Monday, 10/25/10, Public Square


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  1. prairie pond

    I had a disturbing “conversation” with someone this weekend. A guy who had invited me into his home for a nice relaxing dinner and some socializing among old friends.

    After he had waaaay too many drinks, mixed with prescription pain killers that he does legitimately need, he proceeded to YELL at me for a column I had written about our illustrious city council doing business in secret as much as they could get away with.

    His comment? He had never voted in his 43 + years of life, and he wasn’t going to because government didn’t affect his life.

    He added that he’s lived in several big cities and therefore knows this town is a little one horse town that no one gives a F$*#$ about and politics didnt affect his life, my life or the life of the person sitting next to me. “Who cares about government?” he ranted.

    He screamed that I should do my job and write about things that people care about, like bad elderly drivers and other things that were important.


    The funny part? He’s disabled from an accident, gets his drugs free, gets his doctor visits paid for by medicaid, and his only income is a government check he gets from social security disability.

    But according to him, government doesnt affect HIS life.

    I’m telling ya, sometimes you just cant make this stuff up….

    • indypendent

      I wonder if this is sad or just downright pathetic? But this guy is not the only one that seems to think that way.

      Look at the Tea Party supporters – they profess to hate socialized medicine but yet they all love their Medicare.

      You’re right – you just can’t make this stuff up.

    • Sounds a lot like a high school classmate of mine, who suffered a stroke about the same time as I.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I ran into a candidate who is running on being a strict Constitutionalist after so discussion in the lobby of a radio station. Yeah my wife was giving me that “ I can’t take you anywhere!” look.

    After a bit every answer was “the original intent” to which I would respond what is that?
    To which he just repeated original intent and seemed confused that I was not accepting it on face value.
    The vast majority have no idea just what that would mean and how it would actually effect their own lives.

    No idea what it would mean, that the reality is that most of what we live with and by is not in the original intent.

    In many respects it would be like going to a 1800’s Doctor with cancer.

  3. indypendent

    Strict Constitutionalists are alot like some church people – they are only able to regurgitate the same talking points they are told by their preachers and/or television evangelists.

    Then factor in that alot of Americans do not even know how our government is set up to function and many do not even know who the founding fathers were and their true beliefs.

    Then factor in that alot of Americans are too self-absorbed to even care about the Constitution. These are the one that want their turn at the government trough but don’t want anyone else to go to that same trough.

    Then factor in that alot of Americans are arrogant to the point of ignorance – this might be related to my first point. Alot of churchy people are driving this strict Constitutionalist movement – aka Tea Party.