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  1. tosmarttobegop

    Every call I have received trying to get me to vote early has been Republican.
    Makes sense since given time to think people are not likely to vote like they are an angry drunk reacting to a perceived slight.

    I wish that I could have faith in the Republicans and what they are saying.

    But for some they are not saying anything that has real meaning so that it can not come back on them later.

    For others they are simply trying to feed a blind and unreasoning angry with no intention of actually changing anything.

    Once in office they will at best be just another official peeing on the people’s leg and excusing it as rain!

    Sorry but they excuse lying to everyone else but expect for me to believe they are not lying to me?

    “Politics as usual and Politicians as usual”.

    I also wish it was not the case that the people are still willing to accept such actions.

    The Republican know damn well that they will be kicked out once again in 2012.

    They have no intention of doing anything to show they will not deserve to be kicked out.

    So they still lie and treat the voting public like mindless fools and all they have to do is say what we want to hear.

    Which proves their option of us is correct.

    • I can give you a couple of reasons why every call you’ve received has been from a Republican.

      1. You’re registered as a Republican.

      2. You live in Kansas.

      I don’t know why the Democratic Party isn’t stronger in Kansas. I understand it is tough to make sense with people who don’t want to hear but I think it’s because I along with other reasonable people are unwilling to spend the time and patience it takes. I’d rather dig a ditch or have my fingernails pulled out than attempt to speak to people who have over developed their ability to speak and underdeveloped their ability to listen, who have seemingly little ability to reason or think, who have rewritten history (very recent history!) to reflect what they choose, who want to tell me what is moral and judge me because I don’t follow the same path they do, who seem unable to wonder or question or embrace the opportunity to learn from those who are different.

  2. I too am registered as a Republican and receive many (too many!) calls from them — full of the same stupid exaggerations as their television commercials. Of course, the calls are recordings so there is no opportunity to ask a question, or refute a claim.

    I have had TWO politicians knock on my door, introduce themselves, ask me politely if they may leave a flyer or do I have any questions. Both democrats! The woman, Jane Byrnes, who is running for Kansas House from my district, and Raj Goyle. I haven’t even had someone working for a Republican candidate knock on my door, let alone the candidate in person.

    Republicans are pretty sure of themselves and we Kansans have allowed them to be cocky.

    • fnord – Back when I was in Jr High, I think I might have been in the 8th grade, we had our election for student council president. I’m not sure who all was running, jocks and the usual popular candidates. Running against them was a long haired hippy freak. Or so he was considered by the ‘in’ crowd. The kids that thought they knew it all, had it all, were God’s gift to the rest of us laughed and told us there was no way he could win. It shocked the whole school when he DID win and it opened my eyes and taught me a valuable lesson. I never say never. 🙂

  3. I know I’m odd man out when I say this and several of you disagree with me, but I think some year soon Americans will depend on and hold accessible affordable health care as dear as they do Social Security.

    I strongly believe the most divisive issue of today will become one we all appreciate, will be improved through the next few years and remembered as yet another Democratic Party achievement that benefited all Americans.

    • One more observation on being the odd man out here at PPPs. None of you will think I’m stupid, you may try to show me why you think I’m wrong, but with respect. Thank you.

      • tosmarttobegop

        It is because none of us live close enough to throw rocks at you!

        And are just too damn lazy to drive to your house so we can!

  4. Sounds like no one state in our great country has an exclusive license on the nutjobs.


    In Idaho, a gubernatorial candidate has legally changed his name to reflect his opposition to abortion. Michael Ames on Mr. Pro-Life.

    Born Marvin Richardson in Wyoming (he will tell you that he was “fertilized” into personhood on Nov. 1, 1940,) the independent gubernatorial candidate legally changed his name when he first ran for public office, appearing on the ballot as “Pro-Life (a person formerly known as Marvin Richardson).” As the nomenclature was getting a bit confusing, the Secretary of State sought to explain that Pro-Life was indeed “a person” and not a policy, position or referendum on Roe vs. Wade.

