

    apparently, our local Koch brothers are being named as a source of funding behind all this TSA scandal/debate currently going on:

    • indypendent

      BTW – did you notice how that call for the Opt-Out campaign failed miserably today?

      Weren’t thse body scanners put into use around at the airports because Republicans were ranting and raving about the underwear bomber last year?

      so, now we have the scanners and these folks are still not happy. Jesus Christ himself could come down from the Heavens and these folks would spit in his face.

  14. indypendent

    I don’t know whether to laugh out loud or pity this poor woman. Of course, her supporters are going to defend her as simply misspeaking and then play that persecution/victim card they routinely pull out of their butts.

    • indypendent

      As you may recall, according to the McCain campaign workers’ own comments after the campaign – even after being given data to memorize, Palin still could not tell them why South and North Korea are two separate countries.

  15. Freedomwriter

    My family drove 11 hours to spend this day with me, and it feels good to laugh and reminisce with them! I am grateful for my family. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  16. indypendent

    I keep thinking Rush Limbaugh will stoop so low that not even his least-educated Rushbot could still support him – but no such luck