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  1. indypendent

    How funny to hear Sarah Palin call Sen. Lisa Murkowski the Entitlement Candidate.

    I wonder how Alaskans will feel if Joe Miller and the rest of his Tea Partiers get in there and they really do abolish all those entitlement programs.

    Alaska routinely receives more federal dollars than they send in to the coffers. With no more entitlements, just how popular will their Queen Sarah and Jester Joe be?

    • Is it just government entitlements that they are against or do they also think that entitlements from oil companies are bad?

      Cuz not only does Tea Party Barbie’s family get free health care entitlements due to their Inuit heritage, but everyone in Alaska gets oil money just for living there.

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        The annual payment “just for living there” was, IIRC, a part of the original lease of lands for the pipeline.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    It was Palin who got the deal where every Alaskan get a check every year from the Oil companies. Simply for being a citizen of Alaska and not for actually doing anything.

  3. A ‘cartoon’ that caused me to think. Have you ever noticed how many do that!?

    The setting:

    Three military men seated at a table, the stars on their shoulders visible, a map behind them, a flag flanking the map…

    The caption:

    “Well, I’m not an optimist — I still think peace can be avoided.”

  4. indypendent

    Times are getting scary folks. I hear Tea Party Republicans ranting about the union bullies and thugs but yet these same folks defend Rand Paul’s campaign worker for stomping that woman’s head, Joe Miller’s security guard handcuffing that guy’s hands and the other woman who was labeled as a liberal who was hit by one of these TP’ers.

    Maybe they rewrote the dictionary along with the Bible. Because the three scenarios listed above sure looked like bullies and thugs doing their violent acts.

  5. indypendent

    There was a story about Fox News ran a story about Chicago not mailing ballots out to the military but absentee ballots were mailed out to the inmates in jail.

    Of course, the banner on the bottom of the screen implied that inmates get to vote but our military does not.

    When actual facts surfaced, their were quite a few counties that did have a delay in mailing out the absentee ballots to the military but Cook County was not one of them.

    And as for the inmates – the fact was brought out that just because a registered voter is in jail does not disqualify him/her from voting if they have not been convicted.

    Fox News, of course, did not address that issue.

    wonder why????

    • indypendent

      BTW – many CONS responding to this story was telling that myth that all liberals hate the military.

      I don’t hate the military – I hate the way our elected politicians use the military for their own self-interested agenda.

      I also hated the way Bush allowed our military to have to rummage through dumpsters for metal to protect themselves when some corporation got paid with our tax dollars to provide shoddy body armor.

      CONS claim to be so pro-military but then will let one of their own administrations get away with anything they wanted – even to go to war on somewhat suspicious reasons.

      • Conservatives love the military–in a general sense of sending an army overseas to obliterate someone so that they can sit back here and feel like they live in a superior country. They don’t tend to like to be PART of that army. And they don’t want to PAY them or give them any health care, but that’s inconsequential, right?
        It reminds me of the way that anti-abortionists love children; it’s more in theory than in practice because they don’t really care if they get proper care AFTER they are born, just so long as they are born.

    • Because Fox is not a news outlet–it’s a propaganda arm of the Republican Party. They can say whatever Big Rupe tells them to say, without impugnity. And the Big Dupes in this country eat it up.

      • indypendent

        let’s not forget the influence of that large stockholder in parent company of Fox News – that Saudi Prince who wears all that Muslim garb.

        I wonder how Juan Williams is going to feel if he sees this Prince walking towards him in the hall at Fox News?

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        Probably just fine, since they’re not traveling on the same flight.

      • wicked

        LOL Good one, 6176!

  6. I don’t find any evidence that one political party hates or loves the military more or less than the other. I do see a bunch of people use this as their weapon to denigrate.

    Silly. Sad.

    The military is comprised of men and women who do what they are told.

    I have some problems with some of what they’re told.

    • indypendent

      That’s my feelings also. I want our military to be like our government – run efficiently.

      But when divisive politics touches either one – that is when problems arise.

      Our military was set up to keep our country safe – it was not set up to do nation building – in my opinion,

      But nation building brings more profits – I guess.

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        Having done four years in the Air Force, the use of “efficient” and “military” in the same paragraph seems contradictory.

        That said, there used to be a mechanism whereby ordinary troops could offer their recommendations on doing things in a more efficient way, and, if adopted, earn a bonus. I sometimes wonder if that program still exists, or whether it is suspended due to the “war”.

