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  1. itolduso

    I am not really sure why I read this, a Hollywood mystery kiling, but I did. The thing that struck me most is below. Seems like a crass name dropping and “look at me” comment. Perhaps not. Having had friends die, and one friend murdered, a long time ago, these would not have been my thoughts.

    “Hollywood publicist Steve Jaffe, who worked with Chasen on a number of projects, described her as “such a great lady”.

    “She was a very dear friend and colleague,” he told

    “Such a great lady – and so completely dedicated to her work and the movies and filmmakers she represented.

    “It’s such a shocking loss. My wife, Susan Blakely, is an Oscar voter so about this time of year we would see her a lot at screenings and luncheons she arranged. Ronni treated people with great respect. It seems incredible that she would die in such a violent fashion. Our last call was about this great Robert Duvall film, Get Low, produced by Dean Zanuck and David Gundlach. Ronni will be greatly missed.”

    • Yes. Seems he could have spoken about the tragic death without mentioning his wife.

    • wicked

      Well, yes and no. It might have been best to put that first sentence later, kind of like an addendum, but I do think it puts the relationship of the writing in perspective by showing how he knows the deceased. It shows that it isn’t simple hearsay or rumor, although the deceased generosity would make it a good rumor. 😉

  2. Another day of clouds, low pressure — OUCH! 😦

    I must make my menus for next week, then the shopping lists. I’m doing two meals — Thanksgiving Day will be the traditional turkey and all the trimmings for around a dozen people, and two days later a larger group will dine on my delicious home-made burritos extraordinaire! This isn’t just bragging, they really are good.

  3. itolduso

    home-made burritos

    mmm mmmm sounds good

    • I start with a high quality pork roast. It’s one of the meals my kids request every time and they always invite friends so I always make a bunch.

      Maybe we can have a PPPs burrito feed some day!?

  4. I haven’t done this yet, but think Ill give it a whirl. I can’t be worse than our elected Congress critters!

    Budget Puzzle: You Fix the Budget

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Tit for tat, Social Conservatives are starting to let they voice be heard because as they point out the majority of both Tea Partiers and Conservatives are Pro-Life and Anti-Gay Marriage.
    And the said decision to not push the Social issue is not expressing the majority’s concerns.

    Then pointing to when the Social Liberals got the control they went for their issues of Health care reform.

    So since the control has change the Conservatives should not abandon or ignore their own social issues.

    That certainly the Liberals have not abandoned their and are continuing to fight for them.

    • If they push the social issues I hope they lose the support from independents who are understandably concerned about fiscal issues, responsible spending, a stronger economy, jobs…

      They should also continue to use the words “smaller government” each time they try to legislate social issues.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    Ha, I have to say it somewhere and since at this point I do not feel I can say it where it should be:

    “There is nothing Noble or honorable about being honest when doing so will hurt and devastate someone that loves you with all their heart. “.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Yes they will suffer the same fate that the Democratic did, not belittling the issue of health care reform.
    But it was not the growing or forefront concern and it became such a distraction that all the current concerns seem to become the side distraction for the Democratic.

    At least that became the appearance to many and it made any real gains overshadowed.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    “supposition” has became the answer when there is not a known reasoning for something that is happening.

    Something on the news the answer to why it was happening was nothing more than just that.

    But was reported as the known reasoning for it, since they did not know for sure what was the motivation for it.

    It happens so much and it also leads to people having a mistaken impression of how and why things happen.

    Why the President is doing this or why the Conservatives are doing that!

    But it ends up being the final answer and nothing to the contrary is heard.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Got an appointment with the eye specialist this evening, my understanding is that he is looking to see how the surgery worked and if there is a need for any more?

    I hope this part is over with so I can go for a new proscription for glasses.
    Or if it would do any good, I believe that it is likely it would after reading up on the subject.
    LOL If you can believe what you read!

    Yesterday did get my ticket settled, went from speeding in a school zone which I was not to going 40 in a 30. Which I can not even say is the truth? But the end result was the fine went from 300 to 130 dollars.
    Which kind of means nothing since I do not have either amount as it is.

  10. Partisan politics whereby Americans aren’t considered, just the Party line…

    I’m beginning to believe like itolduso. Congress should simply do what they do best — nothing, and let all the tax cuts expire. I know for sure the wealthiest don’t need additional help! Those tax cuts benefited the top wage earners most so they’ve had preferential treatment since 2001.


    The Republicans’ top tax guy in the House threatened in the clearest possible terms today that he and the rest of the GOP would vote to block any tax cut for the middle class during the lame duck session unless tax cuts for the wealthy are extended for the same period of time.

    In a policy speech at the business-friendly Tax Council today, incoming Ways and Means Committee chairman David Camp called the Democratic plan for tax cuts — a permanent tax cut extension for all income up to $200,000, and a temporary extension for income above that level — “a terrible idea and a total nonstarter.”

    “We would be foolish to fall for it,” Camp said.


    Not particularly well-done, but provides a glimpse into the complex world of trying to stop offshoring of jobs through tax legislation (and a glimpse into the “stuff” I try to read daily to keep up).

