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  1. An interesting and thought provoking presentation encouraging the paradigm of education be changed. It is over 11 minutes long and each minute spent is worthwhile, even has some great humor! If you find time to listen (watch), I would be interested in your opinion.

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      Many valid points IMHO. Particularly, the ones about the production line and the age-grouping (the latter of which is the more harmful, I believe).

      OK, having said that, how do we, as a society, change this? Simply, unless education for the sake of education is given value, we don’t. Two reasons (at least): 1) societal expectations; 2) the costs, both economically and socially, of changing the paradigm.

      There exists, through conditioning, the thought that a child starts school at age 5, and, graduates from high school at age 18. Little variation is permitted. As the costs of individualized curricula (for lack of a better term) are seemingly much higher than what we have now, based on the imperfect analogy of the costs of Special Education to Regular Education, and the apparent disinterest of the body politic as a whole to increased funding through higher taxes, the idea of paying more for it just won’t go anywhere in today’s world.

      Much more can be said by me, but lack of time is a very limiting factor. I’m sure others will have their own views, some of which at least will be diametrically opposed to mine. That’s fine; we needed to get this discussion started 60 years ago, but it needs to get started immediately. Our small blog may not raise much interest, but if one more person can get involved, that’s one more than yesterday. So, let’s get it going.

      • wicked

        Wow! It’s excellent, 6176!! I watched and found myself nodding…and answering 98% about the kindergartners’ scores and was correct!!! (yay me LOL)

        I sent the link to my 2 oldest daughters. I want the one with the ADHD son to stop and think. While I understand that he can be so totally out of control that medication is often the only answer, we have been discussing what types of extracurricular things he might enjoy getting involved in. The kid is super smart and extremely creative. He made a holster that fit around his waist and two guns that slipped in and out of it…out of paper, tape, and staples. He’s 6. Of course I have no tape left and I had to buy a new ream of paper today.

        Which is not to say that the others aren’t smart either. They each have their specialties. And I think that’s what education should focus on, too.

  2. An open letter from Frank Schaeffer about what he thinks the ‘religious right’ has done to the Republican Party.

    • I got the impression this guy wasn’t happy with the Republican Party. What do you think?

      • wicked

        I think it’s too bad the Republicans won’t take (or didn’t take) this letter to heart. Me? I’m sick to death of politics. The Rs may ‘win’ this election, but I don’t think they see the damage mentioned by Mr. Schaeffer or that which has occurred since that letter was written. Winning the election only to burden the country and its citizens is not a victory. This country is failing because of them, but they’re quick to point to everyone but themselves, never taking responsibility for their mistakes, only blaming the others.

        And we wonder about the bullies kids deal with?

      • I heard / read someplace recently that Sarah Palin said in a speech (paraphrasing) — We can’t party like it’s 1776… yet.

        I can’t even tell you how happy I am that I don’t know anyone who thinks going back to 1776 would be a good idea, let alone a female. This is an absolutely positively happy bit of knowledge!

        And, that, wicked is why you and every smart, accomplished person, be they male or female, needs to keep an eye and an ear open to politics. It could be so much worse.

  3. It’s a fine campaign sign. Here’s some others–

    DEEVOLUTION–It’s America’s Future! Vote Republican