Friday, 10/22/10, Public Square

A bookstore is one of the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.
— Jerry Seinfeld

I would add to Jerry’s quote that evidence of thinking can be found among PPP bloggers.  😉  Since thinking seems more scarce on a daily basis it doesn’t hurt to make note of where it may be found!


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  1. tosmarttobegop

    LOL I seem to repeat the comment every time I go to a book store. That any given subject seem to have at least three differing opinions of it that was the bases of someone writing a book about it!
    So the question become which one is the best source for information and the truth?

    As one who thinks too much and yes that is possible and not always the good thing to do.
    Thinking can take away feeling, always looking for the reason and the rhyme of things can cause one to not see the emotion that is involved.

    Something’s, that is the reason and the rhyme and to a thinker it is not a valid reason.
    “Just because I felt like it!” or “I was mad!”

    • I think reading all three of the books would give you the answer about best source of info. If your read only one ‘take’ you have nothing to help you decide, but reading them all will give you the well-rounded info that leads to answers. I’ll bet some bits of truth would be found in all three books, along with some bits of conclusion each author drew based on their personal biases. We all have personal biases because they are a common outcome of thinking. We just need to guard against our biases becoming inflexible. We should always adapt our thinking as new information is added.

  2. indypendent

    what do you think of 0f NPR firing Juan Williams ?

    My personal opinion – which may be a cynical one – is that Williams knew exactly what the was doing when he made those comments to O’Reilly and knowing that NPR would probably fire him. Then Williams could join the Fox team 100% (of which happended within the day of being fired) and now the Conservative Right has a new cause for which to seek that perpetual ‘victim’ card they keep playing to keep their base riled up.

    I used to think the Right had some bottom to the sewer but they keep proving me wrong week and after week. There is no limit they will not cross to make their political points.

    • indypendent

      While watching Williams make those comments, I wondered to myself – if you and your CON friends are so fearful of Muslims – then why are we still dependent on their oil and why did no one on the Right say one word against that $60 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia – they are Muslims wearing their muslim garb – as Williams so aptly described.

      If we are at war with the Muslims – then didn’t we just give them the weapons to destroy us?

    • tosmarttobegop

      I don’t know, as I said right after 9-11 I had those feelings. Not sure who to trust and where to be looking for the next attack.

      LOL I was at the local Wal-Mart and someone was passing out samples of a breath freshener you simply lay on your tongue and it melts.

      I suddenly thought of how easy it would be for terrorists to poison people. Just by doing that!

      The terrorists use what should be one of our greatest strengths. Trust and do not judge people by their religion, race or home country.

      For over a year those men lived here and associated with Americans.
      We have held that hatred is based on not knowing the people you hate.
      It was not like they simply got off a plane coming from a foreign land and got onto the ones they high jacked.

      The incident shook our understanding and thoughts on what you should think as a good person and good American. Which is exactly what Bin Laden wanted to do, there is no hope of defeating us with power.
      But he can defeat the very ideas and principles that we claim to hold.

      Before the attack he said that given the right provocations we are so weak and fake in our stated principles we will abandon them. Which we did as a country!

      • indypendent

        But if we go by Williams and O’Reillys’ logic – we should also fear any anti-government, trained US military, white male that loves gun shows.

        Isn’t that a description of Timothy McVeigh?

  3. I think there may be parts of the npr/Williams/Fox News story we’ll never know. NPR could have handled it better in my opinion. They do get public funding so they don’t have the same leniency to state their personal views as other media outlets. Usually npr has guests who tell their sides of an issue and the involvement of the npr employee is just to ask the questions and listen to the answers, not to express an opinion.

    It has been told this wasn’t the first time Williams said something that got him warned so this was the last straw for whoever, or the excuse to take the final step for whoever.

    Really, the right making a bigger deal of everything is par for the course. They throw shit and hope it will stick. They throw everything they hope will stick. They do it better and in a more organized fashion than democrats (after all they really do have several media outlets at the ready), but democrats do it too, they just aren’t as organized and effective.

  4. NPR is my last hope for reporting the news. I still think they do a better job than other media outlets. We have more editorials available than we do reporting. I will always listen to and read npr among the sources I routinely check.

    I find myself reading foreign-owned news often. Reuters and BBC are two stops I make frequently.

  5. I wonder what Williams reaction would have been if he heard someone say: “But when I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see an African American male in Dashiki with a big Afro, I get worried. I get nervous.”

    • indypendent

      the same thought crossed my mind.

    • tosmarttobegop

      I have said it before that it is a part of our instinctual make-up.
      Different means danger, as Obama pointed out about his grandmother.
      Even though her grandson whom she loved dearly was the same color as a man she would meet on the street.

      She still felt uneasy and would move away from them when they came closer.
      We fight it every day, whether it is a different color or gender in a real sense we are all hardwired to see differences and presume certain things about people based on those differences.

      It effects how we talk and act toward others different from ourselves.

    • Concentrating on treating others as you want to be treated might make us stop and truly think about our reactions to ‘different.’ Maybe we just all need to think about this on a very regular basis and train ourselves to not let differences make us afraid. Even if we react first, before we think, we can pause and acknowledge that reaction, think it through. Maybe it’s a part of growing and being a better person.

  6. I do believe in karma, and here is another example —

    Ginni Thomas was seeking closure when she left a voicemail for Anita Hill. This probably isn’t what she expected: Clarence Thomas’s ex-girlfriend Lillian McEwen, whom he dated in the 1980s, tells The Washington Post that “he was obsessed with porn. He would talk about what he had seen in magazines and films, if there was something worth noting.” She also says he was a big fan of large breasts; McEwen says he once told her he was so impressed by his coworker’s chest that he asked her bra size. McEwen, a retired prosecutor and law professor, was never asked to testify during Thomas’ confirmation hearings in 1991. She never spoke about her relationship with Thomas, but says she changed her mind after reports that his wife, Ginni, left a message for Hill; McEwen is also shopping her memoirs.

