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  1. fragotwofortwo

    Chase exec gets a little trickle down from the audience at a gov hearing thing

  2. tosmarttobegop

    “ in the flows and eddies of Tickle down economic, it has became painfully apparent that someone placed a dam upstream from me!”.

    I say Tickle down economic suffers from the same plight as did Communism, on paper its sound good and worthy. But when you interject the human factor it fails and becomes corrupted.

    In the game of business money is nothing more then chips in the game, the more you have the more you are the winner. There was no incentive to pass any money down the pike, now to me that is a failing in logic.
    The better that the workers do financially the more the company would do since the employees are not going to hold on to it.

    Spending spreads more revenue to those companies that will be their customers.
    And since the economy is a symbiotic organism, interdependent on every factor involved.

    The stock piling of money that needs to be flowing through is to feed off your own body.

    • Greed! The ‘haves’ want to be the ‘have mores.’ The ‘haven’t yet’ are sure will get there by saving and investing their money for their own personal gain. Today we see more Mr. Potter types than George Baileys!

  3. If tax cuts were going to encourage jobs and prove that ‘tickle down’ actually does, we should be rolling in clover by now. But we aren’t, and tax cuts for those who already have enough, who have already recovered any losses from the Great Recession haven’t been effective.

  4. With regard to the over-reaching airport security matters and the American people not accepting this invasive tactic, I say, thank goodness for once the masses aren’t allowing themselves to be manipulated and call for their own enslavement through hysteria.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    I put this on that other blog in response to the issue and outrage:




  6. tosmarttobegop

    Ahh have the plight of cleaning up the stuff my wife has in the living room because the grandsons will be here this weekend.

    That old problem of what is needed and is it valuable to keep within reach?

    Where the heck to put it?

    She has an entire room in the basement for her crafts and the like.
    But to put it there is like throwing it into a black hole!

    Of course she would have the same problem with the room I have my stuff in.
    God to see my computer desk is like looking into the center of a mount at the dump.
    But I have a system, that on the right is seldom used or needed.
    That on the left is things I need more often and use at least once a week.

    I have been going up to the front room and looking at the stuff.
    Only to finally come back to the computer and think about where to put it.

    • My advise in these situations is START. You can’t make progress until you begin. Try not to pick up something more than once. If it’s in your hand decide where it should be and don’t allow where it was to be one of the choices. If you need to make a folder or label an envelope or box, “S**t I don’t know where to put,” at least it would be contained. 🙂 I’ve also found that progress spurs greater progress.

  7. One last thought before I get busy on what I should be doing. I heard Palin thinks she can beat President Obama in a head-to-head for POTUS. I do hope she gets the opportunity to be on the public stage one must be on when running for president. This would, of course, involve more than being on Fox, posting to Facebook and sending tweets. Those attempts may satisfy some, but I have confidence in Americans and I don’t think those efforts would satisfy those who aren’t already enamored.

    • Well she better be prepared, looks like the Trump may take her on for the GOP candidate…

      Would you take her on if she (Palin) gets in–

      Well, if I ran, I’d have no choice. I would take her on. I like her, but I’d take her on.

      So, that’s– let me go back to my original question, then. What’s it going to take for you to get in?

      Well, I’m going to make a decision probably by June.

      The whole interview…

    • Not only do I have a great deal of confidence in Americans to see trailer-park bimbo and little substance in Palin, but I’m beginning to have more and more confidence the Republican Party can nominate someone who isn’t electable. I’m thinking back on some of the candidates who won primaries leading up to the mid terms. 😉

      I think Murkowski had the right idea! When the wingnuts nominate an ‘unelectable,’ stay in there and stick it to them. What if the guy the person who isn’t a witch beat had stayed in the race, how about whoever it was Sharron Angle beat at the primary level?

    • tosmarttobegop

      I would not give Palin much chance, but I also think she would be destructive for the country.
      But I will admit that a Republican does stand a good chance, I kind of suspect that the mood is not going to change all that much by 2012.

      If it suddenly returned to the situation before the economy collapsed then the GOP could be running Jesus and it would be doubtful. But it will take such a dynastic upset to bring the people back to not wanting to hold President Obama responsible.

  8. wicked

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the unemployed! The Repubs made sure the benefits package wouldn’t be extended. Yet they’re all for cutting taxes for the rich. Makes ya proud, doesn’t it?

    • wicked

      Oh, and a Merry Christmas, too!

      Black Friday may be as black for the corportations who own the mega stores as it is for the people who would’ve bought from those stores.

    • It seems to be very important to Republicans to see how much more money they can give to rich people.

    • wicked

      Yes, it trickles down…right from the rich to their pockets.

    • wicked

      I really, really do know the difference between there, their, and they’re. I just choose to appear to be clueless. 😉

    • Oooops, caught. Everyone knows you know the difference! I love you.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Thank you and I am looking for just the right Christmas card to send them! At first I wanted to say that the sky is blue in my world what color is it in yours?

      But too sterile to convey the real impact and meaning of what they did.

  9. Alan Grayson (D-Florida) wants everyone to know that he is not in favor of extending the Bush cuts for the wealthy, which would average out to about $83,347 a year for each person in the top 1 percent of the U.S. income bracket. To drive his point home, he made a list for lawmakers on the House floor Wednesday night of the many ways those “high and mighty” individuals making an average of $1.4 million a year will be able to use that extra cash.

    “Here’s one possibility: they can buy an $83,000 Mercedes Benz E-Class car, not just once, but every single year for the next decade,” he said. “And each year, when they get tired of their brand new Mercedes Benz E-Class car, they can just give it to somebody ’cause they can afford another one. They can give it to a spouse, a sister, a son, a daughter — anybody. Every single year for the next 10 years, the Republican tax plan is to give millionaires enough money for a Mercedes Benz.”

    Other things rich people can buy with those tax cuts, Grayson said, include a $64,000 Hermés bag, a bottle of Chateau D’Yquem wine from 1787, 20,000 jars of “their favorite mustard” Grey Poupon, and 800 luxury cigars, each of which they could light with a $100 bill.

    Grayson pointed out that President Obama’s proposed tax cuts for the middle class, by contrast, will be received by unemployed people and “needy parents who need the money in order to pay the mortgage, pay the rent, pay their car payments, their credit card payments.”

    A better idea, Grayson concluded, would be to take that hundred billion dollars a year that would be saved by not extending the tax cuts and to use it to create jobs.

    “Do the math: we have 14 million people in this country who are unemployed, and we have 13 percent unemployment in my district,” he said. “Here’s an idea: let’s take that hundred billion dollars and give three million Americans a job. Let’s give three million Americans a working wage, an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, and that will revive our economy.”

  10. tosmarttobegop

    I just left face book, after fighting to get what I wanted to say down to 420 characters.
    I posted:

    I have been thinking and solved all the world’s problems!
    But could not give the answers in 420 characters so you will never know the solutions.
    I am getting sick of face book and forget that 144 character twitter too!

    We are slowly going back to grunts and pointing to communicate.