Friday, 11/19/10, Public Square


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  1. prairie pond

    I see Leo Kottke will be in your town on Sunday evening.

    Seeing Leo at the Paramount in Austin ranks in the top three shows I saw there. Number one was John Prine, multiple times, then “A Tuna Christmas” with the original players, and number three, Mr. Kottke. The guy just amazes with the guitar and the lyrics of his songs. Great show.

    I wish Iggy could be there. He was a big fan of Leo Kottke. Makes me miss Iggy all over again. I hope someday (but not too soon) he and John and Leo can jam wherever those kind of jams take place!

  2. indypendent

    Another right-winger who must think it is okay to denigrate soldiers all in the quest of self-righteous blind hatred:

  3. This partisanship nonsense is getting pretty serious. It’s stupid, mean and vindictive to deny unemployment while pushing for tax cuts for the country’s wealthiest 2%, but add dangerous to stupid, mean and vindictive when this is also being blocked by Republicans:

    Cast aside any doubts. There seems to be nothing Republicans won’t do to deny President Obama a political success at home—even if it means jeopardizing U.S. national security. Namely, future relations with Russia. To be specific, Republicans, led by Senator Jon Kyl, look as though they are trying to kill the new strategic-arms limitation treaty between Russia and the United States.

    The GOP’s Dangerous Nukes Game

    • itolduso

      I guess before I can say one way or the other, I would have to really look at the treaty, and it’s naysayers.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    It is one of those stories that can hurt your heart and wonder why it is so unfair?
    He was truly a hero dog, in Afghanistan he had attacked a suicide bomber and saved many from dying.
    Brought back by a soldier who adopted the dog, the dog had ran off and by the time the soldier found out it had been picked up.

    He went to the shelter to pick the dog up, only to find out the dog had been put to death accidentally!

  5. According to, ViaChristi and Wichita Clinic are merging. Skimming the article, providing lower cost services is a factor. Hmm, I thought it took competition to lower the costs of health care.

    32 years ago, we discussed this type of thing in a more theoretical way in my Anti-Trust class. The position of the Professor, who had begun studying the area, was that consolidation of certain functions would, in fact, lower costs, but the presence of a monopoly would, as it always is, result eventually in very high costs to the consumer, especially when the price inelasticity of demand is considered.

    • I don’t know why and maybe without basis but I thought Wichita Clinic was more aligned with Wesley. Maybe it’s because the main clinic location is where Wesley is located.

    • wicked

      fnord, I did, too. At least in the near past. I worked at the Clinic in 1971 -1972–back when it was just off east Douglas–and at that time I don’t remember that it was affiliated with Wesley. However, in years since then I thought that had changed and there was a connection between the two. I could very well be wrong.

      I hope this change means better service. They still owe me money from back in the late 70’s. Somehow I doubt I’ll ever see that. Double-billing buzzards.

    • tosmarttobegop

      I really liked and trusted the Wichita Clinic here, but the problem was with patent accounts.
      Within an hour of getting home patent accounts was calling want it paid in full.

      We finally went to a different Doctor after I told them I now know what happened to the Hitler youth after the fall of the Nazis.

  6. wicked

    The devil made me post this. Then again, laughter is good for the soul.

    Sarah Palin’s Kids: The Complete Lack of Online Self-Control Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

  7. Remember how often we’ve talked about education and getting to know those from different cultures or those who hold differing opinions being helpful in advancing understanding and furthering peace? I found this interesting —

    Study: Few Afghans know about 9/11, reason for war

    KABUL — Afghans in two crucial southern provinces are almost completely unaware of the September 11 attacks on the United States and don’t know they precipitated the foreign intervention now in its 10th year, a new report showed on Friday.

    “The lack of awareness of why we are there contributes to the high levels of negativity toward the NATO military operations and made the job of the Taliban easier…”

  8. Nifty little chart ranking five-year periods over the past 50 years, in descending order of average annual growth.

    Were the Bush Tax Cuts Good for Growth?

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Funny how some little thing can make the day and life a little better.
    For the most part I have had it with the cats!

    None seem to be anyone’s cat here, they are more like the neighborhood strays that happen to come around to be fed. You walk outside and they run and hide even though I have never hit them or treated them badly.

    EXCEPT for my Yellow Tom, he will disappear for days at a time.
    He is still a fatty so I believe he found another home.
    He has been in a fight and was neutered, so still thinks it means something.

    Anyway, he came up to me this morning while I was out and has been in the house ever since.
    Shoot even has been climbing up in my lap and napping.

    I am sure it is because it is colder, but I guess it is like the rich old man who married the young sexy woman. It really does not matter that I am being used as long as I get the attention and it makes me feel good.

  10. indypendent

    I guess before I can say one way or the other, I would have to really look at the treaty, and it’s naysayers

    The only naysayers are Republicans who are out to take down Obama and does not want anything to be seen remotely as positive being done under his watch.

    Or maybe it is because these Republican naysayers don’t want to sign any treaty because they have plans to increase our nuclear weapons – whether the world likes it or not.

    Just how many nuclear weapons do we need to blow up the entire world?

    Is this another case of Reagan and his little mini-me cowboy with big hat and no cattle? These two men were the ones that seemed to love all those weapons or was it the money the weapon makers give them is the thing these type of men love the most?

    • indypendent

      I really must add this – at least Reagan was smart enough to know we needed to have a treaty with Russia.

      But the mini-me and his fellow min-bots – I suspect they don’t have the wisdom to see beyond their nose. They just like to ride up on their horse and scream ‘bring it on’ and then let someone else’s family members do the actual fighting.