    • fragoteofortwo

      “The US Chamber of Commerce also aggressively lobbied against the bill, arguing that “[r]eplacing a job that is based in another country with a domestic job does not stimulate economic growth or enhance the competitiveness of American worldwide companies.”

      should US Chamber of plutocracy

    • Number 5 on that list —

      5. Palin is unelectable.

      Without question, a Palin 2012 campaign would be an uphill battle. Palin is unpopular — massively so among Democrats, decisively so among independents. Even many Republicans don’t believe she’s ready to be president.

      But opinions can change. Look at the political resuscitations of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Hillary Rodham Clinton. If Palin works hard and runs an impressive campaign, wavering Republicans and skeptical independents may give her a second look.

      We survived bush the lesser. I suppose we would survive her too. We’ve been bought and paid for and most of us know who is in control.

  12. fragoteofortwo

    This makes my head hurt. Frum is a former Bush speech writer. WTF why speak up now?

    small but tasty morsel

    Lesson 1: The danger of closed information systems. Well before the crash of 2008, the U.S. economy was sending ominous warning signals. Median incomes were stagnating. Home prices rose beyond their rental values. Consumer indebtedness was soaring. Instead, conservatives preferred to focus on positive signals — job numbers, for example — to describe the Bush economy as “the greatest story never told.”

    Too often, conservatives dupe themselves. They wrap themselves in closed information systems based upon pretend information. In this closed information system, banks can collapse without injuring the rest of the economy, tax cuts always pay for themselves and Congressional earmarks cause the federal budget deficit. Even the market collapse has not shaken some conservatives out of their closed information system. It enfolded them more closely within it. This is how to understand the Glenn Beck phenomenon. Every day, Beck offers alternative knowledge — an alternative history of the United States and the world, an alternative system of economics, an alternative reality. As corporate profits soar, the closed information system insists that the free-enterprise system is under assault. As prices slump, we are warned of imminent hyperinflation. As black Americans are crushed under Depression-level unemployment, the administration’s policies are condemned by some conservatives as an outburst of Kenyan racial revenge against the white overlord.

    Meanwhile, Republican officeholders who want to explain why they acted to prevent the collapse of the U.S. banking system can get no hearing from voters seized with certainty that a bank collapse would have done no harm to ordinary people. Support for TARP has become a career-ender for Republican incumbents, and we shall see what it does to Mitt Romney, the one national Republican figure who still defends TARP.

  13. fragotwofortwo


    sorry about the typo on my name.

    ” comment awaiting moderation.”

    old people should not be allowed to type without glasses

  14. fragotwofortwo

    This is a good one. It took me 5 minutes to balance the US government budget. So easy a cave man could do it.

  15. WSClark

    Ah, the Republicans don’t want to meet with President Obama just yet. Perhaps after two years of attacking the man, they are not quite ready with “yes” answers rather than just no? It’s much easier, quite frankly, to criticize from the sideline than it is to actually play the game.

    On Sundays, I am a brilliant quarterback. I never miss the open receiver, never fumble, always call a phenomenal audible when the defense is lined up against me and those 335 pound linemen can never bring me down. And I look great, too.

    Sitting on my couch.

    It’s a little different when James Harrison is looking to tear your head off and Dick Lebeau has figured out your every move.

    I guess we’ll have to wait until November 30th to find out if the GOP is sitting on the couch for this one or do they want to get down in the trenches.

  16. freedomwriter

    Re: “Another sad tale about passionless youth”

    THAT IS SCAREY! Maybe the tv show “What Would You Do?’ with John Quinoines should stage an episode about it to wake people up.

    • itolduso

      An interesting show that I have seen a few times. Mostly I watch tv by accident. I have few “favorite” shows, and so mostly I pick from what is on at the moment.

      Anyway, it is simply amazing to me how many times people just watch, and don;t get involved.

  17. I too am concerned about what seems to be a disconnect. Is all this instant communication creating people who can’t / don’t / won’t interact on a more personal basis? Do we, and specifically the younger of us, have our heads buried in computers, phones, electronic gadgets and we are forgetting our humanity?

  18. tosmarttobegop

    The bottom line of what the eye specialist said:

    The left eye will be dilated the rest of my life and the foggy vision will too.
    A new prescription will do not good for the effects.

    • Well, since you couldn’t afford a new prescription I guess we could look at this as good news…

      I’m sorry. It’s another thing you’ll learn to deal with like bones that creak a little more each year and hair that has more silver.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Yes Fnord, we was told to endeavor to persevere… Endeavor to persevere…. Endeavor to persevere!
      We thought about it for a while…. Then we declared war on the Union!

      It has to be one of my favorite lines from Outlaw Jose Wales.

    • itolduso

      WEll, that sucks. But, in the words of many that came before me

      “It could be worse”

      Can any corrective lens help?

  19. itolduso

    My favorite passages of that movie were between Josey Wales and Ten Bear. They bear lots of contemplation, even today