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Random Thoughts 10/15/2010

(The full title is: Random Thoughts, from a Severely Twisted Mind, for October 15, 2010.)

Why do the DADT’ers think that our military men and women are not afraid to die in combat, but they will be afraid of being hit on by a gay person?

Are Angle, O’Donnell, Miller and Paul really the best of the Tea Party?

Why is “bailing out” Hawker-Beech good but bailing out GM is bad?

Who would you rather see lose, the Yankees, the Cowboys or Notre Dame?

Sarah was bad enough, so why do we have to put up with Bristol now?

“Tom and Jerry” is the best cartoon of all time.

Could Thomas Frank been any more correct?

Opinion Line comment: Cleavage is a sin. Huh? Someone has an issue.

If you had to be a horror movie character, would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire? I already have a start on the fur suit, so I’m going for werewolf.

They are thinking of doing a remake of “All in the Family.” Who should play Archie and who should play the Meathead?

An apple with salt or an apple with peanut butter?

Is Harry Reid truly the most politically clueless politician in America?

Football. Hockey. Basketball. Baseball. At this time of year, all four major professional sports are being played at the same time. This is really a tough time to be a sports junkie.

Kansas State’s football team played somebody Thursday evening. Fortunately, I missed it. Who was that other team?

Cats are crazy, especially my brood.. End of story.

I am looking forward to the end of election season just so I won’t have to see another Mike Pompeo campaign ad on television.

Any twisted thoughts of your own?



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