Friday, 10/8/10, Public Square


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  1. tosmarttobegop

    A new day and over all too soon.
    What shall I do with it?

    There are things needing done, but then to do them means not doing anything else.

    I could get dressed and go yard saling!
    Hoping to find a treasure for just the right price!

    But than is that not having done something that will last longer then the feeling I have from finding that treasure.

    The problem with doing something that needed done is that afterwards I notice everything else that needed done and was not!

    • wicked

      You can write the synopsis for my book, one of those dreaded things. In fact, a writer friend of mine wrote a how-to book titled The Dreaded Synopsis.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Well looking like my day is full, I have been on hold with the unemployment office for over thirty minutes!

    In a way lucky I guess, most times you call them you wait for about ten minutes then a robot tells you there are too many people and call back.

    Finally a human and not good news.
    All I have let of the extention is a little over two hundred dollars…..

    • Sorry to hear that news, not good. Can I do anything to help?

    • wicked

      Both of my sons-in-law are collecting unemployment. One will see his end this month, the other is working part-time, and unemployment is filling in the gap. Houses may be lost, even though both have wives who are working full time. Filing bankrutpcy has been discussed.

      It’s bad out there for a lot of people, but knowing that doesn’t make it hurt.

      My heart and prayers are with you, tstb.

    • I don’t know if this is fact or rumor or something different, but I’ve heard businesses all across the nation are sitting on several trillion dollars waiting for Republicans to be ‘in control,’ so they can hire and spend and the Republicans will get the credit for bringing jobs back. I hope this is true, because it doesn’t matter to me who gets the credit but it matters a lot that there are jobs for Americans.

      • wicked

        Reminiscent of Reagan and the hostages.

        Just more proof that politicians are total phonies and care nothing for the people they supposedly represent. Doesn’t say anything nice about the companies who do these things, either. As always, the little guy gets screwed.

  3. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly half of the lost jobs in government were expected as temporary Census workers left the payroll. The other half, however, represented largely unexpected layoffs as local government was forced to fire workers to keep their budgets balanced.

    That’s no doubt great news to congressional Republicans, who ought to be lining up at the microphones to celebrate. After all, this is their dream world slowly becoming reality.

    Fewer teachers, fewer cops, fewer firefighters, fewer clerks (but longer lines) at city and county offices — that’s all great news, right? We’re shrinking government. Cutting loose the parasites … shedding the non-producers. Today’s job-loss numbers would have been even better — i.e., higher — if those dastardly Democrats hadn’t appropriated money last summer to help local school districts keep teachers on the payroll.

    Looking ahead, John Boehner and his fellow Republicans promise that if given the authority, they will shut down what’s left of the stimulus, thus ensuring even more government layoffs and even more people collecting unemployment instead of working.

    • It’s strange. The Republicans behave the same way when they’re celebrating as when they aren’t — they assign blame, call democrats names, they complain and make dire predictions. Someone needs to teach them how to have some fun when they’re celebrating! 😉

  4. paulasayles

    Another weekend beckons–

    Yardwork, housework, errands, shopping, family gatherings and football games and before you know it, Monday will be swift upon me again.

    Have a good one, y’all.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Telemarketers are fast starting to have the same opinion of me as I do of them!

    Tonight I told one that I consider them no different then a common burglar.

    And if they had came into my house uninvited through the front door.
    …Like they did through my phone….

    I would have shot them dead as soon as they cleared the door frame!

    Shockingly they hung up?

    It is said that some spouses are the others “human credentials “ that otherwise that person would be thought of as inhuman. That there must be something good about them otherwise they could not have attracted and married someone as nice as their spouse.

    Telemarketers and the drive through person at Sonic annoy me.
    I do not want or need someone to call me and tell me I need or want something they have to sell.
    Nor after I have ordered exactly what I want, need someone to ask me if I want to try…?

    If I had thought it sounded good it would have been a part of what I ordered.

    My wife often gets on to me about how I talk to telemarketers and when I react less then polite with the drive through person. “Its their job!” is generally followed by a lecture from her.

    • wicked

      tstb, having been a telemarketer (for 6 weeks) who offered credit cards (VISA & MC), I can tell you that it takes a special person to do the job. I am not that person.

      • tosmarttobegop

        As hard as it is for me to believe since most people have the same opinion of the telemarketing.
        But it is said that it is an effective way of marketing and brings in a lot of business.

        Are there really that many people who are so simple minded that they need someone to suggest to them something they want? As if “Oh I had no idea I wanted to go on a cruise!”

        It has gotten worse since mom moved in, the way that people think that the elderly are dupes who they can sell anything to. Or that they will make a donation for any cause so they are put on a call list.
        Which I heard is called a “sucker’s list”.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    I have been thinking of putting up a card at the senior center asking if anyone wants to hire a son?
    Painting, repairs what have you. But then my mother goes there and my wife thinks she would not give me a good reference.

    Before she moved in with us, one or the other of my sons was living with her.
    But she would still call and ask if I could come over to mow the grass or something else that would have not taken long.

    She lived on the South side of Wichita and it is a 22 mile trip one way.
    I would get on to my son about not doing things for their grandmother like mowing the grass.
    Only to find out that she had never mentioned or ask them to do it!

    We would go over every weekend for a visit so it was not about seeing me or so I would think?

  7. Zippy

    I don’t know if this has already been covered here, but here’s a chilling dose of reality–and a veto!

    There’s a lot of chatter about the anonymous vote in the Senate, but this passed in the House.

    The House. And it was approved by voice vote there.

    The man vetoed something. Finally.

    Thank you, sir. I thought I was unshockable at this point, but –voice vote in both chambers. And he stopped it. That means something. Keep your cynicism, this was supposed to be a secret. This actually means something.

    But, shit, talk about the politics. Oh. My. God.

    And we’ll never know who the weasels were. Thanks, Harry. Thanks, Nancy.

    And, by the way, fuck you.