Saturday, 10/16/10, Public Square


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2 responses to “Saturday, 10/16/10, Public Square

  1. indypendent

    The more I see and hear in today’s political climate, the more I am convinced our society has devolved into nothing more than a reality television show.

    Everything is now a competition. The goal is to win at all costs.

    Does anyone else remember the first reality t.v. show when the millionaire was to choose his bride? It was the first show of its kind at that time (it’s been about 10 years ago).

    Do we also remember what happened to that couple after they got married? The woman said it was the worst decision in her life.

    Somehow – from that point on, it seems like we have been bombarded with all these reality t.v. shows wherein the competition gets down and dirty.

    Perhaps this is a factor as to why our society has turned into a bunch of bullies and the general concensus is that it is okay?

    Something is terribly wrong with our priorities.