Saturday, 10/9/10, Public Square


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  1. wicked

    Happy Birthday, John.

    I guess it’s weird to say happy b-day to someone who’s been gone for nearly 30 years, but I don’t care.

    My cousin is a sound engineer and worked with Julian Lennon on his first album. I was so jealous, it was painful. 🙂

    I want to go to Strawberry Fields in Central Park and see the Imagine Memorial next summer, when I’ll have the opportunity to go to NYC again.

    The life of John Lennon is being celebrated all over the world.

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  3. wicked

    In 1967, the U.S. was 6% of the world’s population and manufactured more than half of the goods.

    WTF happened?

    Excellent show on the History channel. Hippies

  4. Justice Thomas Boosted Wife’s Cause

    Virginia Thomas, Clarence Thomas’ wife, is the founder of a new nonprofit called Liberty Central, a group dedicated to drumming up conservative support and opposing the “tyranny” of Obama’s administration. Thomas’ organization—which she hopes “will be bigger than the Tea Party”—is funded by anonymous donors, and after her husband’s vote in a pivotal case helped clear the way for increased political activism by corporations and unions, some are raising eyebrows at the possible conflict of interest. “It’s shocking that you would have a Supreme Court justice sitting on a case that might implicate in a very fundamental way the interests of someone who might have contributed to his wife’s organization,” says Deborah L. Rhode, a law professor at Stanford.

    • 6176, are SCOTUS cases ever ‘reviewed,’ or whatever would be the correct term for taking a close look to see if something was amiss? If so, does more than just acknowledging the possibility of something being amiss ever happen, like a ‘do over’ or recusing a judge after the fact?

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        Nope. Nope.

        However, sometimes when things go awry, the decision is overruled by a subsequent decision. Rare; it does happen, but I’d not be refusing to exhale waiting for it to happen with reference to Citizens United.

      • Thanks, I think. I’ve always had a low opinion of Thomas, it’s much lower now. Has a judge, at this level, ever been reprimanded?

  5. I’ve come to accept that we can’t trust politicians, but it’s harder for me to accept that we can’t trust or even respect SCOTUS.

  6. wicked

    While I was watching Hippies last night on the History channel, I started thinking about all those people who did change the political landscape back in the ’60s, but who are now out to destroy the country we know.

    • paulasayles

      Lennon is a big hero of mine. Not because he was a musician, though I liked a lot of his music. Not because I think he was perfect or anything either. John Lennon is a hero to me because he thought for himself, stood up for his beliefs, never shied away from the truth and always remembered where he came from. He was a down-to-earth star; a famous everyman; a cynical optimist; a straight-talking artist; an intelligent student of life and a commentator on society. He didn’t pull punches, even when he was being harrassed by the government.

      It’s hard to be a truth teller. So many people don’t want to hear what you have to say. It’s easier to be the guy that tells you what you want to hear, but that guy usually has at least one hand in your pocket, now, doesn’t he?

  7. Zippy

    I listened to Lennon and Beatles a good portion. On a personal level, my smiling memories turned to a surprising degree of sadness. And not just because such a great talent and force for good was removed so early from the world.

    I was barely an adult when we got the news on December 8, 1980 (thankfully, we’re celebrating the right day–his birthday). Me and my compadres shared a bowl (of, uh, cornflakes) and watched the unfolding reaction.

    I remember Yoko reacting after 3 days, saying it was wrong to treat John’s death as the end of an era. But it many ways it was.

    This is no defense of Jimmy Carter, high gas prices, high inflation etc., but in terms of the basic national ethos, one commenter of the time proved all too true, as it was the blueprint for the next 30 years:

    “You elected Ronald Reagan and shot John Lennon. Merry Christmas.”