    Mr. Life, as some debate moderators have clumsily called him, is a perennial candidate, a blooming quadrennial reminder of what true belief really looks like. This organic strawberry farmer and father of 15 is an unfailing advocate for the defenseless, a moral vegetarian who shuns all killing. On the issue of managing Idaho’s wolves, he departed from the conservative mainstream that wants the varmints dead. “If the wolves start eating children, then I would do something about it,” he said.

    As a former ticket topper for the Constitution Party, his platform goes beyond abortion. Pro-Life (or Pro-Vida, as his wife likes to call him) is in many ways a proto-Tea-Partier; he was calling for the abolition of the U.S. Department of Education long before it was fashionable.

    If you have the stomach for it, but I warn in advance it doesn’t get less nutty —

  5. indypendent

    Since I registered as Republican, I have been bombarded by junk mail and junk phont calls.

    I have a pile of that junk mail from several sources on the behalf of Pompeo and I also have a plan for that pile of junk mail.

    It is being sent back with too little postage with the hopes the various groups will have to pay the postage to get back the junk mail they have bombarded me with in the past few months.

    I’ve kept track of which groups are sending it out – Pompeo’s group, National Republican Party, Kansas Republican Party and the US Chamber of Commerce.

    Wasn’t it the Chamber leader that said outsourcing was a good thing? If so, then how is Pompeo going to create all those jobs?

    Oh, yeah I forgot, he never said AMERICAN jobs, did he?

  6. indypendent

    I still think the GOP will pick up numerous seats but they will not regain control of the Senate or the House.

    I suspect the two sides to be more evenly divided – which will mean WE the People will get the same old crap for the next two years.

    If the original Tea Party would have struck out on it own, I think they would be the candidates to beat.

    Even then, if Democrats and Republicans still play politics in the next two years – I would not be surprised if a third party grassroots movement would not take off like a firestorm.

    The Republicans may think they have outfoxed everyone with their rebranding and hijacking of the Tea Party candidates (at least the wackier ones), but if there is not any change in the next two years – they will also feel the pointy end of the the collective american voters boot.

    • tosmarttobegop

      Bret Hums addressed that this morning on Fox news Sunday, that the Republicans would not be held responsible if they do not achieve anything by 2012. That the public would still see it was the Democratic President’s fault.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Fnord I see you commented on my status on face book, so did my niece.
    She is what you would think of as a typical Social Conservative.
    She really does not pay attention to the extent that she knows what exactly is going on in Politics.
    Has no real idea what is being done in her name.

    Can not imagine anyone professing faith could do anything wrong or as inhuman as many Politicians who do so are doing or proposing.

    While down there I told her that some in Washington right now or are running for an office would declare that her daughter who barely survived being born with sever birth defect and even today is dealing with one of the side effects.

    Is a waste of money to treat and would take away any benefits from Medicaid.
    Which they have been on for as long as their children were born.
    She works when she can find a job and her husband is a hard worker but jobs are often short lived and far between there.

    She is deep in her faith and believes God is looking out for them but she does not realize there are forces within her faith that want to abandon her and her children while claiming to be good Christians.
    She took me to task for posting something Political that she would rather hear what I am doing or nice things the grandkids are doing.

    • I read that. I know she is a good woman. and I know she doesn’t want to know what she doesn’t know. It’s the way some of my family members are too. They know who the party of God is. You can’t talk to someone who thinks they have God on their side. I don’t even want to try because it always comes out that you’re trying to go against God or Christianity or…

      I know you’re not going against God or Christianity, I know I’m not. But you can’t make sense when God is telling them something different than you have to say.

  8. I wish more people realized that God and Christianity shouldn’t be brought down to the level of politics.

    You see, God is all about love. Anyone thinking about the whole deal knows politics isn’t all about good or love or honesty and certainly not about God.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    LOL I guess I am going to get off this computer and get on another one.
    One of my best friends gave me a laptop.

    I have found it much more comfortable to set on the couch and write on it.
    If I had a wireless connection I would be able to get on the net with it.

    Been working on a couple of installments of a series I am writing.

    Horror and a new twist on the old story of monsters in conflict.