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President Obama has highest legislative success rate in 5 decades

To Republicans who joke Obama has done nothing, and to Obama’s liberal critics who vent about the same, a study done by Congressional Quarterly suggests they are both wrong. CQ rates Obama higher than any president in the last five decades in working his will on Capitol Hill, surpassing even the fabled Lyndon Johnson. Obama’s success rate in the House and Senate on votes where he staked out a clear position was 96.7 percent, beating previous record-holder Johnson’s 93 percent in 1965.

Read it here at Newsweek.


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Well, the photo expedition was postponed until Sunday morning due to a malfunctioning hot water heater – Poppa had to be summoned to diagnose and repair a faulty system – so Dee and I went out this morning.

Flickr is a pain, if you ask me, but here are the shots I promised.


BTW: Six-thirty comes AWFUL early!




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Monday, 10/11/10, Public Square


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