As I Grow Older

it seems I return to the music of my younger days. The following video stood as an anthem for my feelings some 40 years ago. What about you, gentle reader?


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4 responses to “As I Grow Older

  1. And, a logical follow on to the initial post.

    Does anyone else wonder about her/his former loves (or, if appropriate, former objects of lust)?

  2. 6176746f6c6c65

    Add me to the affirmative (as is obvious from the question, I suppose).

  3. Freedomwriter

    Ah, yes! Whatever happened to that future M.D. or that classical guitarist? Do their lives match the promise of their youth?

    I’ve always wanted to go back and track down everyone in my first grade class to see how they all turned out. I know one became actor.