    • indypendent

      Personally, I don’t think Ginni Thomas was seeking closure when she made that call.

      I think she knew exactly what she was doing and again it was to play the ‘victim’ card like the Conservative Right do so often.

      If she was truly seeking closure – why wait 19 years? And then don’t you think the timing was just a bit coincidental when the news was breaking about her non-profit group getting all that money and her deep political ties to the Tea Party and other Republicans?

      And now there is even an accusation from the Right that Anita Hill is the one that is dragging this through the media?

      Exactly who left whom the voicemail?

      BTW – this might be a teachable moment for those Republicans who have yet to learn this valuable lesson. If you don’t want anything to leak to the press – then don’t put it on tape!

      • tosmarttobegop

        OK a male POV, she is a woman and women can stew about things for years!
        Suddenly out of nowhere it just comes to a head and it will not matter how long ago it was.
        I have no doubt that Thomas had more then once told her that it was all a lie.

        What she said on the voice mail reminds me of stuff I have hear some religious people say.

      • tosmarttobegop

        It really does not seem to matter to them. Look at Angle in Nev.

        She said things then just denies she said it! Or explains it as misunderstanding what she said?

        Like what she said about second amendment rights being a solution.
        She was not meaning that people could shoot elected officials

        There are only two types of people that do that either delusional or amoral. She sounds to be both!

      • Thanks for that male point of view!

        Thomas would have told her more than once it was all a lie whether it was or not, wouldn’t he?

  7. indypendent

    I thought NPR got federal funding also – but it was stated this morning that they only get grants – not exactly funding.

    I wonder how many grants right-wing groups get from the government and they fire people for whatever reason they want – and they are never burned at the cross for it.

    • I don’t see the distinction between grants from the federal government and federal funding.

      I have a cousin who made her living writing grants for small towns in Oklahoma. Yes that money had restrictions but they were easy to get around. Often the money was available and few realized it or few made the application and sometimes it was awarded to the one or few who did apply…

  8. tosmarttobegop

    I tried to take some pictures today of three sign that seem to go together but could not get them all in just the right frame.

    BROWNBACK…..POMPEO….. FEAR FACTORY, there were all on the corner of a church grounds.

  9. indypendent

    Back to Ginni Thomas – I realize women can stew over things for a long time but seriously, this woman does not seem like the timid, shy type of woman that has been tormented or hurt for the past 19 years.

    In fact, she is just the opposite – she is reported to be politically connected and and outspoken Tea Party Republican.

    That is hardly some woman who has been so emotionally tormented by those hearings from 19 years ago.

    BTW – her life as a Supreme Court Justice’s wife has not exactly been a deprived life – has it?

    I just don’t buy this fact that Ginni Thomas is some lovelorn wife who asks for not only an apology but even had the arrogance to tell Anita Hill to pray about what she did and why she did it.

    This woman is not the victim of Anita Hill – she may be a victim of her husband – but not Anita Hill.

  10. Isn’t it possible over the years she recognizes her husband’s sexual proclivities? Maybe it has shaped her life? Maybe it’s why she is reported to be ‘religious’ and maybe it’s a subject she has prayed about often. A recent visitor to our blog asked —

    Is Mrs. Thomas misusing the power of prayer?

    The answer is absolutely yes! She seems a tortured woman, looking for answers, cures, help for what she isn’t willing to accept even tho she is aware. Why would any woman call another woman from the past, dredge up old wounds unless she suspected? If the past 19 years hadn’t ever aroused a single suspicion would she even think about what was obviously not true? Nope, I don’t think so. I think if the past 19 years had been without any hint of what was claimed it wouldn’t even be thought about today.

  11. Zippy

    I think Williams should have been fired for being a shallow hack, long ago. Confessing that kind of anxiety, as offensive as it is (replace “muslim” with “Jew”) reflect some common discomforts, and it’s better to confront them than sweep them under the rug.

    Having said that, the truly poisonous climate we are in added an ominous edge, and Williams’ comment was unnecessary. But I think NPR helped empower an already scary fringe.

    A better idea would have been to put Williams on “Talk of the Nation” to discuss it alongside someone with a brain.

  12. snoringdogstudio

    I’m baffled by this Juan Williams thing and the outrage over his firing as though it was really a free speech thing. Mr. Williams is entitled to his opinions, of course. But he had a contract that stated personal opinions weren’t permitted. Mr. Williams could share those feelings with friends and coworkers, but why on TV? My sense is that politicians, journalists, tons of folks in the public eye are too eager for that sound bite, for their 15 minutes of fame. AND, this country has become a nation of sharing – TOO MUCH. (Thanks, Jerry Springer and the rest of your ilk.) I don’t think NPR handled this well, though. But I wish Juan Williams would own up to his part in this.

  13. tosmarttobegop

    The thought of switching out another Religion or race in the case of Williams comments.
    Many of the personal opinions that people have are such not truly based on the facts or reality but the unreasoning perceptions.

    Unless exposed and examined there is no dispelling or disproving.
    Of all the parts of prejudges, this is the one that can be the easiest to overcome.
    Simply by the looking at what is the face or reality, Blacks are lazy!
    But then to look or being exposed to the work habits that perception can be dispelled.

    But until examined and thought through such things can stand without foundation.