Sir Barry had been given the honor of being the chief champion of the people. This high honor came with such weighty responsibilities as being the chief defender of all people, along with the high lord for the welfare of all the villagers within the realm.  He was anointed with the best and most shiny armor and a white charger of the finest lines and strongest flanks. Blessed with total say on the roads and all the crops to enable him to provide for the people.

Oh but he did have his nay sayers.  Sir Barry was of the order of the Leo the Lion but within the court was also the Order of the Dracula the Dragon which was a rival Order of knights.  For as long as any could remember the two Orders had been arguing between themselves as to who was the finest of knights and the best protector of the people.

The last champion of the people had been of the Order of the Dracula and he had been measured and been found wanting. As such the people had chosen from the Order of the Leo for their new chief champion of the people.

The Order of the Dragon could not stop Sir Barry, but could muddy the roads and taint the wheat so that it did not seem as healthy or be as tasty. But still Sir Barry would have the rights to order what shall be best for the people.

With a free reign as to what to do, Sir Barry and his Order decided that everything the people needed would be gathered together in a great box of huge size and bestowed upon the people.  The box was such size that once placed it blocked the center meeting of the roads of the village, and of such weight that it would take several years to be unpacked.  The people would have to wait for the benefits from such a large and burdensome box.

One morning the people of the village awoke to this huge box that blocked the roads.  There was no accurate listing of what was contained within it. There were hints of some great things within it but also a warning that it would be years of having this large and burdensome box centered in their village and no foreseeable reward from having it among them.   Go as they will and still this large container would be the center focus of how to travel and what effect it shall have once unpacked. The problems were still there and they caused strife while waiting for relief.  The villagers experienced growing discontent and anger at unsolved problems and having to wait for the unpacking of this huge and yet to be understood box. What was going to be solved by this unpacking?  They were losing faith in the choice of Sir Barry and the Order of the Leo, and the promises they made.

Sir Barry would ride his white charger into the village to assure the villagers that patience is the key and that once a few years had passed all problems would be corrected by the contents of this huge and unknown box.

The Order of the Dragon had been making sure the roads were muddy and by the time Sir Barry arrived in the center of the city his once shiny armor was covered in mud and his white charger was dulled and beginning to resembled a old plow horse.  The villagers began to find the reassuring words of Sir Barry to be hollow sounding and unclear.  They no longer believed him when he said to have faith and rely on that faith because sure answers were coming.  Without having an understanding of just what those answers would truly be and faced with this large and mysterious object that was controlling what path they could travel, they were discouraged.  The villagers were having trouble believing in simple hope and depending on faith in future answers for today’s problems. Certainly it was not helping the matter with the roads having been muddied and the crops tainted to appear unhealthy.

Sir Barry seemed to be lacking in understanding their concerns and his call for them to simply wait because within the huge box were all the answers. There was not an explanation to help the villagers understand just what they were waiting on.  All they understood was that the crops appeared unhealthy and the roads were muddy and seemed to be impassable. Their health and well-being was in question and passage of their daily route was being influenced by the huge box without a foreseeable reason.  The villagers were crying for relief from the problems that they faced yet all they were told from Sir Barry and the knights of the Order of the Leo was to simply wait for the huge box to be unpacked in a few years time. The people were concerned with failing buildings and because of it, works and crafts had been effected.  But all that it seemed that Sir Barry was focused on was the huge box as what he needed to be done.

Along with the failings of works and crafts, there were homes being destroyed leaving some villagers cast into the streets.  All that seemed to come from the Order of the Leo was about the box and the solving of other concerns to come in the future.  The villagers became disheartened and cried for relief from the lack of works and crafts. Those cast into the streets were calling from relief from their plight. But still it was seeming that the focus of Sir Barry and the Order of the Leo was elsewhere, not with the problems that did concern of the villagers.  The villagers did see that what the box was to solve was important for the future but their concerns of today were effecting them more then what was to be solved tomorrow. So the appearance was that Sir Barry was more concerned with tomorrow while what concerned the villagers was left unaddressed.

The day came when it was time to once again select the protectors of the people.  And to the befuddlement of the Order of the Leo the villagers chose the Order of the Dragon.  To make the befuddlement worse, was that not enough time had truly passed for the villagers to have forgotten how when measured the Order of the Dragon had been found wanting.  It was all confusing and disappointing that the villagers were seeming fickle and not recognizing that what had been done was for their betterment. That they had such distaste for the Order of the Dragon yesterday and today they embraced them.

Looking for an answer as to why they had suddenly fallen into disfavor they pointed to the huge box and the effort it took to gather all that was in it. And how the solutions within were needed and would be for the betterment of all the villagers.

In conclusion they deemed it was because the Order of the Dragon had muddied the road and tainted the crops.



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  1. But there was a listing of what was in the box and when the various parts would be unpacked. I never understood why it was going to take so long to get the box unpacked, still don’t.

  2. President Obama agrees with you that he didn’t explain the contents of the box —

    President Obama acknowledges that he failed to sell the American people on the importance of his agenda. “We were so busy and so focused on getting a bunch of stuff done that, we stopped paying attention to the fact that leadership isn’t just legislation. That it’s a matter of persuading people. And giving them confidence and bringing them together. And setting a tone,” Obama said in an interview with 60 Minutes set to air Sunday. “Making an argument that people can understand,” Obama continued, “I think that we haven’t always been successful at that. And I take personal responsibility for that.” The assessment comes after the Democrats suffered what the president called a “shellacking” in the midterm elections.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    In a real sense it was not explained or not itemized to counter the mudding of the roads and crops about it.
    The other point is that it was addressing a needed concern but not the immediate one.

    To use another analogy, when the nation’s house was on fire instill of a fire truck the nation was given a new and modernized Ambulance! It is true that there is a time when that is the current concern,
    But it is not interchangeable with the current problem is the house is on fire.

  4. I do understand and I can’t disagree with anything you said. I am mindful of the percent of our budget it consumes and that makes it pretty damn important. Very, maybe most, important is that if it hadn’t been passed while the democratic majorities were big enough in both houses it wouldn’t have been. It was needed and talked about for 100 years. It was a now or never moment.