Saturday, 11/20/10, Public Square


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  1. fragotwofortwo

    free pdf download. interesting read for a cold winters day

    Where will advancing technology, job automation, outsourcing and globalization lead?

    Is it possible that accelerating computer technology was a primary cause of the current global economic crisis—and that even more disruptive impacts lie ahead?

    This groundbreaking book by a Silicon Valley computer engineer and entrepreneur explores these questions and shows how accelerating technology is likely to have a highly disruptive influence on our economy in the near future—and may well already be a significant factor in the current global crisis.

    THE LIGHTS IN THE TUNNEL employs a powerful thought experiment to explore the economy of the future. An imaginary “tunnel of lights” is used to visualize the economic implications of the new technologies that are likely to appear in the coming years and decades.

    The book directly challenges nearly all conventional views of the future and illuminates the danger that lies ahead if we do not plan for the impact of rapidly advancing technology. It also offers unique insights into how technology will intertwine with globalization to shape the twenty-first century and explores ways in which the economic realities of the future might be leveraged to drive prosperity and to address global challenges such as poverty and climate change.

  2. I read this and chuckled:

    I’m going to try and talk [wife’s name] into playing a new game called “TSA trainee for couples.” If this works it could be bigger than Monopoly or wearing underwear on the outside.

  3. I think this man should own part of the airplane he was boarding, maybe part of the airline! Makes me angry!

    TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine
    ‘I was absolutely humiliated,’ said bladder cancer survivor

    • Can you even imagine the humiliation? And he was going through security so he could board a crowded airplane so the humiliation just went onandonandon…

  4. Barbara Bush doesn’t mince words!