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With the release of President Bush’s book “Decision points” it has re-ignited a debate and questions that have been occurring for years now. Questions of integrity and honesty along with what happens behind the scene in Washington.  This of course is not the first book dealing with that period, over the years in my quest to actually understand what exactly happened and to understand what was the mindset that led this country into the actions it took, I have read many books already and they vary in the conclusions and facts.

I have been thinking whether I would want to read what he had to say?  It is a point of view in the entire subject, to help to get a grasp on the mindset.  Not sure of the honest within it and will admit that having came to conclusions before the release.  That my thoughts and conclusions would not be tainted or to have the ability to read and /or accept what would be stated within it.

But I do try to look at what is written in such books with a honest and reasonable mindset.  Over the years I have read several books, most were from the point of view that was not supportive of the administration. And a few were totally over the edge on their explanations of certain facts and realities.  Only that which I could verify as factual and truth is accepted.  The books I’ve read have ranged from totally partisan to that of totally conspiracy theory.

A point that was made in one book was truly remarkable, to charge with treason President Bush for with intent endangering the American public by calling up the National Guard.  Since many National Guard are also law enforcement officers and by calling them up it made a shortage of Police Officers on the street. This though sounding logistical is a stretch and distracting from the factual and what is truly at stake.

President Bush’s book as portrayed by both side of the opinion media has so far been just that nothing but opinion that is either supportive or condemning of him and his book. The stated facts or mindset that are in the book will be subject to fact checks. If done honestly some will be found to be delusional or an awakening as to what really happened.  I would say it will not conclude the issue by continue it.  Which is what I am suspecting is the intent, it is something that will fall into the line from a Few good men.
“You can not handle the truth!”

As to what truths there are?  It is either that Bush was not as one side saw him and he did actually perform as he should have when the reality, true and facts are known.  Or he performed as this country’s worst nightmare, that a delusional mentally ill person became the President of the United States.  An extreme ideologue who’s reality was more of his own creation not based on the reality or known facts.

I will once again say it, what he and his administrate stated was not so much a knowingly lie.  They actually believe it to be the case, it is now that after the facts are better known that it is apparent that it was not the case.

Now I will interject an example of the incident, a person hearing voices is sure it is true and a fact.
If they take a tape record and tape the voices, you will be hearing from the tape a empty sound of static.
But they will still be hearing the voices now coming from the tape.  Nothing is proven to either person hearing the tape except for confirming what they already had concluded.

I have been stating it for years now, that the final conclusion to it all is, that it will not be in the best interest of the country and its people to have a final conclusion! What would the effect be if there was a final conclusion?  A serious and honest investigation of the available facts and realities?  If that investigation concluded that the worst was the truth, it would shake the very concept of what this country is believed to be. Of what we as Americans are believed by ourselves to be.  We are not the aggressor we are the one who will stand up to the aggressors. The blow to our national soul would be devastating and could even undermine our vary Governing system.  Faith once proved as false brings the questioning of our vary existence as a people.

If the conclusion is that indeed what happened was correct, it would divide the country into a hard and firm two combating faction since one side would be affirmed in their belief that the Government is corrupted and only out for themselves.

So the answer will be that nothing will truly be answered.


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