Sunday, 10/17/10, Public Square

The best gift you can give someone is to believe in them.


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  1. wicked

    I will be so glad when November 3 gets here. I’m getting a minimum of a half dozen emails a day with requests for money. I unsubscribed from one, and they’re still sending me emails. I won’t even discuss the “Unavailable” calls coming in on my cell phone that I’ve ignored. I had a poll call that asked which of two candidates I planned to vote for. When I hit the “2” button for my choice, the call ended. I suspect they didn’t like my answer.

    While I understand that the Republicans are outspending Democrats, I’m also aware that it doesn’t matter. In fact, if looked at from a different direction, it’s all a damned waste of money that could be better spent to pull this country up by its bootstraps, before the boots are in such bad shape that we have to throw them all away.

    And, yes, fnord, I did see an article that said large corps are holding out on hiring until after the election, in hopes they’ll have those Rs helping them screw the little people even more.

  2. I’m anxious for the elections to be over too. Sadly, I think the presidential election of 2012 will seem not far on the midterm election’s heels. Are we always in election mode nowadays?

    I don’t care why the big companies spend and hire, I just want them to do it. The Republicans can get the credit! I remember when life wasn’t about a winner and a loser, in fact I remember a time when we had win-win solutions, but it’s a distant fading memory.

  3. Here’s an interesting explanation of health-care reform. The video is simple but effective.

  4. indypendent

    I saw a comment on another blog about how that person thought Republicans regaining the power in the House would be a good thing for Obama.

    This person conjectured that when the voters get their fill of the House Republicans, led by John Boehner in the next two years – they will gladly vote in Obama to get rid of the do-nothing Republicans.

    This person even went further and wondered outloud if this was not Obama’s plan all along.

    What do you think about this possibility? Could the Republicans kill their chance at the White House in 2012 by being the king of the House in 2010?

  5. I think the Republican’s chances at the White House in 2012 is nixed by lack of an electable candidate. I see no one who could pass the litmus test and appeal broadly. Actually I see no one who could do either. Maybe someone new will appear?

    I’m not sure how we can get off this merry-go-round of electing one bunch and then out of disappointment electing the other bunch ad nauseam.


    I would say electing more competent legislators might get us off the merry-go-round but then my thoughts race to Rand Paul, Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnel, Joe Miller, et al. Plus those already elected like Michelle Bachmann. Those are wacko people and I can’t see value in their participation at any level. Do competent people actually throw their hat in the ring any longer? Honestly, elected officials aren’t held in the highest regard and maybe sane people don’t want to be associated.

    Back to whether Republicans gaining control of one or both houses of Congress would help President Obama’s chances of being reelected — I truly think it will boil down to the economy. If and when more people worry less we’ll have fewer people even paying any attention to politics. Those who continue to pay attention will understand a little bit more about what’s going on in the world and be less likely to vote out/in the old guys wholesale.