Ah, Fall.

Fall in Central Maine

With Fall finally here, I thought we’d all like to take a moment and count our blessings that we don’t have to rake these lawns…


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  1. Obviously, a photo from 6c70’s alma mater. It was taken by a student last week from the steps of the library building, looking toward the arboretum, and posted on the admissions office “recruiting” website.

    I still wonder how the students not from New England manage to study, given that vista. Enjoy.

  2. wicked

    Unfortunately, my lawn has needed mowing for a good month, but the mower won’t start, I’m having knee problems, and Friday evening I sprained my ankle. I was thinking maybe we could just go out and roll all over the yard and flatten the grass as it continues to “die.”

    Either that or get a goat.

    • indypendent

      I’ve threatened to get a goat for years. My grand-daughter would love it. She could quite possibly be showing signs of her future professsion – veterinarian perhaps? She wants to bring in everything that wanders into our yard.

      Did I mention we have 5 wild turkeys that must live close by and they take a walk through our yard on a daily basis. They really are quite docile – because they come right up to the front door.

      Last fall a red fox was passing by my picture window while I was watching television. He sure was pretty but I have not seen him since.

      Ah, the beauties of nature. Fall is my favorite time of the year.

  3. Beautiful picture! Yes, if I were a student there I would spend too much time looking at that beauty. A bit different than Kansas. Is our state tree still the telephone pole?

    I mowed the leaves in my yard last week. I don’t like work that doesn’t allow a glimpse of accomplishment. I want to be able to tell I did something when I’ve put out that amount of effort.

  4. Beautiful pic–thank you. I do miss being back east in autumn.

  5. I’ve never lived east but since my son does and I’ve made frequent visits, I’ve learned about their seasons. One of the surprises for me was that when the snow melts the grass is green. The snow comes early enough it covers the green grass and acts as an insulator all winter.

  6. Speaking of winter — very briefly because we don’t want to think about it much — last night was chilly! I covered some potted flowers on the back patio with bed sheets. I’m not finished with their beauty so I plan to protect them on the chilly nights so I may enjoy them during the gorgeous days.