      • wicked

        …the use of “efficient” and “military” in the same paragraph seems contradictory.

        Oxymoron. No, not the stuff Limbaugh took, although the word describes him well.

  7. Koch Footprints Lead to Political Powder Keg: Exposing the Far Right’s Secret Slush Fund to Keep Fear Alive

    A secretive libertarian nonprofit bankrolled a fear-mongering effort to get McCain into the White House. Until now, where the money came from has been a hotly debated mystery.

    October 27, 2010

    A secretive libertarian nonprofit with ties to Charles Koch bankrolled what was widely perceived to be a fear mongering effort to throw the Presidential election to Senator John McCain in 2008. Until now, where the money came from has been a hotly debated mystery.

    Seven weeks before the Presidential election of 2008, approximately 100 newspapers and magazines in the U.S., including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer, and St. Petersburg Times, distributed millions of DVDs of the documentary, “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West.” The DVDs were included in the Sunday editions. Altogether, including a separate direct mail campaign, 28 million DVDs flooded households in the swing voter states.

    The newspapers did not know who was funding this massive propaganda campaign and, apparently, did not care.

    continue reading here.

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      I’m sure they didn’t care; all that mattered is whether the checks for the advertising space sold were good (as, I concede, is all that should matter when selling advertising).

  8. tosmarttobegop

    You got to just love these cable news channels and one more then the others!

    Only this channel can find experts that say things like this:

    “The very fact that it is found there was nothing to worry about show the greater threat to our transportation system!”.

    “ it only makes sense to be afraid of what we do know, but the real threat is in what we do not know.

    So it only makes more sense to be afraid of what we do not know we should be afraid of!”

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Yesterday I noticed a military recruiting station on the street that borders East Bough.

    It did strike me a little out of place kind of like having a welfare office there.

  10. itolduso

    “Conservatives love the military–in a general sense of sending an army overseas to obliterate someone so that they can sit back here and feel like they live in a superior country. They don’t tend to like to be PART of that army. And they don’t want to PAY them or give them any health care, but that’s inconsequential, right?”

    Actually, most conservatives have a healthy respect for the members of the military. A good portion of those conservatives I know WERE part of that army/navy/marines/airforce. They do in fact want to pay them more, and they already have healthcare, and to my knowledge, I haven;t seen any conservatives attempting to remove their healthcare. I would be interesting to see any evidence to the contrary.

    Conservatives, and military families, which trend conservative, are vastly aware of the cost of “sending an army overseas to obliterate someone ” and their motive is far from ” that they can sit back here and feel like they live in a superior country” That cost is very personal them, in the way of torn and shattered lives, and increased financial burden.

    • You are right to call me on that–I am not describing most conservatives in that post. I am actually describing NEO conservatives.

      I stand corrected; thanks itolduso.

  11. itolduso

    And before you want to ask the question, I opposed the invasion of Iraq from the beginning.
    As did many conservative friends. Not all. Many other conservative friends did not understand our opposition. Sorry, it didn;t have anything to do with “Bush Lied, people Died”, the “Rogue Bush Administration” or any other bullshit that the left paraded around incessantly. It had to do with one thing, they had yet to do anything. We did not, and do not, believe in a premptatory strike. Of course, Iraq continually shooting at our aircraft, under the UN’s authorization, did not help our case. Of course, Iraq being in continual violation of several UN orders did not help our case. Of course, Saddam, in his crazy desire to be the big bully on the block, spreading words about WMD in his country, couple with his attack using such, did not help our case much. Yet we opposed. We were conservative. We knew the price to be paid by our military. We opposed.

    • I think there are enough fools to buy into his scare tactics, and I predict Kansas will pay a price for putting this idiot in office. I hope not. I keep reminding myself we did indeed live through Kline and we will probably live through a few more nutcases.

  12. tosmarttobegop

    LOL my youngest has more than once said he missed the 82nd and Bragg.
    Mainly because the base and unit he is now in Germany is so disorganized and no one seems to feel that they are responsible for getting done what they are assigned to do.

    He said in the 82nd everyone seem to want to do what they had to do or were assigned to do.
    It was a personal disgrace if someone had to do your job. And your unit would be horrified if they failed at anything.

    He is now in a regular unit on a regular base and a lesser one at that. He and his wife and kids love the area.

    But he gets so frustrated with the rest of the soldiers in he unit because they all seem to prefer to be slackers.