Saturday, 10/23/10, Public Square

The chart above represents JOBS LOST, and the precious few times jobs were gained during the period December ’07 through January ’10.   In addition to the above graph showing how much better off Americans are since President Obama and majority democrats were elected, David Axelrod recently pointed out that even though the Republicans claim to be for cutting taxes, the Democrats managed to pass 25 tax cuts last year, all of which the Republicans opposed.

Here’s an even more recent chart, representing the period December, ’07 through June, ’10:


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3 responses to “Saturday, 10/23/10, Public Square

  1. I want to make a really important comment on a truly significant issue!

    The World Series starts soon! I don’t care at all who plays, I love the World Series and usually determine a favorite, the team I root for, after the games begin. 😉

    I have some family and friends in Texas. They are whooping it up about the Rangers win gaining them entry into the big games.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    We went to the home show today, as I suspected I saw several things I would like to do.
    All it takes is money right?

    There was a booth where they tested you for allergies, hooked a thing kind of like a blood pressure cup on one of your arms. Then you tried to lift the other arm while the person holds it down.
    The cup is suppose to be sending an electrical charge in the arm that mimics the same electrical properties of different elements. Like dust, nuts or something that is common things that people are allergic to.

    If you can not lift the other arm with her resistance on it that means you are allergic to what ever.
    Kind of felt like a shell game to me, though I could not figure out how it was not true?
    I would try with all my might to the point of it hurting and still could not lift the arm.

    Monday my wife and I are going to attend a seminar about starting our own business doing silk screening and impressions of items. Everything from tee shirts to cups and things. She does silk screening at work and I liked doing it in High school… Beside no one seems to make tee shirts with saying I would to say.